So, tell me Cred Forums, what are your plans for today?

So, tell me Cred Forums, what are your plans for today?

>Spending the day with your loved one
>Going on a date with someone for the first time
>Fapping while you thinking of someone special
>Just fapping
>Cry yourself to sleep
>Just wait for death to come like any other day

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>>Cry yourself to sleep
>>Just wait for death to come like any other day
You know me well

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here bro, have a hug!

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ill be lonely, didnt waant to just date someone because it will have no reason.
im not the best looking dude, and not the best in communicating socialy, i just want someone to love me as me and ill love her as her.

are you me?

idk am i?

dunno... do you like traps?

my life goal is to fap to every porn ever uploaded on the internet. i don't have to cum to each one but i have to fap at least 30 seconds to it before i move to the next video. so far i fapped to over 500000 porns (i only started last year).

>my life goal is to fap to every porn ever uploaded on the internet
erm... ok? good luck with that, I guess...

I'm crossdressing and watching family guy


not openly, i can understand why it's cute and why you'd love to hug and kiss a cute trap and keep it as a private cutie.
but as much as they put more work to be cute, you cant have a real family with them, i'm already not stable and i can't get in another roller coaster.
so yeah, idk.

Going to the lake with my brother, his wife and some friends. Going to stay there until Sunday then come home, rest up do some laundry and prepare for work on Tuesday. Hope you have some nice plans too OP

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The same thing I do every night...

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Just thinking of how much I can't stand women now compared to 10 or so years ago and wondering how they all became so vapid, self-absorbed, selfish and generally cunty.

pics or didn't happen
Well, I like cute, feminine traps but, I'm not interested in a family anyways so...
good to hear
>Hope you have some nice plans too OP
welp, nope but you know, gotta see the bright sigh of every situation.

eh... fap?
I don't have the same problem, I like women too much for that but, I know a shitload of women who are exactly like you describe so I understand why some people feel like you.

>pics or didn't happen

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oh! neat!
why aren't you on a date, tho?

I can't tell if society did a complete shift or if it's just my age demographic. Dating in my 20s was easy and fun. Now it's the job interview from hell, repeated over and over. I've come to the conclusion that after around 30 or so, women want a man so they can get kids and get his cash. If you do as she says, she won't divorce you and ruin your life (probably.) If you don't let her run shit, your life will get fucked up.

everyone likes cute and fememnine creatures, some traps just learnt the art of making themselvs cute with good hair care and make up that they beat basic bitches thatdont work too much on that.

sadly, i want love with someone i might be able to get kids with, not now ofc, but towards the mid 30s ill be interested probably.
cute, hope youll enjoy the evening.

Have nobody to go on a date with

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im going tobe looking up places where I can buy nitrogen gas to kill myself

Is life even worth living if you'll never have a companion? Most people seem to think the lack of sex is what’s awful about being an incel but its not, like sex would be cool sure but having someone to talk to or feel close with someone you know cares about you and you truly care for them is so much more important than sex... i wish i could feel cared for and loved why couldnt i have been born female so i could’ve at least feel appreciated and wanted at some point on my life

>women want a man so they can get kids and get his cash. If you do as she says, she won't divorce you and ruin your life (probably.) If you don't let her run shit, your life will get fucked up.
well, that's the reason I'd never marry. I like women sure, but I can't stand that bullshit.
well, like I said, having a family is not my thing. the idea of having kids on this fucked up world seem too cruel to me.
but why? I mean, I'm an antisocial sperg but what about you?

i don't want a family either, just want the option

I'm going to smoke weed and get drunk with my gf, then I'll fuck her ass

>but why?
I'm too shy to ask a girl out and no boy asked me out.

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do you want us to ask you out user?
i'd take anyones company as long as they will give out love.

Well then you must be me from 10 or so years ago. Not sure what age you are, but you will see it change soon.

usually I'd encourage you to do it but I'm not feeling that way today so, why? what's wrong user?
some of us are natural loners so life is worth living even without someone at our side but, even I can feel the need for love from time to time but at the end, I know I'll run away from a relationship.

I'll fuck your brains out

Well I would absolutely love that but I doubt we live anywhere close to eachother

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ah, ok. options are always good.
so you're bi?
I'm 36...

probably not, im closer to the middle east

I'm 40 - had two girl friends from 32 to about a year ago. Dating now compared to then is night and day different. Where do you live?

living the dream,eh? good for you Cred Forumsro.

that's the problem with you people! you never live anywhere near me...
Shitholeland, also know as Mexico.

Well fuck it's probably completely different there. America is in the shitter when it comes to women. They all want to be the next social media/IG star, or they just straight up hoe themselves on dating apps.

>so you're bi?

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can we get a better picture of you? if you want to blurr out the face its fine, i just want to see you entirely.

hehe! it is much worse here. women want to be the next social media/IG star but on top of that, they also love to date gangsta-wannabes until they get fat, with kids and if they lucky, brutally murderered.
well, I guess you have twice the chance to find someone, right?

Yeah I guess the cartel factor probably makes it hard to play the bad boy card.

'Oh my last ex dismembered 10 children in front of me. It was so hot!'

