I'm tripping balls right now on mushrooms. I just need somebody to talk to and tell me it's going to be okay

I'm tripping balls right now on mushrooms. I just need somebody to talk to and tell me it's going to be okay.

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I called my mother and we talked for an hour, but she doesn't understand. She wouldn't tell me it's going to be alright. She's really conservative and she doesn't understand what I'm feeling right now.

Just listen to music and chill

It's gonna be ok

When I do mushrooms my phone looks like stained glass. What’s up, user?

It's going to be ok user, be calm.

Of course they wouldn't understand, the government is after you and have already got your mom hostage. You need to fucking get out right now. Grab some cash and skip countries. It's your only hope for survival.


I love my parents so much, but I wish they understood. Talking to them on the phone didn't help me very much. They're so focused on telling me that drugs are bad. They won't even try to listen to me when I talk.

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Fuck you man. Why would you intentionally try to cause harm in the world? What good is it doing you? Does it make you feel any better about yourself to make other people feel worse?

Don't worry about them. They're just worried about you but you're fine.

You're going to be fine.

You cannot come to Cred Forums without being exposed to the virus, user.

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op rn

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I love them and I want them to understand, but they won't. It just hurts so bad. They started talking to me about addiction and how people ruin their lives with drugs. They won't listen to me. I'm not the same as a homeless crack addict, but I feel like they're viewing me through the same lens. They see all drugs as bad and people who take drugs as bad people. They're painting me with the same broad brush stroke as a crackhead or a heroine addict and I'm not. I just wish they could see that. I really love my parents and I want their acceptance.


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It's all state of mind and sensory input yo. If you're feeling it go south, get the hell off your screen, put on some Beethoven or relaxing piano music. There will always be somethig negative you could choose to focus on, there's no shortage of sad shit in the world. Dwelling on it is all that makes it valid, so stop. Being happy is a choice, so choose to consider what you're thankful for then stop thinking about it all together. Do something relaxing or productive. Open a window and consider the beauty of life. I liked going for a jog - maybe strange but I felt that the limit of exhaustion was somewhat lifted.

Fuck off dude. It's not even like that. You don't know what psychedelics are like because you've never tried them. I'm not worried about demons or hell or any kind of nightmare shit. I'm worried about my relationship with my parents.

i have tried them. they're pointless

First try accepting yourself. Love yourself and understand your value.

If you can do that, it'll be easier trying to explain it to them.

They just want what's best for you but they don't understand how the young world works anymore.

Put on your favorite song and sing your heart out to the lyrics. That always helps me. Get up and move around too. That will burn some of that anxious energy

Yeah I know, but I already took them. There's no going back now. The shrooms are in control. They can "pointless" all day long, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm here and I'm in the middle of it now and there's nobody here for me. I just want my parents to accept me.


That's your fault say no to drugs, maybe you'll be as cool as me someday

Ahhh I've been there user, you'll be fiiine dead mother eyecontact

Focus on the moment. Don't fight it.

The trip is taking you here on purpose.

>They just want what's best for you but they don't understand how the young world works anymore.
That's what hurts so bad. I tried to show them but they won't listen. They're so caught up in their rules and their morality and it's fake. All of it is fake. My dad doesn't enjoy dressing up and going to work everyday. He's not happy. It's all an act he puts on for his job. My mom drinks coffee every single day and she doesn't consider it a drug. She's completely in denial. She thinks all drugs are the same, but she literally takes a drug every single day. Caffeine is a drug. I had issues with it for years, and she won't acknowledge it as one. I love her, but she's a hypocrite. She just won't understand. She has to have her coffee in the morning or else she's a total bitch and she's tried to stop drinking coffee so many times but she experiences physical withdrwals, and somehow I'm the druggie in the family and not her? I'm not even judging her for it. I just wish we had a mutual understanding of each other.

I just want you to see this on shrooms

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Do some push ups or something ffs. It will make you feel better

Did you really expect your mother to talk to you like it's all cool when you call her high on mushroom, having a bad trip? Dude, you just proved all stereotypes they were believing in.
Anyway, go watch this, it's about Mushroom Land. youtube.com/watch?v=D_h2G6QMMjA

there are English subtitles

I am here. This is going to pass. All is well and all is well and all manner of things shall be well. Amen.

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OP, they know. You need to prepare.

I hate this. Why did somebody make it?


