Reminder if you voted for this piece of shit you deserve to have your face pushed in

reminder if you voted for this piece of shit you deserve to have your face pushed in

beaten up back to whereever or whatever fucking place you came from

literally no one i know in real life likes this guy or says his name in a good manner

let me see one of you maga hat cunts walking around here.. you wouldn't even know until it happened. the things i'd do to you

you've been warned

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>you've been warned
Come try to push my face in so your little streak can end at 0 you pathetic little internet antifaggot.

>literally no one i know in real life likes this guy or says his name in a good manner

get out of your bubble, guy

bait more, faggot. also rent free.

>get out of your bubble, guy

Says the guy in his little tranny queer bubble.

Reminder, stop posting this everyday, asshole

Where are you so i can wear a maga hat, and see what you'd do to me


No, i need your address dummy

And that's why we need to start executing liberals. You're nothing more than a rapid animal.


Tnx trump!! Jk pic is a Democrat

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Why is your side always so violent?

your side is far worse,shut the fuck up

trumpers attacked people int the days following the elections
shut the fuck up

Good talk.

My side just wants to make things and sell them while being left alone. Your side shows up with guns to take the money that my side made with no help from yours.

Why do you always want my money but aren't willing to do something for it?

Oh look, the buzzfeed faggots are trying to post on Cred Forums again

>My side just wants to make things and sell them while being left alone

Nice meme but it ain't the truth.
Trump is iseeling you out to the rich fuckers on wall street while pandering to your paranoia and every worse racist/sexist instict you have.

*selling you out

You know that this us vs them mentality will kill us in the end, you're a fucking retard for believing in the divisive puppet show

Absolutely correct.

Chaos. Chaos is the goal. Post pro trump, post anti trump. Chaos is the goal.

Vlad approves comrade.

Lol. Guess its true when you have no friends.

Ah yes, you didn’t vote for the same person as me so you’re racist. Please post the video of trump being a racist

I’m surprised you buzzfeed faggots post on Cred Forums so much yet you say you hate it. Maybe you voted for trump cause you hated him so much as well?

trump supporter here. i have personally shattered the bones of 6 democrats since trump was elected. it feels amazing to break the arm of a leftist.

Oh yeah I’m real fucking scared trump 2020 KAG

Sure, kid.

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Waaaaaaahhh waaaahhhhhhhh

You couldn't break wind

He lives in his parents basement and only interacts with his parents so this is believable

Shhh. North Korea would applaud your loyalty. But unlike your brainwashed weak little ass thinks, the president isn't to be revered. He works for us. You? You're a sheep that works for him. Get the fuck out out of your mommas basement and experience real like you xenophobic little u evolved worm.

And dont think I'm going to believe your stupid little threat. Because your a little shitstain hiding behind real men who do real fighting. You're just a basement dwelling white nigger faggot.

Now make shit up about what you'll do. Jk. I do t give a fuck how you respond to this. I'm not going to read it and your bitch ass will move on. Because I told you too.

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Not that user, but you sound like such a pussy. You need to make it sound more believeable next time if you're trying to sound tough. But hey, you're going to read this and probably get even more butthurt than you were before. Because you're a pussy who is talking shit.

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I am so sorry this is happening to you, OP.

I'll be voting for him again thanks to idiots like yourself.

When the dems take power again we will have a national list of who voted for Trump. Each and every one of you will receive a 'visit'.

>Entire campaign point being immigrants bad
>supporters attacking black people after the election
>People who lived in the USA for some time getting randomly deported
>He's not racist!!
Shut the fuck up,dumbass

>You said orange man bad,you must be buzzfeed!!!!

I hate sjws as much as I hate the orange piece of shit and anyone who worships him

This. Open borders is the solution for our problems.

I guarantee you don't have the balls to do any of those things you just described IRL.

Fuck your libturd feelings.

