Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

Do most Mexican-American girls under 30 act black?

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they're basically black. Anything non-white is black to me.

In the ghetto they do

A Mexican acting black with an Italian words tattooed on is my fetish.

op is clearly american,the only knowledge they have of mexicans comes from their ignorant president

That's not true, though. Educated minorities are like whites with more flavor

We are talking about Americans, so what is your point?
And Trump supporters are clueless about any type of Mexican, they probably are stuck in 1992

Yeah, if they live in any sort of hood (even with no black people) and don't go to college, they act black.

She’s a big fan of Italian food?

Nah, Alfredo is a Hispanic first name

Girls are only good for their vaginas and buttholes anyway

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I choose to believe my version.

repping her favorite sauce, word to your mother

She might be retarded, but I really want to sniff her asshole

All the ones who act mexican are in the kitchen already married at 16 or basically spending all their time doing shit only mexicans do. (banda clubs, visiting family in mexico etc)

im assuming you live in california or new york.
everybody of every race kinda acts black because its the new macho or cool.

I'm also a retard. How you doing?

Maybe cooking a rich, delicious chicken alfredo while they're in there

What about Mexican-American girls who are like white girls but minus the basic Becky thing?
Those are my favorite

I'm in New York and white people here do not act black, besides a small amount of wiggers in the suburbs
But Hispanics act black everywhere in the US.

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grew up with niggers, because their immigrant parents couldn't afford to live in better areas.

So why do Mexicans in El Paso act black then?

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>El Paso

I mean Mexican-Americans, you faggot

they were blacked
they kno they got the aids

Texas is Mexico

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You mean Mexican invaders in America?

>1940 Texas
>75% White
>x% Black
>x% Native American
Less than 5% Mexican/Latino but it's somehow Mexico?

gtfo retard

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