Go do something fun instead of sitting infront of the computer, lol. faggot

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>Did you really expect your mother to talk to you like it's all cool when you call her high on mushroom, having a bad trip?
Yes. I trust my parents and I need them to be here for me and they're not. I have friends who take shrooms with their parents and they're totally cool with it. I wish mine would understand. I just need them to be there for me.

log off
watch fear and loathing

Don't ever expect your parents to accept you doing heavily mind altering drugs, it was very dumb and manic for you to tell them that you are on mushrooms. Just watch something funny listen to cool music it's just a drug and it will wear off

We are all just mortals, spinning on a tiny speck of space dust. However, we are all imbued with a spark of the divine, which allows us to ask for forgiveness and rebirth into life eternal.

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this image has me dying lmao

Forget about them. This is your trip. Trying to make sense of other people's opinions right now is not the way.

Find your inner peace first before trying to make peace with others.

You ask for help and don't even respond to half the posts. Then you carry on and whine like a bitch. I hope your parents fucking hate you because you honestly deserve it

user, don't sling your spears and arrows. Be kind to the lad.

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Why though? Why is there a stigma around it? Why shouldn't I be able to come to my parents with this experience?

I've been through it TOO. TOOK 5 GRAMS OF THE SHROOMY AND FREAKED out in my room. It's not cool, but I promise you'll feel better in A bit. Don't tell yourself a story that you're losing your mind. Try and be accepting of the weird experience without attaching any intense meaning to it. Good luck

What is your problem dude? Why are you so negative? You're so quick to put down my emotions. I'm genuinely upset right now because I just want my fucking parents to accept me, and you reply with "I hope they hate you"??? Why do you wish harm on people.

OP, since you're just on shrooms it'll likely be over in less than 3 hours if you're coming up/peaking
if you're in a dark room, turn a light on
make some food
go outside
bad trips are usually because of a bad environment, so change your environment

Do you like Minecraft?

You got stuck in a loop, it will never end. Sucks for you. You got stuck in a loop, it will never end. Sucks for you. You got stuck in a loop, it will never end. Sucks for you.

You can love them and they can love you in their own way. My parents don't accept or understand a lot if the things I do, and it was also difficult for me, but understand they most likely really do just want the best for you, but their idea of "best" was formed though their own unique journey through life, just as yours is

Because you don't fucking listen to good advice and only respond to people that give you an excuse to complain more. Fucking deal with your emotions instead of sitting around posting on here

follow up to this post, why have you wasted 30 minutes of your trip on a shitposting fight on Cred Forums? gtfo and do something that'll clear your head

You're questioning years of misinformation and social quotas to make yourself feel better, user.

Just accept that it isn't in your place to judge other people's ideologies the same way they shouldn't judge you.

You sound like you're in that manic conceptual zone, they don't have to accept you taking mushrooms or do them with you, you sound entitled. Just because you made a manic drug induced call doesnt mean anything. Imagine how worried you made them with a bad trip call. I mean tripping is fine, but when your tripping hard and talk to people who aren't you sound like a fucking schizo, you'll realize when you come down

you are fucked and you know it.

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I don't feel like I'm losing my mind right now. I feel clear and focused. When I first took them and the trip first started, I was terrified. I thought I was losing my mind. I felt like I was about to die. I threw up all over my apartment. I freaked out and called my mom, but I feel better now. I feel relaxed now and I wish I could share this feeling with the world, but they won't listen.

Have masturbated while on them? Is it worth any interest?

It's not even like that dude.

It's going to be ok nigger

Everything will be okay user. Just like everything in life, this experience will come to pass. Put some thought into the things in life that your grateful for. Dissect your charecter and traits that make you you and allow yourself to be fascinated with how everything adds up together to make your being. Think about how your perspective is unique only to you. There will never be another person who has had your experiences and views of the world. You're special.

I really needed this. You put me in my fucking place. I act high and mighty when I talk about drugs to my parents, but you're right. They're not for everyone and it's not my place to force my parents to accept them. They have their beliefs and I have mine. I just wish we could see eye to eye.

>I feel relaxed now and I wish I could share this feeling with the world, but they won't listen.

Yup, you are absolutely smacked and manic, you will not remember the grand revelations you had when sober, trust me I've been there, you're gonna be a bit embarassed when you're in your right mind.

I puke every time I do shrooms as well. That ungrounded feeling you get while nauseous always sets my trip off on a meh start but puking always makes me feel better after. Try to go outside if you can for a change of environment (backyard or something)

>when your tripping hard and talk to people who aren't you sound like a fucking schizo, you'll realize when you come down


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You can be a free, full man and still love your parents. You will never ever see eye to eye with your mom about every detail of your life. As long as you love her and honor her, it won't matter.

