Eternal Trap Thread continues, eternally

Eternal Trap Thread continues, eternally

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I'm tired of boys that look like girls.
I want girls that look like boys.

You think you do, but you don't

I am tired of boys that look like girls
I want boys that look cute

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u sure user

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No you don't. You want girls with short hair. You really want pic related?

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That's gay, hombre
check out I'm sure you'll like it

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I want girls that look like boys, not girls that look like men.

10/10 right there

so yeah, you mean girls with short hair

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girls with small tits and slim hips

yes, why
but it seems like they prefer masc guys over there
any 8ch cutemales alternatives

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pic related is amazing!

This is someone's son

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I feel like this is what people say about you too user

Not on Whoremoans yet. Watcha think?

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Keep em coming boys

Damn, super cute especially considering no hormones. You must hit the gym?

Thank you! And when I've got the time. Gotta build that trap booty.

you a tranny or somethin?
Show tranhole

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I think poor larp attempt lmao

Truth, squats are your friend. Still wouldn't mind seeing your booty now tho


Broad neck and upper body. Narrow hips. Flat chest. Slim, inverted triangle build. Thicker limbs. Sharp, long face. Low voice.
Am I just being stupid? I feel like there's a lot of subtle differences.

Mmm, yes, I'd tap that. Would love to bury my face in that beautiful patch of fur

My life is a LARP just to be a pretty girl, lol. Fair assumption.

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that´s why i specified the only things i´d like boyish about my girls, the rest is perfect the way girls usually look

Very nice, release your whore moans into my face :)

cute as hell


>>This was someone's son

Oh no, did his parents die :^(

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Faggot thread

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her body is great and all, but that face... goddamn shes cute

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i want to passionately make love to her all night, or day.

and? just treat them right. its not that fucking hard.

got eem

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I got ya fam

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also would rope/10

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10/10 tummy

thank you :3

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nice tummy, very nice ass, inviting hole

too kind :3

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got kik?


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Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

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One of the only ones that got her nudes ;)

That's fine and dandy, but I need my traps to be huge fetishists. Why don't you guys post vomit and heavy breathplay pics. I want hanged traps, I want them in ripped wedding dresses. Step your game up. Fuck boring nudes / ass pics

be my valentine?

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I’d love to ^_^ I’m already all dressed up for it!

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Where you from, love?

Fucking a trap isn't better than fucking a girl, but being a trap is a hell of sight better than being a guy

I’m from Indiana, and like no one else is from here hehe

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I'm certainly not :/

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Where in Indy? I'm in 812.

RIP, happens all the time T-T Not like I’d have the confidence to meet anyone though!

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I'm sure I could convince you if we lived closer
Cute waist btw

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That’s like half the state! :P I’m near Indy, central

Couple have already tried, I’m just naturally a really shy person IRL! And thanks btw :)

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hello fellow Hoosiers!

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I'm close to Indiana. Want to be friends?

Three in one thread?! What is this?!?

I’m down for friends ^_^ Same issues with being shy though hehe

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Oh, probably a couple hours drive for me then, I'm pretty far south. Ah well. I'm not really the right type for this anyway.

I don't even usually do these threads but your midriff made my dick instantly hard, you people will make a faggot out of me yet

not you but this one made me hard already

i think part of the reason it made me hard is because I think it'd be cool to look like that myself, but also I want to lick it and cum on it so there's that

RosieXOX2 on PH

I’m sure you’re a lovely person ^_^ Don’t sell yourself short!

Thanks! :) I’ll try and do more tummy then

It’s a dynamic that I totally feel

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That's just the AGP talking

Post peen?

these trap threads with oc are the best (i'm not even gay wtf)

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maybe, maybe not, maybe go fuck yourself


the difference between left and right winning is somewhere between 6 months and 2 years on /b

What's the average trans-girl's opinion on cis lesbians? Seems like most of them here are after cis men, though that's probably because most of the people here are cis men.

Sorryyyy I don’t share peen >.< or butthole

Idk if I count as average trans, but I’m into cis lesbians if they’ll accept me! You’re right though, 99.9% of my DMs are guys

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I'm a fully transitioned transgirl exclusively interested in dating women, but I post because it makes me feel good

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Wow what an amazing girl. I’d really love to add you on Kik if you don’t mind. I’m also pretty close to you:)

Lexi big girl, how come pp so smol?

not enough water and sun :/

Thanks! And sure hehe, my kik is Stripe93

Cause I got smol girl pp ^_^

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smaller the better, right?