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It definitively isn't.
The immigration system needs to be there,it just needs to be controlled by someone that isn't a fascist corporate cocksucker like trump.

If you don't believe in open borders and the rights of mexicans to live and prosper then you're just as racist as he is.

Renounce your citizenship pleb

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Know this is bait; and bait that worked good-
I've been living in the sticks under the bible belt, or whats described as the "buckle to the belt" and I can confirm most people that praise the cult of Trump are either very old or disillusioned, usually both.

exactly, you liberals are cancer. we are the chemo

Still no clip. Buzzfeed doesn’t pay you enough to do research?

die in a fire,deluded lonely faggot

Everything I said is easily researchable,lazy shit

trying too hard

>literally no one i know in real life likes this guy or says his name in a good manner

sounds like you need to get out more, nigga.

what's the excuse for niggers attacking whites since the dawn of time?

Daily reminder that politicians aren't your friend no matter what side their on. Worshipping McPoliticians(TM) is peak beta

go get some psy help !

mmmmm what kind of things would you do to me?

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The next time I see an AntiFa piece of shit I'm going to set them on fire with out saying a single word.

humans hasve always attacked other humans,sincer the dawn of time
also,we colonized them and enslaved them first

>no u
4-d chess player over here

They, along with all of humanity, have been enslaving themselves for all history. They had, and still have, a thriving slave trade. So your excuse that they attack so many whites currently is because slavery existed? Ok, well we have guns and know how to use them. See you on the battlefield.

This is the dumbset fucking question ever

i wish i could drive through a crowd of them in "self-defense"

Way to strawman shitstain.

Ok lets narrow the focus. What are the excuse niggers have for attacking so many whites in the current era, you stupid fuck?

>they attack so many whites
most of their murder is black on black,stupid fucking prick

The tolerant left ladies and gentlemen!
...and this is why we vote for him. Your "warning" is nothing more than another prime example of the left being violent psychos

True, it's almost as if they just love to kill, isn't it? And they kill vastly more whites than whites do blacks. Great gymnastics there - 'dey likes to kill demselves too!'

>And they kill vastly more whites than whites do blacks

Straight up bullshit.

Oh really? I guess that means you've never bothered looking up any DOJ stats eh? It's almost as if anyone can look them up!

Not surprising niggers don't like to read.

>seems to gloss over the fact he said ILLEGAL immigrants

Imagine being as retarded as you.

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fuck left and the tree hugging pieces of human garbage.

i like donald trump because hes the only one that would excecute mexicans and natives. all they do is use drugs and collect tax money anyways

Reminder: OP is a halfbreed faggot from the UK. He has no life, no career, tries to impress underage girls by telling them he is 'an artist' and hates his white daddy for dumping him and his noodle eating mother

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Wrong thread dumbfuck

No I want you to show me. Prove to me you actually found it and aren’t full of shit.

The only answer for OP.

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You still need consent to suck a random persons dick, user.

You're just like op, stop trying to find a boyfriend on Cred Forums. It's not the place for it.

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Siamese, Calico, Op.

Name 3 kinds of pussies.

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Imagine being this much of a loser

>Because I told you too.

Assert yourself online you pussy, since you wouldn't dare say jack fucking shit to my face you pathetic cock sucker.

No, this is the right thread

OP is a limenigger

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Why do you post this every day?

Well considering I have already delt with not one but two liberal beat antifa cucks who tried to "fight" me, I'd be happy to add a third and more to that. Too bad they both survived. But did manage to shoot one and send him to the hospital. Oh and zero charges as I am protected by stand your ground in my state.

Illegal you fucking retard. Stop watching cnn

>literally no one i know in real life likes this guy
Not a valid statistical sample. Google "no one I know voted for Reagan" (or Nixon, the story is an old one and likely apocryphal.) The left is always amazed when they lose an election, because they have so little contact with anybody outside of their echo chamber.

The association between Trump and showing your butt seems strong.