Cope, white boy

cope, white boy.

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Sorry, Sir.

Lol manlet

I guarantee you she is fucked better by that man then any other guy shes had. SHE LOVES his bbc

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By all means, take our chubbies.

She deserves his BBC.

Black guys don't have huge penises on average.

I fucking love interracial porn. Its insane how addicting it is. I wish I could jack off to the real thing in person.

Cope with what? Imagine being this butthurt about racialists that you spend precious time of your life making threads that you hope will antagonize strangers on an image board. Not that your life has any inherent value but time is time.

I wish I could offer my g/f up to a BBC while I can sit back and relax and stroke my tiny whitey pipi.

I'm going to get my gf a black bull. Shes very interested after talking about it for a while

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>Its insane how addicting it is
For the weak minded, yes.

Happy Valentine’s Day my brothers, lets get this mf bread.

And the pinkest of white girl pussy yherddddddddd

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I am very addicted to it now lol It's by FAR my favorite porn. Been talking to my gf dirty about it in bed and she wants to try a black bull. I am going to love watching in person

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You don't have a girlfriend. I know you're trying to add substance to your lonely LARP, but at least make it believable.

I don't see how anyone could unironically be attracted to such a disgusting baboon looking silverback subspecies hybrid. I legit can't tell if half of the nog poster legit feel this way or are just trolling. What a bunch of sick fucking people you are m8.

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whiteboi mad

Same,Its the only reason I'd want to get a girlfriend.

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You should film it. Are you gonna lick his cum off her?

This. I recently had to take a trans-Atlantic flight and of course luck of the draw wasn't on my side that day and I got placed next to a female nigger. Yes, two or three nogs in the entire aircraft and I had to sit next to one. I even asked the stewardess for another seat and was told "aircraft is full."

Not mad, just legitimately disgusted and somewhat disappointed. We all seem to have lost the plot here m8.

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Not sure I could take it that far but I know that if she asked me to because it turned her on then I definitely would

I'll cope by facefucking OP's sisters and giving them the oral creampie they like so much

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These homosexual zoophiles make these threads daily. It's clear who's mad here.

SUP NIGGAH Cum to get fucked by the superior race

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just curious why you take time to reply in threads like this. What are you doing today? Are you a student or not working or something? Depressed? Alcoholic? I find it weird people take time out of their day to negatively respond to someone else, on anything really. Just curious how your mindset works

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He just hasn't embraced ir porn yet. Im real racist and hate niggers. But when it comes to me watching them fucking our white girls. Im totally cool with it. In fact i love it! IR porn is so enjoyable when your racist and sexist. You all should try it.

The people who create these threads, firstly, do it for a reaction - so don't respond to them.

Secondly, they are the guys who would sit alone at school. They're ugly, fat, and have generally negative traits. There is a reason they have developed such a self-degrading fetish.

>Im real racist
I totally believe you! Not.

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And get shit on when they don’t. Also white women are super uninterested in them when they’re not acting chimpy. Go figure

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the look of total ecstasy on her face

keep going, user. any sauce?

Porn has created an illusion that black people are all alpha males with huge penises, and these losers buy it.

no sauce, saved from thread last night. She fucking loves that bull. I want that for my gf

yeah they are not together actually, she has a white bf you fools

last one I saved

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>How dare you troll on a troll website
First time here?


I don't watch porn so I can not confirm. The mainstream advertising machine pitches a similar narrative. That is of the intelligent negroid contrasted to the goofy White guy.

Lol, betas are scared of black people. Insecure

Cope beta

Go home newfags

Look who it is.

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Their agenda is clear. Clear as day.

The lolbeterian if it doesn't affect you personally you shouldn't worry about it approach. You're basically asking me how the collective well being of the country and people I live with affect me in any way. Like I said, I've grown to expect degenerate behavior from this dystopian world so I'm not mad, just disappointed and numb to it. Flaunting degenerqcy and wearing it like a badge of honor is not doing you any favors though. We're both being fucked with and manipulated here, petty vengeance won't change the fact that there's no saving this world.