Do you prefer feminine women, or the more tomboyish sort? I don't really like using the terms "Butch" and "Femme", but I guess that's what I'm asking.


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It needs more care >.<

I prefer any kind of woman that makes me feel demasculinized and/or submissive

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I like to top feminine women but only because I feel confident enough in my own ultrafemininity that it topping just affirms it more. Domme ciswomen are all over the place and they are very rarely considered masculine. I'm super vers though so I love it when a girl flips the script on me for a bit of a change up. I don't find butch/tomboy girls attractive because I don't find masculine aesthetics, particularly clothes, lack of makeup, and hairstyles, attractive

Ok, that's understandable, thanks.
I was mostly asking about preference in style and personality, but I suppose that answer works too.

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I’m a little nervous/intimidated around the extremes of “butch” and “femme” styles but everyone in-between is okay. Slight preference to more femme if all else is constant.

Personality... as long as they give something to a conversation I can get along with most anyone who isn’t openly hateful :) Preference towards the caring “mothering” type

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cute af =)

zero testosterone, she can't cum

the over acting is a turn off

not cute at all

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That's a little disappointing but it's about what I expected. Thanks for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity.

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Well now I’m curious what you are! >.<

Thanks! ^_^

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I live in 46241 where ya live in indiana?


watcha into in other people?

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Close enough to not want to narrow it down on Cred Forums :P

I have some on my twitter! You have to scroll back pretty far though

Mostly someone I can feel safe around, physically and mentally ^_^

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>I have some on my twitter! You have to scroll back pretty far though

Oh baby I knew you were a BRAPPER.

Lol I know what you mean are you in same area?

You have a lovely frame, those shoulders hnnnnngg.

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are you gonna eat that ? let me have a bite

How well can you handle tummy rubs?

U know I'd hope feeling safe is something we would all hope/provide for in others :)

I was mostly asking about appearance though! Like what you find attractive and such

>Mostly someone I can feel safe around, physically and mentally ^_^

Good thing I'm always packing heat bb.

that girl next door look
fml I wish I could find cute traps like you

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your place isn't next to a certain run down church is it...?

some kind of old oc

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Oh wait my bad, I have ASMR (kinda) videos, not specifically the BRAP kind >.<

Pretty close yeah lol

Thanks! ^_^ I can make em look small if I try! Hehe

Tummy tubs are my absolute favorite, second only to tummy kisses!!

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o,okay cool :) Got socials of any kind?

Hehe now you just gotta make me feel safe from you!! :P

Thanks! :) But I’m a total catfish, I’m just mediocre at photography >.<

Nope, probably a little farther away hehe

Twitter is lexicache :) kik was listed earlier, Stripe93 ; my insta was disabled cause FB hates skin

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I'm not a femme, sorry. No hard feelings though. I understand that this look is really niche and isn't attractive to most people.

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Oh wow digging the look.

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need more big dick traps

Ok, thanks! I sent a msg on twitter =)

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You look cute as hell! Please message me ^_^ I said those were preferences but I’m not exclusively attracted to anything specific!

Awesome! :) I found you hehe

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Post more?

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Do you like nylon stockings Lexi? They look good on you.

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hairy pits

nice hearts

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anybody wanna kik and treat me like a stupid fuckhole? mines kittenevelyn

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stop posting I can't get more erect

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last one ^-^

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Thanks! I do but I prefer socks and leggings more hehe

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never any cute traps in California :/

Post more than time stampsome tits

Well, long legs make every legwear look good.

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iron666maiden69 skype slave

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I'm 21 dude

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Nice booty

Sinners bottom anyone?
Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

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dat ass


are you into other traps/CDs or guys?

Got a tumblr or somewhere i can see a bunch of you?

I'm into feminine bodies whatever gender it might be.

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hot ass bitch, moar


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love to cup that sac while pounding ur sweet hole

this fucking thread

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yeah you're cute what's your discord. I'll add you


down to share lewds?

