Waifu bread is eternal bread

Waifu bread is eternal bread

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Well, it seems it's just you and me this evening here. Cheers mate!

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Can't ever just get some peace and quiet in this house.
Happy valentine's day anons.

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Eris is my waifu, wtf.

I'll be quiet now. Sorry.
Happy v'day tho.

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Wear a proper shirt.

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Did you buy a pass just now?

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I know it's nice but such light clothing is no bueno.

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Nope. As you can see, it says 2015. Eris is mine.

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Go put on a coat you!
Why did it only appear now?
Also you can claim her on next thread or by rolling trips iirc.

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Stop harassing the cat.

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Happy Horus Day you fuckin nerds

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That's a little bit too exposing

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Explosing what? She's a cat...

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go away spic

To you too!

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If that's the case why she isn't completely nude then?
Cats doesn't have clothes, at least not domestic ones

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Need my waifu to suck on a big black cock...

To help other not getting sudden boners around her. It's not her fault she has big fat cat tats

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Search for it on rule34

Slightly comprehensible, even if real cats doesnt have big tits, but i guess that cat girls can have them

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Reason for shirt.

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What about tigers?

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That looks like a tumour

They have but they don't grow
I tried to search for images but I saw furry porn of tony the tiger and I refuse to look for more

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>doesn't put a shirt on tiger
>lood degenerate

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Jesus, you just stared at the void and the void stared back.

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go away spic

Floof popping in for a quick second, gonna go to an arcade soon!
How's your day going?


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Animals with fur doesn't need clothes, at least in normal conditions
If they had sense of shame maybe, but they don't have it, so, no

At least I remembered all the furrys on the twitter page of tony, it made laugh seeing "daddy put milk on my chocolate"
Furrys may be degenerates but at least they're funny

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go away spic


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Oh fuck, and Tony blocked them. While the Cheeto's one went along with it.
Yes yes, I know of that story.

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Hello Jill!

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I literally want to die now...

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I'll play CAH with you later, cat! Don't worry, that's a promise!

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Poor tony
He doesn't have the fault of having muscles and being a tiger
He's just one more victim of the furrys

Inb4 spambot or scam

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I won't be long tonight around here. So don't worry about it.

Why not?


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go away spic

Oh, darn. Tomorrow I'm free, so how about then, eh?

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We'll see... It depends on how random people will decide to change my plans on this weekend. Anyway, whenever I'm here, I'm mostly playing CAH or TFM

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go away spic


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work work

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I don't get it


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go away spic

eww... gross.

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>says ew

>posts lewd

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>the dead waifu of harassment

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Are you talking about taiga?

>The dead waifu
That hurts

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>the purely sexual attraction to his waifu shallow-poster

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no u

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go away spic


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go away spic





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turn that sissy hypno UP


turn that akari thread hypno UP
















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Will you be my valentine Mute-chan

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cope harder

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brainless orbiter


bro why cant we just get the source bro

trust me bro


Reminder that it is entirely possible to get lost in the sauce.

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you wish

ligma balls



I came here to claim my waifu because they're the only one that has read my instruction booklet and knows which buttons to press ( to get me to wash colored clothes ).
It's valentines day, my dudes. I don't know how to process this asides from shitposting on Cred Forums.

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go away spic


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I really don't get it

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go away spic

you're a tit

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The cat is afraid of tha taiga

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Now listen here you lil' sh...

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Probably not

I can't say the same about you
The cat us cute even if she doesn't know about shame

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I regret nothing

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I will hunt you down. I fill find you... And I will kill you... Until you are dead.

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Nerds :^)

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>I will kill you... Until you are dead.

Can't, have like.. 1 suggestive picture of my waifu, and it's rude to do that. Grow your own tit.

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go away spic

People die when they are killed

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show earth crevasse

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send recycling projects

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I don't care if you only say ew but conversation can't be continued without anything new

But Earth-chan is "flat", no?

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you first

go away spic

gO aWaY sPiC


conversation?... ew...


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This is confidential information
I haven't filled a bag of plastic this month

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Would fuck

gaasi, or OWYPC?
I don't understand


Earth-chan is flat and the government is hiding it

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go away epic

whoever invented food is a ducking genius! I use it almost every day :3

a-and I think I'm "oki" again... until not oki

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You're flat. ew...
Leave planet-chan alone.

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Society is shy about it
Earth chan invented food
What's oki?

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oh! hej hej! :3
not true, I hear people called it food first!
oki is oki~ ^w^

are you oki tho? I haven't seen you in eons
how's life been treating you my fren, is it gud?

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>Earth-chan is flat

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Earth chan invented people
I'm doki, I didn't get to finish the thing though... but I got control of my life again, and I'm very happy.
Life has been very exciting these past few days for me, and I'm happy to be able to post here on valentine's.
Did I miss anything? What's happened with you while we were apart?