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>Tumblr/Twitter Discord trannies posting it for the 1,000th time today
Do you guys/girls or whatever you mentally ill freaks identify with even get paid for this?

What is there to be scared of?

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At least he’s not a hapa

>Believing Tenda is still behind this 3 years later
>Staying up all night to post about Tenda
Insecure schizophrenic beta detected

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if this was real. There used to be a Discord full of Twitter and TUmblr trannies who would post shit like this too.

Shut up kike

Whatever you say, Cuckendorf.

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You're a complete retard if you think Tenda Spencer is behind every single cuck post on this board and beyond. It's an organised group, combined with the odd useful idiot, which projects this shit, which is even worse.

First and foremost rule of trolling is to not make anyone think you're a troll. Big failure there. This isn't even trolling but lashing out. Similar to going to a Christian website and posting Satanic things. Yawn. Let me know when you mental midgets will have an actual argument against racialism and eugenics. Posting porn just presents as unintelligent and desperate.

>Thinks about Tenda all day
>Doesn't realize this is a troll forum
You're going to end up killing yourself anyway you schizophrenic faggot

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Go back to plebbit

Poor cucks. It's really sad.

Thanks for the chuckle

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nigga how tall are you 1 meter 20 XD

>thinks about black cock all day
>doesn't realize this isn't a forum
Nah, it could be worse. I could be projecting my mental illness on to others, and white knighting cucks all day.

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What does this image prove exactly?

these threads would not be necessary if white women where actually more attracted to black guys.

Quick reminder to everyone that
A. these threads are being posted by shills/bots

B. just because a girl is hot doesnt mean shes actually worth a damn, good women are rare as fuck

sage goes everywhere

>implying chubby women aren't attractive
Now, I don't have a fat fetish; obese people are a huge turn-off, but a little chub doesn't affect how hot someone is imo.

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bbc is a myth

Mfw I already have a big cock.
Mfw I have a loyal mrs who thinks blacks are gross
Guess what girls liking massive cocks is a myth and the positions in porn you think they like are bs, it's all about stimulating the clit boys, quickest way for them to orgasm. Me and the mrs have been together a while and sometimes she likes getting fucked hard but most of the time shes too tight and says its uncomfortable, prefers to get it in deep then run her clit against my pelvis which gets her off pretty quick. Cant do that with some disgusting 12 inch nigger dick. The smell as well fuck that

Sure whiteboi, sure

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this guy is a fucking machine

>Thinks about Tenda all day
>Thinks about cock all day
>Newfag doesn't realize this is a forum
>Thinks about what others jerk off to; doesn't consider himself a cuck
Ok cuck.


that blacks prefer the white master race over their own obviously

Almost an hour for basically a "no u". Low IQ and a buzz word spouting goof. Later days, Eurasian Tiger

sexy AF

Yeah. I want my gf to experience that from a bull

SO MANY incels in here trying to find someone to blame...guess what they land on? Black guys lol hahahahhaha how fucking sad they spend their day crying "boo hoo, black men are the worst boo hoo" hahahahahahhaha fucking sad boys who need to blame someone because they can't get laid hahahahahahahahahahaha

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Haha nigga she wanted King Kong not diddy

This thread creates and furthers the agenda of white supremacists by radicalizing impressionable white people. This thread is toxic garbage.

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i would honestly pay $1000 to kiss her after this

can you imagine what their relationship must have been like after they experienced this together?

This is the truth. We like to see women do something as degrading as fucking a nigger.

i actually have sauce on that video. if you can tell me a good upload service i'll do it rn its 118 mb.

I ABSOLUTELY would as well. It's a must when I finally get to experience it with my gf

have you talked to her about it?

