Let's get an amateur facial thread going. OC is always welcome

Let's get an amateur facial thread going. OC is always welcome

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Damn, trips means this will be a good thread.

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Now some dubs

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Well, last one from me unless others start dumping

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holy shit she's cute

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more looks half asian

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dubs demands more, pls

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I've seen her a lot on here. We need her full set

oh really? do you have any saved?

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Not yet. Would like a MEGA of her, though

Unfortunately no mega

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Could make a MEGA of what you have

sorry on mobile, might consider making one in the future, meanwhile any kind of pic you wanna see?

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Some new facial pics would be nice

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Any more?

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I approve, she's cute.
You got any videos?



final bump

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god, more!

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Mexican facial taker

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amazing. Wish I had the full video

Looks a bit like J Law
Lucky man

More of this one pls

I think that was the pic going around the same time as the original fappening.

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OC wife

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More oc

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Keep her coming. She's hot.

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I'm really hoping you're trying to be funny. Or maybe you're just partially sighted.

Is this the girl always posted with the underboobs and the tummy freckles?

Perfect nipples.

Chi è sta mignotta

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such a sweet smile

Damn, son


bumping for more

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God, she's cute

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Damn this bitch dick drunk

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Anybody seen her cumshot around?

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Please let me see full frontal with face!! Gotta see those tits.


No but would luv to see it.

Dirty slut more

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More pls!


I dont have more pic of us fking but there are a few nudes

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Damn! She likes it rough huh?

She does!

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Great one. More?

got anything with feet?

Hell yeah!

She is sort of a submissive slut. The first time we fucked, it kinda happened spontaneously. She asked me if I had a condom with me. I didn't so we just fooled around a bit more. A minute later she said fuck it and reached down and slid it inside her herself. She rode me until i cummed inside her.

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She makes up for bad looks with allowing you sexy times fun? Good on her

I always wondered if black and white made photoshops look better/ more believable. Now I know.

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This seems like a video and I want it

txxx com /videos/1494663/blue-haired-girlfriend-handjob-to-facial/?promo=10376

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Join up bro’s


Em of course

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Holy fuck, we need more of her


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She is hott, more?

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I wish they had to use these pics as their profile images for doing business or having a license.
"Please provide a valid ID. And by 'valid', we mean 'with your face covered in semen'

It looks like when you would try to print a low res picture in the 90's

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What is she doing? Sucking a dick?



Sucking two dicks or one?

Sucking just the one

Sure? Where are the balls?


Out of picture, I have a 9" dick, I was more focused on the facial, not framing my balls in the picture

pls no.

good god the cum is making her breakout. stop cumming on the face

Imagine getting baited so many times. Goddamn, big dick smoll brain.

That's less than a foot right?

Any more of her?

Baited for what, with what? Retarded comments from a retard?

gonna need more

Credit card scam

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she needs to blow her nose, so much boogers coming out


Go to xvideos and seach for loveandsexmachine.
Sadly I can't link cos im in a fucking ps vita.


Thanks, boss

sadly no

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Np m8, enjoy.

Not sure why people are being trolls to you tbh. She's cute, looks like she's having fun and her eyes are gorgeous. Keep her coming

>her eyes are gorgeous
kek, low standards you got there

Ali of course .. oc

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Goddamn she got covered. If that's from one dude I'm impressed

pretty easy to find her
on xhamster

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Fuck i need more of her

More of her fuck


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She swallowed most of it, like a good girl.

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Amazing. Continue, please


This is great



best yet, more?

Glad you like

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keep going





Keep her coming!

More of her?


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Yes please!

nice retarded pixilation

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holy moly does the girl in OP look an AWFUL LOT like my ex.

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Any nudes?



Anything degrading!



Wow thank you

I love her

Bridgette made the world a better place, one facial at a time

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Jesus she’s perfect

Hahaha, me too.


Holy shit, yes please

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I want to know everything about this slut, did you decorate her face like that?

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It doesn’t get much better than that

Good little cumslut. Any more?

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keep them coming

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more pls

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more please

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Pls more

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Cute, but not enough cum.

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Holy shit is that jessica clay?

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