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Probably more than 1 person invented "food"
Or nature itself made "food"
Depends on what you are you referring with food

Flatness is ok
It's just something

Society doesn't recognize that Earth is flat
Soo sad

Fake and Photoshopped

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go away spic

>~< fine! you win this time.

happy is gud!
It's always so exciting for you that's kinda strange, you'd thing you're some kind of performer/influencer lol

not much my fren :3 I gust got really into vr as of late, have a few shitsaber vids up on here you can watch me good around youtube.com/channel/UCCqBzJYfIPj46xw-r_L5noA

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Flatness is nothing.
Enjoy your waifu's plain climate.

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hallo taigafren!!!
so glad to be back to ((normal))

you're right...
whatever! ^w^
have gud day and all that stuff Im eating "Schupfnudeln"

boob cat.

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Who's a spig here?

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this is not very romantic
culture ph0tobomb by wooden wire poles
Earth chan made hungry, thats for sure
It's always so exciting because I spend it an Earth. I'm just a GTA pedestrian NPC, not a big influence.
VR is cool! I got to try it at a friend's, maybe I can do that some more in the future, now that my future isn't as uncertain anymore.
I'll check you out for sure, but if I do now, my friends will hear through my bad headset. I already had to explain weeb music from ITT to them last time.

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It's literally nothing
Having or not having boobs doesn't matter, except if you really like them of course

Oh, I love German, everything sounds between a seizure or a pagan curse
Besides that they look really nice, just like French fries

Who do you think it is?

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go away spic

hi there

iunno, everyone is always white here
I'm a redskin

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ew... that's gay.

ur a bobcat.

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ya.... I myself prefer it that way honestly. Just quietly observe from somewhere comfy and quiet =w=

you should totally opt for a quest, the untethered nature of it is what's so amazing you can basically run around, I re purposed an entire room into a vr room it's nice :)

heh... it's fine fren ^w^
not true frens if they not oki with you having fun, be mindful of who you surround yourself with.

kinda stuffed with Schupfnudeln now >.< ate too many...

I fucking hate everything about it
ya kinda like that.. heh.. ye kinda

you lied to me.
i asked! she don't care who you add... wtf why you lie


...or maybe not so bad :3 im da boob cat now! UwU

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Earth probably made everything non human related

It starts with T and ends with aiga

I feel personally offended
But understandable

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more like konata lol

go away spic

She's the one lying. She lied about her gender. What makes you think she wouldn't lie about this????????????????????

Hmmmmm.... I give up. Who is it?

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ye ye bobcat.

ew... homo

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Attached: ad2e673061e5bbb48929d5592e817226.png (768x1041, 441K)

forget about it this is pointless you're a troll, Im convinced now.

bet cut to pet :3 make funny face when pat on head!
not dangerous at all no no ^w^

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Why do you hate it?
I found it really cool, if you shout in German even if you don't say anything coherent sounds as incredibly offensive insults



Ew furry
She count as neko, no?

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Humanity is part of Earth!
We played a game where you kill endless gladiators, it was really fun, I needed to get used to being in a 3d game though, I almost broke some stuff while swining an axe..
I'm thinking more and more my friends wouldn't mind finding out about my dark, dark secret of waifu-adoration., but I hate all of my posts and dont want them to read up on them, so it'll have to wait a bit.

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Mai mai... what a rack.

Why is that cat dead...?


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go away spic

eh.. maybe.
I jsut physically cringe upon listening to stuff like g**man music >.<
ya it's bad.

I know that one... thought about installing it but nah it seemed boring, I played a lot of crisis earlier today
you can set a guardian zone, a grid will appear when you are at the border of that zone so you should be fine
true... i can understand that my fren :)

ask the poster with pink hair

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In that case everything in this world is made by the earth
Technically true but not really

Furry confirmed

Music is something unrelated
Music changes with the time, also the language but not at the same rate

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go away spic

We had that, the vr friend is very profound at that tech, but I got lost in the heat of the moment when playing.
Depends on where you draw the line between Earth and Nature.

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Let me at em' I'll kill'em... until they are dead.


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Kumiko Oumae Claimed

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do i have you on disc? im not sure cuz there are some on there i don't talk to that often. I wanna share a track I found yesterday, it's really cringe >////< I can't believe I listened to that stuff at one point in time.

happens... like yesterday when taking cover and getting back up and stretching out my arm to point a gun ingame i nearly full force hit a window but luckily i felt the curtain and immediately retracted lol

you would do something like that?
...for me? ;_;
thanks! >w<

gud day is gud

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Happy valentines day user, you should ask her out!

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Depends on what you define as "owning"

I stink or something?

I'm "Renbourgeoisement#2931" on disc
And for good music I recommend "Anal cunt"
It's just art

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Can't we bring it back to life. I'm sad now. And I want to kill people.


Attached: 1580871713213.jpg (850x1133, 576K)

go away spic

I don't know. In my eyes, I own nothing, except legally, in laws that people made up.

