If you make her that face do you want to cum on it ?

if you make her that face do you want to cum on it ?

emma the whore

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i always want to cum on her :(

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Spermlord does the best fakes


I just want the rest of her nudes to leak.

Well Thx! It's not often that i get nice comments on Cred Forums!

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I like his Emma blacked fakes

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Cool! You still have a discord ?

Taking any requests?
Wouldn't mind seeing this girl covered (pic related)

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yeah i still go a discord
Sorry, i only do celebs, and only take request from time to time.

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Fair enough.
Any tips on making non-celeb fakes anywhere near your quality?

i am saving all these thnx

problems with non celeb fake is mainly the quality of pictures. To be able to work a good cum fake, you need the less change in shadow and skin color and you need to find a good matching cum picture is quality of photo.

You can check my fake tutorials on mega nz
Add this after a / in the site name #F!NsZ3HQyD!iVc5dgmtvmz-EFlWe6MgQw

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pleasure, you can join my discord for all my newest fakes (and a lot more fakers fake)

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tutorials are old but I'm still using the same technique, just got better with it over time but, not all fake will work well with this. I'm just not putting out fakes that i don't feel good enough and scrap them.

Practice will make you better

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