Since my wife’s full exposure got leaked, nothing gets me off except seeing her completely exposed...

Since my wife’s full exposure got leaked, nothing gets me off except seeing her completely exposed... it’s pretty messed up

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>Since my wife’s full exposure got leaked, nothing gets me off except seeing her completely exposed... it’s pretty messed up

Well post her doing degrading shit then.

Post her spreading her pussy and pissing

Another post then ghost OP

I don’t enjoy posting it myself, I like to see who had it out there and decides to post it..out of my control

I’m almost at this point. I can’t stop myself from being a submissive bitch whenever bulls ask for my ex’s pics and info. It’s only a matter of time before she gets completely exposed.

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Yeah I get this. People are always like “why don’t you just post her yourself?” They don’t understand the rush of seeing your slut posted and knowing it’s out of your control.

Its pretty hot i have exposed my wife before turns me on hot bad

Once you do it, it’s never the same..

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Yeah man, those heart thumping, leg shaking orgasms and then the panic’s incredible

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What’s her name?

What’s your kik?



Iv had guys expose my wife before it's such a rush and just can't stop myself from doing it

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The guy leaked his wife's nudes himself a few months ago. OP is a moron

Well yo those that know her full story you just proved that you’re the moron lmao

shes getting some high mileage, maybe trade her in.

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There's something about seeing your girl used as a sexual object and having guys defile her outside of your control that's addictively hot

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Can’t undo this OP

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Damn dude...

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This bread smells like samefagging

Some fag contact her?

Send The anal one please

Let’s see some messages

Anal please

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Need screen shot messages

Looking at the replies after this comment I think its just a bot

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It’s fucked up, but I can see how hot it is

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That makes no friggin sense

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No messages? /b has changed...

Pretty sure its a fake fb or something, shes been posted so much that if it was real, she'd have deleted it

It is deleted, but 2 of those things are still active...

Lol then her husband is a huge sack of dicks. Imagine her crying herself to sleep at night cause of the nudes while he jerks off in the bathroom lmao

I love it

Nothing works for me

The fap is probably still with it

Snap and Pinterest

Is that a curling iron? I hope it’s not on, it might seal her up for good

It definitely is

I’m disappointed in all of you

this is me and my daughter fucking, we started fucking when i was 40 and she wsa 18, if i get some upvotes, maybe i'll post more of us

Wow thats a tiny dick

Heres more

Your wife is an ugly whore.

Thank you!!!

You’re welcome!

Then post a MEGA of her, faggot

This is the type of shit where the girl should be getting wrecked...why is there no wreckage????

Then you're the one replying to yourself about messaging her. Clearly theres a ton of samefagging or bottling here.

No quite a mega but

I'm surprised there's no videos.

I keep those for people willing to spread her exposure

Then there's no point. Just post it all and the exposure always follows.

Haven’t even seen a message yet

Exposure does not equal someone will message them.

Just post everything in a MEGA or other download link and everything will follow. Simple as that.

who wants to do some katelyn exposure

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A good thread, dead too soon