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Also Eris.Cat#9685
And let's not forget... ew...

Attached: 1581076059851.jpg (1024x1502, 491K)

anprim gang

hmmm? I'm too afraid to look that up °-° sounds funny lol

It was never even dead for it has never truly existed at all to begin with.
I want a cute cat someday... I ave a fren that has cats im so jealous of them >:/
but they do send me pics of cute cat so that's gud!

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new timeline, who dis °-°

Attached: god3b43f.png (576x640, 419K)

you don't remember me

That sounds a little bit like a hippie but I understand it
It would be cool if things were from everyone
Sadly that dream is impossible to make true

Just unbelievable

It's okay, if you search for it I recommend the song "all our fans are gay"

Attached: Taiga443.jpg (479x638, 84K)

You're unbelievable... ew...

Attached: 1581452698251.jpg (640x910, 104K)

go away spic

In what manner?
Long as she's 2d

Attached: eoop0syu8aafs6e.png (970x1294, 1.37M)

>sounds a little bit of a hippie
Is that truly what I have become? This is all my waifus fault for being such a cute ecosystem.
Primm gang

Attached: ghostberry23.jpg (1145x1920, 367K)

I may.. if you help :)

oki.. I may look it up now

sorry I not understand :

Attached: kem089gf.png (1070x1220, 1.07M)

>go to mcdonald's
>order one large fry
>they give me a bunch of little ones

Attached: 1575606840757.jpg (618x628, 193K)

Wreak havoc.

Attached: 1570260674756.jpg (706x1100, 81K)

tomorrow errr.. later today.
Goodnight same timezone friend.

damn... no that's like 120% something I would not enjoy listening to :<
too much for me...

isn't that how it always is

....in which realm?
also, illegal °-°

wtf!! it's you again!!!!
now i know, you always confuse me :<
gave gud slep! imma do some more vr stuff later before slep

Attached: kir7rjhjf.png (1075x1200, 1.15M)

In what manner was day gud?
Rookie mistake probably. Fix it with Elmer's glue

Attached: img_20191231_181431.jpg (1517x2001, 340K)

> *Nukes Israel*

Attached: ovnvmagchqVuJalBya7-o.jpg (1280x720, 107K)

>puzzle said 6-99 years
>I did it in 20 minutes
>puzzle was mcdonalds fries

doot floof

Attached: 1581077730682.jpg (1298x2000, 1.73M)

sorry but I wouldn't know how your day went, unless you tell me °-°
I retired from spaying years ago,

Attached: kjmjr6.png (1600x1050, 1.22M)

Attached: 432bcf7b9.jpg (707x1000, 133K)

I'm also impressed with myself
I don't believe me talking with a furry

I didn't say it in a mean way
You just sounded like a hippie
It's just that everything earth love related sounds hippie

Sue them for false advertisement

I laugh at it
They make songs soo lound that it's just funny

Israel isn't a legitimate state
It's pointless

Attached: Taiga1915.jpg (1920x1080, 441K)

how do i know you're not just leading me on...

What type of Mexican are you?

Attached: 503.png (603x857, 722K)

go away spic


Attached: mycutie.png (826x1169, 806K)

ew... homo lolicon.


Attached: 1581071564240.jpg (480x1500, 219K)

I miss Asakura

Attached: 321.png (1003x864, 829K)

funny.. yeah ^w^

good to finally know what you think of me. appreciate it.

Attached: koy1drh.png (1227x1080, 1.55M)

i don't want you to betray me like so many other people who claim to be my "friend"

Attached: 502.png (867x862, 1.03M)

hey how are you
asakura is great
what have you been up to

Attached: ithinkyourecute.jpg (744x1073, 197K)

I guess that's only natural, I don't mind, I just hope to not become a negative stereotype and accidentally make negative propaganda for Nature.

Attached: neoxilon.png (960x1331, 589K)

same ol' same ol' but spending more time with my akame

eee bbl

Attached: 826.png (1025x864, 1.27M)

Oh that was a question? I thought you were telling me your day was good
Thicc neko

Attached: 1561814604043.png (1870x2635, 1.76M)

Good, good. I think. I have my waifu... and the bread. Good bread. Warm bread.

Attached: 1580872305352.jpg (577x581, 159K)

An idiot weeb one
Probably the best description that I can give

Hello, haruhi?

That would be a shotacon
A homo shotacon


Not at all
You sounds like a nice person, a little bit detached of things, nothing really bad

Attached: Taiga2222.jpg (2480x3508, 1.88M)

It saddens me a little you think like that.

nono i was asking if you had gud day ^w^

Attached: koyuzs4wt.png (1236x1080, 1.76M)

how long ago was that btw? do you remember
who is your waifu?

Attached: cutieharuhi.png (700x700, 256K)

It's literally written in that picture. But replace LL with R... that's her actual name... and official.

new thread where

go away spic

its not the same haruhi you stupid nigger haha go away