Hey Cred Forums. My girl gas a vag condition and is unable to have sex. What do I do

Hey Cred Forums. My girl gas a vag condition and is unable to have sex. What do I do

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You idiot. She is getting fucked by Chad on a daily basis. She just doesn't want you in her anymore.

Take inspiration from your pic and make the hole yourself

Anal, duh.

What condition

Put her outside and let the bears eat her.

Name of the condition?

Dump her and let her be someone else's problem.

Primary provoked Vestibulovulvodynia. It's like a small group of nerve endings on her vulva that causes extreme pain.

If only man, then I'd have an excuse

so you're saying she doesn't have an asshole condition?

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I've suggested it. She won't even try man it's a fucking bummer, no pun intended

Ask her for an open relationship if sex is important to you. This condition isn't her fault, but it's not yours either and you deserve to be happy

Is she leaking that red stuff again? Fear not! It's an easy fix, Just change the O-Rings in her vagina, That's what i did and they haven't leaked since!.

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>I've suggested it. She won't even try
so in other words you don't need an excuse. she can have a sexual relationship with you and refuses. anybody who criticizes hasn't heard the full story yet, just set them straight

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Lmao or a mouth one but nada

Nah the model is foreign and importing parts for it isn't cost effective imo. We need to replace the part altogether

You get a new one. That works

Anal, bjs, handjob.
Are you stupid or what ?

ah shit that sucks

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That condition where her cunt locks up and makes sex painful or entry impossible?

Get her a dilation kit and work up to your dong size.

This. Ditch her.

That can be treated with creams, injections, or surgery. Or she could just take some fucking advil an hour before she wants to get her hump on.

Easy. Fuck her mouth.

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The condition affects her entire pelvic floor, so no anal. She can't take a cock in her mouth to save her life. It's the makings of a tragedy

Yeah we have one, the wax candle looking things. Although she's reluctant to use them so I'm just here sadposting lol

What kind of injections/surgery? I haven't heard of these treatment options. Only the dilation kits.

numbing creams and nerve reduction surgery. The former can make it hard for her to orgasm and the latter causes localized numbness on the her vulva.

Dilation kits are only useful for gender reassignment surgery and Vaginismus. The latter is actually better treated with therapy and anti-anxiety meds.

Bro, I feel you. Going on two weeks now

I can do two weeks sitting on my head. It's been about 2 months since the last time I got laid. I can't wait till the fucking kids grow up and move out so I don't have to put up with them cock blocking me.

The last 3 times I tried to fuck my wife a kid would burst into the room right after the initial insertion. Different kids each time too.

>My girl gas a vag condition and is unable to have sex.
With you.
It hurts too much from the BBC.

If only she had an asian with a tiny little cock instead of someone with an adult sized dick...

Surrogate Fuck her best friend, explain its the only way to save the relationship