Yeah thats pretty fucking sexy. I want to see my gf satisfied in ways I can't satisfy her....turns me on

Yes. A lot lately. During sex its a lot of fun to get her into it. She's good at talking about it herself while we fuck....I think she is going to love having a bull

i bet after the black dude left, he just had to jerk his tiny cock a few more times in front of her while she made fun of it and compared it to black cock

It isn't supremacists that make these threads but haters of White people, i.e. anti-whites.
By this you mean becoming a proper person. It's cultural-marxism that is radical and evil. Any White person that sees these threads and all other anti-white hatred and doesn't join us is a lost cause. I know many of you try to tell yourself it's racialists doing it but I will bet a week's pay it isn't. Yes, anti-whites really do hate you and want you dead. It is not our agenda but theirs. Merely waking up to their menace is a good thing.

yeah it pretty much flat out

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OP is probably a Jew and not a nigger, dumbass

This is the best. You can get these temp queen of spade tattoos on amazon

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wheres the sauce to that?

wish I knew my dude. I don't love fake tits but it looks like she was well taken care of

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Ok, Jewmer.

>It isn't supremacists that make these threads
Did I ever say that? I didn't. I said it advanced the goals of racial supremacists.

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Holy shit I came back to b today after like 5 years since I was bored as fuck. Every other thread on here is white girls loving bbc or some shit like that. Can someone fill me in? Did niggers take over this board or is it just a bunch of insecure mgtow incels who jack off to blacked porn everyday because they secretly wanna get fucked by a nigger? LOL just when I thought this place couldn’t get any more cancerous.

why is it so hard to believe that non black guys like bbc?

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fuck why is this so hot

i want to swallow a black man's cum


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same here, i want a superior black man to empty his balls down my throat.

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Here it is laid out SIMPLE

Niggers are Ugly & Stupid (less evolved) but the JEWS "make them COOL" through HIPHOP (vector of entry) ... low self esteem & dumb white people think Rap is COOL ---> in Niggers being "COOL"

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Thank god i have a white gf with a job who hates niggers, i dunno what id do if i had to have niggers hanging around, getting grease on my furniture, talking about black rights as if they arent already at the top of the hand out food chain, thank god.

guy needs 2 lose some body fat hes looking chubby


>t. Ching Chong

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my wife and her BBC bull

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it hurt what i wrote didn't it?

I know Truth CUTS

You can escape what i wrote if you're a Black man ... if you're a nigger youre a subhuman perversity dumb individual that will not make it

It’s chinks from r/asianidentity

Their plans and attempts to subvert white people due to their eternal cucking by every race on earth, most of all their own, were exposed and leaked her on multiple boards.
They unironically are seeking revenge against whites due to their inferiority and being despised by white women and abandoned by Asian women.

Pretty sad, desu

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lucky you!

id love to eat out the black gods ass while their at it

why would i cope, dudes ripped, if anything i hope i can be like him one day

is there somewhere where i can see the video?


Obvious samefag is obvious.

Pic related

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i can upload in imig room if there's enough interest :P

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Kill yourself beta male faggot. You’re a fucking disgrace to all men


Lol. that face tho

Niggers have a sub par IQ on average. Niggers also make up for more than 50% of murders yet account for 13% of the population. Nigger women also have the highest abortion rates and also the highest born into wedlock rates. Niggers are not human

Unless you colonize them

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These threads are all LARP
pic related

Who would have guessed niggers can’t into reality nor statistics

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That was very jewish you. No thanks.

>not wanting a black extinction

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This girl’s body just has me in awe. Saved.

Here's to the few, who fared my love.
Only for you I cared, my love.
I've given it hope, and Iknow it's only you
encased in silence
Here's to the you, who saved my love,
only to you i gave my love.
I've given it thought and it's not all that appears.
Lea, how long will you still want me to want you,
in and around you?
Lea my concertina, will you still want me to want you?
Who cares - what the cynics say.
I care, if only you're on your way.
My Lea, don't let the same be true.
Lea do you still want me to want you?
Lea do you still want me to want you?
Lea do you still want me to want you?
Lea do you still want me to want you?
Lea do you still want me?
Lea do you still want me?
Lea do you still want?
Lea do you still want me?
Lea do you still want?
Lea do you still want me?
Lea do you still want?
Lea do you still want you?
Lea do you still want me to want you?

Girls are this stupid. End up gang raped.

sauce me up

please do.

Nice try. You just give niggers superiour intellect which makes them that much more a threat to humanity. Sterilization is the answer. You know that, or course.

love to see cute white girls getting blacked. true love.

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>Sterilization is the answer

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It's hilarous actually

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