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I sent you a request

Are you any where near Richmond RaceTrack in Va.
l will be there next weekend 22cd


aww poor lil pp

Thats fuckin hot

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Happy Valentine's day bitches

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i am, i tried to guess where you went to college last year

Tell me you love me
Please I need it

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outright scary

/k/ trap

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Gross dude
You can do so much better with no effort

Expensive rifle, cheap optics

Why do so many "traps" not understand how girls actually dress?


Looks cheap and horrible.

I want girls that look like traps. Not girls that look like girls. Like, I wanna look at a girl and think, "That has to be a trap," but then it has a vagina. If this girl were a trap, I'd want her to barely not pass. No one's really fooled, but still kinda cute anyway. Does this fetish exist?

yesh or nah? X3

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Its called being in the closet

man thats fucking gay as fuck lol

likely bought off aliexpress

OC from a little while ago

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Coo man coo

Exactly no real girls buys shit like that and it makes it so obvious

Can you suck cock and do you have chubby boobs?

more dick


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Yeah but they smell like balls?

Happy valentines

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I mean, hygiene is a thing

Yes i can! X3
Not yet ;-; but i have a bubble butt!

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Oh god no
I don't fuck pigs and or whales

That's a cute outfit
Got more?

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I'd fuck that ass. Can you show us your cock?

I want to sword fight with you!

What happened to Bandit? She dead? Back in hospital?

So cute and sexy, what a great combo

is that General Sam?

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Fine I will take my bottom else where.

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Ooo juicy booty

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Yeah sinner's booty do I have someone's interest?

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Anyone on here got Kik?

Your ass is super interesting!

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Attached: jacquelinejasper(9).jpg (575x1023, 170K)

More of this one?

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Attached: 1555048288756.jpg (460x700, 81K)

Attached: 1572053889529.gif (400x300, 1.44M)

Attached: 1561796849057.jpg (801x1068, 143K)

Attached: 1553688503522.jpg (801x1068, 161K)

That booty can get a lot of interest

Welp at least it was a good thread for awhile 'til the literal shitposter showed up

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That is one cute face

It's funny because they have these pictures in storage and deign to call other pictures deviant.
Irony is dead.

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Attached: 1577454701670.jpg (721x726, 187K)

Attached: 1578959144942.jpg (1920x1080, 165K)

Attached: 1559752230570.jpg (801x1068, 222K)

Attached: 1558668515786.jpg (650x867, 106K)

Attached: 1550579003637.jpg (1280x720, 102K)

Attached: 1564219809233.png (565x1002, 1.28M)

Attached: 1560724598005.gif (480x480, 1.89M)

Attached: 1566496673617.jpg (801x1068, 229K)

Im fucking drooling

Attached: 1558050817397.jpg (801x605, 77K)

Femenine buttholes

Attached: Screenshot_2.jpg (770x509, 59K)

Attached: 1567081886976.png (438x784, 739K)


Very cute


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Attached: 20191225_115025.jpg (1488x2640, 1.64M)

Those are some sexy fishnets

Nurse Sin, I'm feeling warm :I

Those shorts are perfect to show of that great ass

OH noes that means you have to get shots in the butt

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Attached: received_1074295572908824.jpg (2268x3501, 468K)

Needs bbc


Yeah, I don't have cable anymore so I don't have BBC I miss watching Dr Who.

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Ok you dont like trap threads, we get it.

But consider who has gay scat porn on their hard drive. You are a closeted homosexual.


More like Whoa, that ass is hot

stop playing you know you need it inside you

LOL nawww I need some subbie cute boys who can give me tribute and donations for my time.

Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

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Anyone got more cerise?

Attached: 88212193007.jpg (1649x1656, 1.19M)


Mkay imma take muh squishy bottom and go home. Sinners out.

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Attached: Top squish girl.jpg (480x281, 22K)

ml bai

Attached: ho.jpg (921x1125, 549K)

Attached: wife tier Kat.jpg (1920x1885, 707K)

Attached: taftaj face squooshes.webm (480x480, 578K)

she's really just gonna abandon us for tall chad, huh

Attached: 1572203319144 kat.jpg (1280x960, 285K)

Attached: 1574835025211.jpg (720x960, 383K)


Wow that's unexpectedly hot

Anyone watched Spider's stream? It was comfy.

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Wish I had sauce

Attached: 1572333850085.jpg (1024x678, 148K)

i did. something was off about her voice, was she using one of those voice changers?