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Hey Shroom user. Do you what's going on here?

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Ayo this is the nicest I've seen Cred Forums holy shit

Now treat yourself to some snacks and food.

milk is the fruit of the gods
the udders of the gods, specifically

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Watch history channel's "The Donner Party" and then stare at yourself in the mirror.

It wasn't that intense. I only took about 3 grams. It was intense like that when I closed my eyes, but I didn't experience many open-eye visuals. Just some colors acting weird and trees outside my window waving. Nothing wild though.

Oh man have you never hit a thought loop? I've looped so hard my ego shatter, i heard glass break and water flowing forgot where i was and who the people around me were


actually wanted to join in and say be safe on your journey my user friend

and find wonder

go into nature if you can, i hear you about the talking to your parents, but a good idea is think about how you feel about them, then simplify it and just call them a bit more, or write it down

either way, be easy, OP

everything is a teacher, and everything is going to be ok. and sometimes it wont be ok, and thats ok, too

I wish I didn't have to sound like a shizo though because I'm really not. I know every schizo says that and it's cliche, but I mean it. Everybody has this idea of what "normal" should be. Going to college, going to work, paying bills, etc. and for what? What do these normal straight-laced people get out of it? Are they really happy? My dad fucking hates his job. He complains about it all the time. Every time I see him, he's upset about his boss and upset about his bills. It's all a fucking farce. Why is it schizo to want to live free and peacefully without all of that? Is it really that crazy of an idea? To be free? What good do these societal structures do for people if my dad isn't any happier than I am? W

Jeeze man is this your first trip?

I have plenty of times on marijuana, and experienced severe anxiety, but not so much on shrooms so far...

please fill me in someone ????

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Yeah, I thought I said that earlier in the thread. Maybe I didn't lmao
Yeah, it's my first time tripping.

why do you keep posting this image



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Clocks ticking user. Make the right choice over and over

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Okay man go live in the woods. I'm serious see how far you get without the society around you, eat shit off the ground hunt for your food make yourself a toothbrush keep yourself clean and stay alive. Society is not perfect and life will never be either. Tell me when you hit an industrial revolution

These responses are so boring. Drugs aren't even like that. People who have only ever seen shrooms in TV shows and movies always say shit like "LOOK OUT. THEY'RE BEHIND YOU." and it's not even like that. Fuck off with this edgy shit.
Evem if it REALLY WAS like that, what do you get out of posting this? Do you feel better about yourself because you think you sent somebody's trip south? It's just being fucking ugly to a random stranger for the sake of being ugly.

I wish i could be there with you bud you'll never touch that first trip again. It becomes a novel experience but seriously wait till you come down and reflect, its not as life changing as you think.

Nah it's worse than that. It's the kids who lurk and post whatever they think is "trolling".

The art of trolling died years ago when the big bois stopped doing it because they're all grown up leaving these bumblefucks.

I don't want to live in the woods. I love my modern comforts. I love my TV and my car and computer. I love that I can talk to random strangers like you on the internet. I just wish there wasn't so much negativity in the world. Is that such a radical idea?

OP, You are going to die very soon. Keep your eyes open, user.

Fucking pathetic. Trying to ruin somebody's day for no reason. Meanwhile these kids have never even tried drugs. They act cool behind their computer screens when they think they're ruining somebody else's trip, but they're too afraid to try it themselves.

First of all if you were really tripping you wouldn't even be able to technology shut the f****** let alone give a f*** what anyone says on the phone why the f*** would you call your parents you stupid piece of s*** if you really love them and want their acceptance don't ever tell him what's really going on you dumbass

Dude I'm 24. I'm not dying anytime soon. Fuck off. All the other teenage edgelords in the thread have already made this comment, or some variant of it.


No it's not a radical idea, I cannot come to terms with the fact that people can't just mind their own fucking business, my point is that without this society around you and struggle conflict and people doing bad shit you wouldn't have those comforts. Gotta take it all together the best you can do is stay low and control what enters your own perception, that's the power you have. You wouldn't even know whats good without bad its all balance. Universe is constantly making cosmic jokes just watch the show and laugh.

>if you really love them and want their acceptance don't ever tell him what's really going on
Why not? That's not love. Fuck off. If you love somebody, you should be open with them.

