At anime convention

At anime convention

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ok trap

nudes or GTFO

its a boi

How likely are you to take dick at one of these things? I wanna check these cons out to get some crossplay ass but idk if its worth my time.

As if having weebs, faggots, and tranny's wasn't enough.. now we have weeb-faggot-tranny's.

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Would it turn you on if you made some sneaky shots at the event?

Had a few unknowing guys hit on me.

It would turn me on tho if you did

I want to kill myself for you

It's filled with a bunch of people that are into these nerdy things that spend a ton of time on the internet, what do you think?
I've never heard of a con NOT being a huge fuck fest. Also, since you're looking for gay interactions, your options are broader. Lgbt people are some of the most promiscuous people you'll ever come across. Just don't be a complete sperg and you'll be cool.
Here, I'll help you out with your opening line.
Wow you're like super cute.
Who are you cosplaying as?
Do you mind of I get a picture with you?

The rest is up to you user.


Very clearly a trap you bunch of nasty fucks

Of course

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Uh. All three of those were here before your normie ass showed up.

Cute panda bag though

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How are anime conventions like?? Thery dont exist where I live

Post ass and weiner pls

Bulge pic

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Now we are getting somewhere

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Super nice legs btw would breed

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Come to THE convention in France and i'll fck your brains out

Hot af, show cock

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Post feet

In order for one to be a trap, they have to realistically pass as a woman. One glance at this person and it's obvious that it's a man. So no, this isn't a trap, it's just a regular drag queen.

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Yeah that's a Male, can see his manly face

Too Male

I believe the technical term is crossplay but would stretch their ass regardless.
Hot, drop your discord or something so I can feminize you

>I believe the technical term is crossplay
Crossplay is when you cosplay as a specific character of an opposite sex. This guy is just dressed up as a general maid. What he's doing is called crossdressing which makes him a crossdresser or a drag queen.
>but would stretch their ass regardless.
Oh yeah don't get me wrong, he's super cute and I'd plow him but he's just not a trap.

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Yeah boi

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>Oh yeah don't get me wrong, he's super cute and I'd plow him but he's just not a trap.

Glad we're on the same page

Cute. Katsucon?