Hello, Cred Forums

Hello, Cred Forums.
I am from Russia. You can ask me anything.
pic - photo shot from the window of my apartment. Yes, pic is old (2 years ago, but now its look is similar, no changes)

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How long does the snow last? Is it year round?

is it true that everyone in russia is a bear on a unicycle?

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no. snow began from november and continue until march.
i remember one year that in december has no snow.
this winter in russia(in my town) very warm.
temperature - -10...+2C (14...35,6 F). It is not classic russian winter for my town

Ah so kinda similar to the rust belt in America. That's pretty cool lol

only in circus. i have never seen a real beer. maybe in circus one time. but you can see a video on youtube where bear sit on second sitting of motocycle. it is true

in syberia in very-very north cities sometimes bears come in town (seldom) and village(often) when they are hungry.

Do they become a threat? have there been any cases of bears attacking humans on urban areas?

most news pseak about attacking in forest and near-forest areas. in urban areas it unlikely. beacause often forest grows near a village. forest near the urban - a rarity, but not an exception(for Syberia)

Except for fossil fuels, mining, forestry and agriculture, is there any meaningfully productive industry in Russia these days? What in the world do people there do for a living?

nothing. we have only fuels and mining.
agriculture is corrupted. worse than in ussr.
forestry exists only for Chine. Forest is coming out from Russian to China by long-long trains. Russian patriots can say that Russia have strong military industry, but it is not true. Everywhen that goverment make state order that becoming uber-corruption and a lot of money depart into his pocket of oligarch.

What about things like online shopping? Are there restrictive tariffs? Are delivery services unreliable? (Of all the things there are to bitch about in the U.S., shopping is definitely not one of them, and it's almost insane how much stuff is available the next day even if you live in a rural area.)

I love that Russian girls are into piss play and piss sex, damn it’s crazy how many of them are into that.
Is it common there or have I just been lucky?

probably just some girls are willing to please user. had my share of other euro and asian girls that were into that

Why are so many camgirls from Russia?

Russian Post - it is a legend of slowpoke service.
If you buy anything on aliexpress, you will wait your goods for 20-40 days.
if you buy things in local online-shop, you will wait from 3 to 7 days (depends how far you live from online-shop,in village for example)

The more I hear about Putin, the more I like him.

The issue is, I'm from Florida. (Warm climate) I don't like cold weather.

1) Would Mother Russia welcome and outsider if I can contribute to society without being a burden on your infrastructure?

2) Where is going to be the least cold?

Oh hey cool, I live in Kansas, we get pretty much the same weather. Even cooler my ancestors are from Russia and a little from the Baltic states and Czechoslovakian region.

Hi five Cred Forumsro
a c днём cвятóгo вaлeнти́нa, тoвapищ!

Punit is liked by most of civilian (different social surveys get from 35 to 70 percent of rating). It is happened because Putin had cleaned his political environment. He ruled for 20 years. He change constitution for his wishes. For big part of russians it is normal situation(patriots), for another part (liberals) it is not normal. But nobody can do anything with this.
1) it depends of your ambition. You can not create real political party with real strenght and weight. If you want make a buisness - it is very hard: russian buisness law is not friendly.
2) i think if you like a warm climate Sochi is suit you. It is warm city near the beach.

(The only Russian I know)

Kansasfag here
If you want to learn more I'm sure this guy wouldn't mind exchanging a discord maybe teaching you. I don't know much and I couldn't teach you. Duolingo is also a good alternative. I'm learning from my Grandparents. Hope I could help ^w^

garmoshka, tovarish, vodka(it is polish innovation :) )

Any cute girls in your building? Do you date them?

in my building lived one pretty girl (on my level, i live on 10 level). but I got in the friendly zone :)
and after few years she married and then growed in all dimension :)

What do you do for fun and weekends? What do others normally do in that area?

Just a little tip.

Don't post pictures shot from your window on Cred Forums.

People can figure out your address from that.

I might eventually learn. I'm actually using Duolingo to learn Spanish at the moment. Mi español está bien por restaurantes but it's a long road ahead getting conversational. The word above is "chess," Ajedrez in Spanish, Échecs in French, Schacks in German and a couple other languages. The game is my main obsession but it's a good excuse to pick up languages. I might start using the voice chat on lichess when I get better.

But of course I had to ask "Chess?" because Russian.

Learned another word. Despised as it may be amongst a lot of people I like the accordion and similar instruments. It's neat how it spans a lot of genres.

anybody go to the cinema, clubs etc;
anybody make alcoparty in thier flats;
people from older generation go to suburban area at spring, summer and autumn;
i am sitting at home =p
at summer i ride bicycle.
some people go camping in the summer;

Chess is Schach in german.

Typo. Phone-posting and it kept wanting to autocorrect to "shacks." I haven't installed a German keyboard yet. Mein Deutsche is definitely nicht gut. I can count to 10 and know the most basic greetings but it ends there. Kind of wish languages were compulsory when I was still in school.

Are most Russian woman into money as everyone says? And are more Russian woman as beautiful as they everyone says they are?


How worried are you about the corona virus given that your country borders a significant stretch of China?

I feel like the Russian wilderness would be great for that. Are there concerns of old munitions or such? I know that's sort of common across Europe.

1) you speaking about mercantile? there are different opinion about that, but i induce to agree with this. A significant part of girls/womans is mercantile.
2) i like ukraine girls more. i think Russia have as beautiful as ugly girls like in other countries.

there are volunteer organization who find old bombs etc and neutralizes its.
most of russian like to go to the Turkey and do not go to wilderness

Personally I am?
I do not think about coronavirus becasue most of diseased people is asian people. And we (our goverments) close state border with Mongolia and enter strict control of air service with China.
Most of my fears are related with that facts so vaccine will not created due 6 month-1 years. It is very long time.