Actually doing acid was the single most profound experience in my entire life so you can go fuck yourself

I went from living with my parents to having my own multimillion-dollar company in less than three years after I took acid so don't tell anyone that it's not profound would I do it again probably not

No this is some pretty classic uninformed first trip stuff.


You don't know what love is if you really love somebody there's some things that they don't need to know to be quite honest with you there's different types of love you don't love them if you already dont listen to them you stupid fuck

Uh huh, what company? It can be valuable but it only amplifies your own thoughts you don't need it for anything. Its a recreational drug and it feels good sick of this act like its fucking magic when its not.

Everyone is going to die retard nobody gets out alive

I know this is my first trip, but I don't think anything could ever properly prepare me for it. It's just such a fucking wild card. One minute I'm laughing, one minute I'm crying. I don't think there's anything you could do to be more prepared. I think once you eat the shrooms, you're just along for the ride.


Hallelujah. You are right. Unfortunately anonymous boards like this are a breeding ground for negativity. Because you're not representing your self, you let out your worst inclinations without consequences. Zero accountability = tons of faggotry

It gave me the idea to start my company Uber.

Speak for yourself.

Yeah maybe you've heard of it


I’m jealous man, I would love to trip right now.

HEY OP DON't forget all the other people in your life that you touch

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Of course you can't truly be prepared but calling your parents was a manic move and you'll see that soon, and these revelations are grand because youre high you dont need drugs to come to the realizations you are.

No you had the idea stop attributing it to some drug, its misinformation and dangerous when you act like the shits magic. It only amplifies you. Also I genuinely do not believe you.

Shrooms are shipped to your psychedelics anyway real LSD is where it's at otherwise you're having a half a strip you don't really trip is hard off of shrooms I'm just being honest it's not as pure it feels synthetic

Shrooms are the niggars of psychedelics

I'm on four tabs right now and I could barely even technology you probably can't even read my shit now

Except everybody here is a trip virgin getting trolled. If faggy OP was actually "tripping balls" to the point of existential crisis, he would be completely incapable of typing this coherently.

LSD is literally Magic The Experience to to people who are open to it and not just retarded zombies it's profound look up Steve Jobs LSD

You’re a fucking retard. No one listen to this dumbass, shrooms do not and will never feel “synthetic”

Thats just no true at all. Ive been tripping hard and been able to type. Not everyone shares the same experience as you. You should know this.

drink a glass of milk and chill to music

It was more in my head than visuals. Sure the walls were breathing, and colors were amplified, and everything I touched felt weird, but it was mostly a flow of thoughts. It wasn't like I entered another dimension. I was very much in my apartment. I was just emotional and felt like I wasn't in control.

holy shit guys the world is ending america just declared war because there was a huge explosion in new york. close all your windows because chemical attacks can happen at any moment. and make sure not to breath too much.

You've never done drugs.

if you stop breathing you will die, focus on your breath or you'll accidentally stop breathing and die

how original

Yes i have. not interesting

i'm a little dwarf. i'm under your bed. don't look under your bed or i will bite your finger.

I have browsed Cred Forums while tripping balls before. It was slightly unpleasant but more than doable.

i did mushrooms once and my tongue swelled, it got really big. like just feel your tongue how it's growing and growing. my tongue was so big i cried because i thought i'd choke to death.

Overall, despite the weird shit, I think I had a good time today.


For real man you're good. Always gotta remind yourself that it's not like you're gonna OD. It's just shrooms. Lasts 6 to 8 hours and then you're back lol enjoy some good music or games and ride it out. It's completely normal to feel how your feeling

Steve jobs had an idea that only he could have had, I'm willing to understand that lsd can influence ive done it plenty of times but the important distinction is that it is not magic it amplifies you and without the you it cannot do anything itself. It is not some good idea machine


Maybe I get more potent psychedelics. Maybe it's a matter of definitions. I wouldn't call this tripping balls. It sounds more on the level of righteous bong rip.

If not a troll, then just go for a walk. Being in your room, in front of a computer, is the absolute dumbest thing to do when tripping. You're essentially surrounded by fakeness. Hanging out here in insincere fag land is you missing an amazing opportunity to connect with nature and reality.

Yo, tripsit.me brother. Never forget it.

Let go of what is hurting you.

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If you think theres any right way to trip you're already wrong, i actually love chilling in my room tripping its comfy throw some music or a good show or nothing and let your brain do all the work itself