At what age did you grow out of metal, Cred Forums?

At what age did you grow out of metal, Cred Forums?

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I could never get into metal; I actually tried

You're asking as if a genre of music shows maturity, that's completely retarded.

Around 20, its when i realized i looked like a fucking tool and changed my style completely to look more welcoming and lifely.
People didnt take me seriously during my edgelord metal phase and i got loads of dirty looks which was annoying as hell eventhough i told everyone "I dont care, i am who i am" but it bothered me silently.

People (metalheads) saying that they dont care if people give dirty looks are fucking liars. Everyone hates getting dirty looks.

Honestly about the start of sophomore year HS, but then I got back into it recently, like the emo shit I used to listen to from '05 to '08

Looking like a cheap 80's cartoon villian does show your maturity yes.

around 30

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Check'd dubs. Samesies.

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Judging someone based on how they dress and what hobbies they have is childish, you're not in high school anymore, grow out of that baby shit drama already, damn

Dressing based on preferred musical style means you weren't in it for the music but the image

We all know the real villains of the 80's were the Reagan administration and wall street douches. Rather look like a cartoon villain than a real one

I grew out of the culture, but not the music. I was about 26 I guess.

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I feel for you my guy , where you gave things up you liked to appease the normality of this shitty world , great job you played youreself

Wow, you're a little pussy aren't you?

Same man , the musics great but the culture and eliteness of metal heads is dry

"Everyone hates getting dirty looks"

Because you definitely speak for everyone faggot

about 22. played drums in a few bands in my teens and early 20's. got tired of my gear getting lifted by some dickhead addict and the tiring amount of gatekeeping in the scene. i still go back and listen to some of the black metal classics and some earlier core shit to get that high school nostalgia but it doesn't hit me the same anymore.

power metal though? fuck power metal. buncha fucking fairies singing about dinosaurs fighting cyborgs on mars.

I think i know 3 of these people in the shot.
They all used to hang, and it's about 10 years old.

never grew out of metal still listen to it but i cut my long hair when i was 17.

>31 and still wearing cargopants, glans and pilot jacket


>That edgy fucker on the left
>holy jesus my sides
>oh god stahp
>actually fucking lost it and discount pennywise the dark blade master

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The fashion, when I started working.
The music, never.

you'll grow up someday user

You’ve been making this thread for years. You don’t grow out of metal unless you’re a band wagoning poser. I don’t have long hair and wear band shirts exclusively but I will always like metal. I like other genres of music too. Have some respect on the day after metals 50th anniversary you faggot.


Only immature people are concerned about whether their hobbies are childish.

>implying all metalheads have long hair and dress like a trailer king
I listen to metal and people dont give me dirty looks, fukn retard

You mispelt " sell out to fit into society's views on what's normal and bland " but ok my dude

You need a lesson in violence you poser faggot.

15, after I lost my virginity

>such a poser omg.
>only true metalheads know
>everyone else is a lame wannabe loser

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Exodus is based

My music library includes something from pretty much every genre under the sun the notable exceptions are Rap or Hip Hop.
If look at my library in terms of distribution Metal takes up less than 20%. But in terms of play count is on average much higher most of the other genres. There no genre of music I would ever consider to be juvenile. I will still be listening to metal in to elder years. Piano arrangements of metal songs are some of personal favorites.

I'm 53 and still enjoy it. Although, I listen to all types of music today. In my teens and early twenties, heavy metal was all I listened to.

I still listen to metal every now and then. But I have seen my music taste degrade into old bands and songs I used to listen to with minor takes of new artists.

I still enjoy it, but the genre feels fucking dead. With few exceptions I haven't heard anything that was exciting or interesting in years.
Got into raves and shit just to have somewhere to go.

obviously not a human playing this. but if you enjoy piano arrangements you would probably dig this.

Yeah bwoi

Wtf how were you dressing? I’m a legit fucking chad that’s almost 30 and listens to metal and I’ve never had a “dirty look”, Just because I listen to heavy metal doesn’t mean I have to dress like a fucking with piercings and a big leather coat that says “Jesus is a cunt” or some gay shit.

Edge lord detected.
Probably a virgin incel as well
"lEssOn iN viOleNCe"

I do thanks :)

Dya know?

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lmaooo i feel this too much. i'm into all sorts of metal, have waist length hair, lots of piercings, all the stereotypical shit. i take care of my hygiene and skin though so i don't come off as a complete man child.

but even i think my roommate comes off as a right fucking cunt when he wears that blackcraft/left hand craft bullshit that says shit like "let the churches i burn light my way"

Really don't listen to metal much anymore. But still have some old shirts I wear and grew my hair back out about 5 or so years ago. Still on the edge of cutting it. Even more childish than the long hair... I want a kickass mullet. But it's hard to cute because it's so pretty and it makes roasties skin crawl. Work at a strip club to. The girls either love it because it's so pretty and they're jealous, or they hate it because it's so pretty and they're jealous.

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i say rock a mullet. not like a trailer trash i eat room temperature beans from a can kind of mullet but there's some pretty cool angular mullet styles that you can have styled. my girlfriend has a long orange mullet that's pointed to emphasize her widow's peak. shit is hot as fuck.

Inhabiters of this thread, commit suicide.

Sage goes into all fields

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would rather inhabit your daughters rectum

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Yea I know what you're talking about. Like a girl mullet mohawk to one side. Shit is pretty hot. There are so many ways to do it. But I might just go full jeff Gordon nascar inbred for the motocross race this year... who knows. I'll rock it like this for a bit longer. I'm starting to get a bit of a widow's peak on one side too. God damned gettin old and shit.

The biggest pile of shit ever. Worse than paedophiles

U r still an edgelord

>I'm a legit fucking Chad

Saying something like that highly suggests you are far from Chad, Virgin.

not yet (46 now)

I still love metal at 33.
I just don't look like I love metal, never really have.

A bunch of people who think listening to music, and dressing like you play said music, are the same thing

He's right you know.