What do you do for money?

I'm off to Ulyanovsk for 4 years. What can I expect?


earning money?
I work in IT company in technical support. I doing maintence of servers in data center.
My salary is 3,24$ in hour and 518$ in month.
Working day in Russia is 8 hour

It is Ulyanovsk :)

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What is your degree called? Which specialty code? Where did you get it?

It doesn't look that scary. It even looks similar to my cunt.

Way harder to find info on life in smaller (yet big) cities in Russia.

How is a student's life there? I will likely stay in the dorms.

>degree, specialty code
i am not full understand.
i studied for specialisation "shipbuilder", but i did not work in that sphere. I studied for free. For some specialisation you may to study for free very easy But in big and famous in Russia University it not quite possible, very little free quotas. In one day i have a call and suggest this work(in data center). And i say yes, why not.

Why do many Russian girls like their feet to be displayed or enjoyed?

I meant the XX.XX.XX code for specialty, like for example 26.03.02.

Why don't you work in your sphere?

student life is joyfully but poor. univercity may give you money if your study is good. but it is a little money from 15 till 78$ in month

Same in Scandinavia, its been an extremely hot winter. Like +10c warmer than usual with barely any snow. I miss the cold and snowy winter.

i am enter to this university by random. after school i really did not know what i want from life and what work i want.
and i found salary in this sphere (shipbuilding) poor. at the end i really do not like ships :)

girls like to be desired. I think

I automatically read this with a russian accent in my head for some reason

What do you think about Stalin

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>I miss the cold and snowy winter.
YES!! I am too!!!

>univercity may give you money if your study is good. but it is a little money from 15 till 78$ in month

Foreigners get 2700 rubles a month regardless of results, perhaps more if with good results.

Let's hope I don't starve. Are there rats in the dorms?

I think he was a tyrant and a dictator. I think he guilty in mane death of soviet people, guilty in warcrime(he splitted Poland). But it is not populary opinion in patriot environment

you was near the true

>populary opinion in patriot environment
What do Russian leftists think of him?

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i do not know about rats... but you may to see a cockroach

That's not enough for a meal.

is this meant to be good or bad?

can't really get your drift mate

>What do Russian leftists think of him?
something like this:"he was a great ruler of all in Russia/USSR, He win in WW2, He make USSR great (again), He was a best of man.., etc"
you will eat this(pic) it is a pelmeni (dumplings).
inside they there are a meat (or something near the meat)

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>>What do Russian leftists think of him?
>something like this:"he was a great ruler of all in Russia/USSR, He win in WW2, He make USSR great (again), He was a best of man.., etc"
so both leftsts and patriots like him or leftists are patriots?

I live in New Zealand not many Russians here. But the two times I have dealt with Russian people, separate times. I have found them to be corrupt. Are Russian people accepting of corruption? And corrupt themselves in the most part. Do Russian See life as being cheap

all lefts are patriot, but not all patriot are left. also rights(monarchist, nazionalistics) are patriots too. now russian goverments begin to afraid non-conventional(who not member of official left party CPRF (Communist party of the Russian Federation) left people. russian goverments think that they mat to create a terror organization like a Narodnaya Volya (People's Will en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narodnaya_Volya). In this week a few men from 25-30 years old get a 6-18 years in prison. And I think this men was not a terrorist, but government do not think so


a little corruption (with policeman for example) is normal practice for Russian and Russia.
russuans do not value thier life, do not value thier freedoms, thier votes, not interested in pilitics, do not go to th elections. i want to go to the election, but there i seee Putin and some other figurehead, puppets not real candidates(Who participate in election for a 25 years but never win). It make me little sad)

Hello Olgino shill

Olgino fights on another side :)

I want to visit Irkutsk, lake Baikal etc.
I think Russia would be pretty safe for a white tourist from a country with no political issues with Rus?

Post dick with some kind of russian thing next to it

Olgino is truly accelerationist and causing chaos, to my opinion. Really was dumbfounded how they had same people arguing both for and against Grudinin through sockpuppet accounts.

Yeah, avoid the shitskins, don't trust cops, find yyoung adults/millenials if you wish to ask for advice.

Trust yourself.
Believe in your failure.

What do you think about the USA and Americans who want socialism?

Can you post a nude with something russian covering ur crotch? That’d be hot

>don't trust cops
cops will not touch foreign(not russian civilian) man. but it is true:do not trust a cops!

second Ruposter here, I think it would be hilarious t see them try and fail.

Russian bro

Te menya ourvajais? Lol

i do not understand their. why? what wrong with them?
why they do not affraid that Socialistics Presidend of USA make from "United States of America" to "United Socialistics States of America" with general secretary, GULAGs and for example do you want to see Trump not 4 or 8 year, but 20 years?

Ty menya uvazhaesch
get a proper transcription

Welcome to city 17...

Can you own any weapons for self defense? Have you ever shot a gun at an indoor range or something like that?

>Welcome to city 17...
Yeah, it is very actual
no, i have not anything for self defens. I never handle in hand a pistol. Russia have strict laws about gun ownership: you need to pass medical test and get conclusion, need to pass a study of safe gun ownership and then you go to special department who give you licence to ownership. smoothbore and rifled guns have special nuances with ownership. Shortly: you can not go to gunshop, say "i want this one", give money, take gun and go away into the sunset. all is a little difficult

Do you have discord?

And that is what is great about the USA. Guns for everyone. Now I want to head to the range and exercise my rights.

Eкaтepинa Пeтpoвнa Зaмoлoдчикoвa

Mr President is that you?

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