Bipolarfag that's been unmedicated since july, ask me anything

bipolarfag that's been unmedicated since july, ask me anything

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Post more pics

Nice barcode

whats your favourite hobby?

why did you stop taking your meds?

If you want more pics go to r9k, I post them on bigu's threads every day
Homebrewing, I have 5 gallons of pilsner that's ready for bottling

Because they made me fat, dumb, unmotivated, anxious, etc.

Fellow bipolar here. What meds did they have you on?


why dont u get more into home brewing and stop being as bipolar?

I'm on latuda now actually and have lost weight that I gained on Seroquel. It's a tricky battle dude. I take like 3 other meds though. I feel better medicated than I did without.

Which one of you should I ask?

Yeah I don't know how the fuck it happened but I put on 145lbs on latuda

That's DID, retard

You Are Cutting Yourself.

Back on the meds laddiebuck

Saaz masterrace reporting in

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I gained like 30 pounds on Seroquel in a 4 month span and took myself off. Withdrawals fucking sucked. Ended up in an inpatient facility for a week and got a new cocktail of meds. I gotta agree with you about feeling unmotivated but i felt the same way in a bipolar fit. At least I'm not as angry I guess.

post nudes, user

Type 1fag here. Zyprexa, Lexapro and Elavil (low dose for sleep and mania). xanax for when I'm full maniac mode but I haven't taken any for some months now. meet with a psychotherapist every 2 weeks. have actually shed the 15 or so pounds i got from the Olanzapine since I laid off the xannies too. feels good to not be a full on zombie and have my brain back a little bit. still a daily struggle. hang in there bois. we're gonna make it.

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I've got a pound of saaz, smells so nice
Even during severe depressive episodes I get more accomplished than when I was medicated
You can pry my slicey bois from my cold, dead hands

Hey OP, fellow Bipolar fag here...please dont do that to yourself. No amount of feeling should drive you to self harm because it wont benefit you or do anything besides bring you down.

Glad to hear you're doing well

I appreciate the concern but I've been doing this for 5 years now, doubt I'll stop any time soon

thank you brother. best of luck to all you fellow manicbros in here. also stop fucking hookers. shit ain't worth it.

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I've never banged a hooker, what's it like?

>I've got a pound of saaz, smells so nice

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depends on what you're willing to spend, truthfully. you can find them all over r/r4r and the city/town specific subreddits. I do pretty well with women but I can't stand them. remember, you're not paying them for pussy, you're paying them to leave.

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>paying them to leave
Not how I feel about women, I've always been more interested in companionship than sex

Doesn't cutting do wonders for you too, does for me

whatever floats your boat broheim

2 + 2 = ?



Feels good man
A if it's int or float, B if it's a string