Well, I'm a married guy running a business with my wife. It's pretty stressful, and my wife is pretty miserable when she's stressed out... which is a Just got back from a massage I've only seen twice now in our same building. So cute... and soooo fucking relaxing... feeling great.... get back to the office. RAWWWWRRRR!!!! Fucking hell woman...
Likely not even getting laid tonight. FML


>well, I guess you have twice the chance to find someone, right?
If gay people make up around 5% of the population, half of which are men and half of which are women, then straight men have around 47.5% of the population at their disposal. Bi men have that plus 2.5% of the population made up of gay men which adds up to 50% which means my chances are only 1.05 times better than for a straight guy.

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Do you dread when she leaves and wants to either dismantle the business for her share or take it all for herself?

Maybe send your wife for the massage next time

>Likely not even getting laid tonight. FML
that sucks man
>my chances are only 1.05 times better than for a straight guy.
well, that's 1.05 better than mine :/

I thought women could do anything a man can do?

Going to be the bar to play pool, drink bourbon and hit on sad girls with daddy issues that dont have a date tonight.

My plans are getting drunk and playing RE: Remastered HD on steam, maybe some CS or some other competitive online game. Oh sure I will fap vigorously.

By the way, I just calculated the amount of porn
would watch in his life time. I don't know the specifics but If he started last year, and assuming he was 15yo at the time (yeah I'm just throwing the values here) and he has commited 1h per day, and continued until he is 60 years old, he will have seen 1 971 000 videos (with the 30 second minimun).

And just for fun, I calculated the amount of videos if he was REAAALLY committed:
Lets say he watches 2h per weekday and another 6h per saturday and sunday. He sees 1950 videos per week, 101 400 per year and 4 563 000 videos at the age of 60.

Im hoping to see a documentary about his progress in 45 years or so.

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Nah... company ain't worth shit. She is worth quite a bit however. -which is why she can get away with being a cunt. I'm the trophy husband who puts up with her shit.
I actually did offer exactly that before I went. She turned it down and mumbled something about not wanting a stranger touching her. Bitch... you also don't want your husband touching you either.
Just a frustrating day....

You should get her baked or drunk stat sounds miserable

why on sad girls with daddy issues? anyways, I hope you have success.
that sound like a good plan to me.

How is she worth more if you're married and run the same business? Family? I'm self employed and can't imagine giving what I've worked for away to some selfish cunt.

work 2night but with coworker who thinks im attractive and was single 3 days ago at least. tips?

frigid perhaps? anyhow, sound like you may consider the possibility of a divorce :/

3 days? She's probably had 6 tinder dicks in that time frame.

I'm may not be the right person to say but, as her/him for a drink?

Leave it to 4 chan incels to tell you to get a divorce after one story about your relationship

First tip is to ignore any and all dating advice from Cred Forums

because everyone knows a bitter, sexless relationship is what everyone wants - how dare that stupid incel use logic

Lol enjoy never having a woman touch you. Have you gotten any of your wizarding powers yet?

You realize how fucking dumb you seem when you jump to retard conclusions? You're advocating for a sexless marriage. You seem like the biggest incel in here.

yeah that's about the only time she's fun to be with.
Family money to the tune of 5-6 million. It's all protected in trusts and shit... but if we ever split I'm sure I'd be comfortable. We have two kids though... don't really want that.
Well yeah, she's certainly frigid now after two kids... we used to fuck like bunnies of course 14 years ago...

for what I read, that guy is having none of that but ok, you're the expert...

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>we used to fuck like bunnies of course 14 years ago...
that's why I don't believe in marriage. most people I know end like that.

There's some great things about marriage... but yea, I'll admit, I get pretty envious when I hear about another married couple who still enjoys regular sex.
My wife... once a week on sunday evening if she's feeling up for it between the hours of 10 and 11:30. . Wow. Exciting.

oh the monotony of doing something the same day, at the same hour... charming :/

Fapping is definitely in my plans for today

>So, tell me Cred Forums, what are your plans for today?
Continue shitposting while monitoring storage migrations, have a light dinner, work out, and then creampie my girl.

Just fapping or thinking of someone special?

now that's a good plan!

>clean house
>play vidya, maybe watch parasite or joker
>make dinner
>co worker will swing by later on when her cuck bf go to work.
>fuck her
>eat, watch something
>go to bed
pic relate

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planning on doing this again, this is me and my dad last week, we decided to post it on ph to see if people thought it was hot...if we get some upvotes i'll post more far, it's not going well, we got a bunch of shit votes..fml..but i'd like to post pussy looks ok

>Working until 18:00
>Get home around 19:00
>Spend some time with the kids before they go to bed
>Knock a piece off
>In bed by 21:30
No gifts. No fancy dinners. We've been married for 12 years and almost 20 since we started dating. No need for valentines.

Sad girls with daddy issues because they're easier to get with than girls that actually have a sense if self worth.

I liked Joker but not that much. Haven't seen Parasite.
The rest seems like a good plan.
another day at the office, huh? nothing wrong with that, tho.
well, like I said, I hope it turns out right.

>wake up early
>go to school until 12:25
>back home around 14:00
>watch pirates of the carribean 2 with my sister
>playing piano
>enjoying weekend.

that sound like a regular day but hey! as long as you enjoy yourself.

yeah it was a pretty good day, feeling incredible lately

glad to hear it! the important is living the moment, no matter with who or when.