Valentines day FEET thread

Valentines day FEET thread

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Feet discord, share if u want

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Vday feet

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Is he watching?

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Thanks for bumping the thread faggot

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Join us on discord

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How is it different from other feet threads?

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Name please?

...its valentines day...

Second this

The little watermark in bottom right is her onlyfans name

Ah. Wasn't sure. Nothing came up in google. Thanks.

It occurs on valentines day

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Can't find anyone with that name on onlyfans :/

Wow ok it is different for some reason sorry lol she should really change that for marketing purposes..

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Thanks! Lovely Feet!

who's this?

purrrtrova on reddit. unfortunately the r/feet mods banned her because they're anal about anyone selling pics (she wasn't selling on that sub), so a load of her earlier posts are missing

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More pics of girls pointing at their feet

Hahaha I’ll kill you

Same as this girl looked for her name but cant find it rn ill update if i find her for you tho

OP what's her name?

No you wont and even if you would id like it

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Already answered this once but since it’s valentines day ill show you again

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did u ever lick girls feet? how did they taste?

i did once drunk and she didn't like it

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As long as they're freshly cleaned.. just like skin I guess. Feels heavenly.

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>Feels heavenly
nice, did you get your gf used to it?

Wife, but yes. It's not her kink particularly, but she lets me indulge whenever I want.

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God tier soles

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What do you think about her toes?

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Prefer just a touch longer, but those are still amazing.

Who is this girl?

My gf

Post more of her perfect soles please dear god

This is last one i have without her face in it so will be my last one

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Post with face so I can bust

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