Can we talk about the kid who got "jumped" on a school bus for wearing a Trump hat again?

Can we talk about the kid who got "jumped" on a school bus for wearing a Trump hat again?

>Article states that the kid got jumped by 5 black students for wearing MAGA hat
>Had to go to hospital for injuries
>Police report made forcing 5 black kids into custody

Here's where it gets good
>Video is shows 1 fat pasty white boy awkwardly sitting on the bus.
>Nigger bitch starts hitting him in the face.
>He's unable to fight her back despite being triple her weight.
>To out of breathe to stand up. He literally got his ass beat by one pre-teen black girl
>He autistically cries to his parents and they take him to the hospital.
>Of course being white. Every minor incident needs to be reported to the police.
>Cuckservative news network picks up story and desperately try to paint him as the victim.
>They autistically put the video up on their website to push their boo hoo agenda unknowingly humiliating the fat fuck further.

White people we gotta do better. This new red-pill uprising is getting the beta's and incels to band together and show their ugly faces in public making us all look bad.

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>Can we talk about the kid who got "jumped" on a school bus for wearing a Trump hat again?


His story was literally disproven

I swear these nerds have no self awareness.
80% chance he ends up hanging himself when he thinks back on getting beat up by a girl and crying to the media about it.

Hurts to get humiliated, doesn't it

what a bunch of faggots

Clearly he has mental disabilites . The trump hat is a dead giveaway. Hopefully the punches put a couple screws back in place

>beat by one pre teen black girl
i see at least 3 niggers swinging at him
>triple her weight
idk man she definitely looks like she'll weigh more than him lmao

libby neanderthals keep crying

You're both humongous fucking faggots.

lol niggers

good one nigger lover

he had it coming

It's called hate crime.

I don't mind when people argue with cunty insults but if you literally try to insinuate that she's some-how fatter than him after watching the video then you really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel in order to have a response.


Dude it's literally called human nature.
It's just that white nerds can't take the heat so they need to over react when they see something like this.

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The commentor below me is a fag loving jew nigger

Just because most white people are fat pussies doesn't mean you can just go around beating the shit out of them.

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FaT iS eVeRyThInG iN wEiGhInG pEoPlE



Wear a Trump hat out in public, and you may as well be saying "I want to suspend democracy, law, and order until we purge liberals and minorities from our society so we can have an all-White nation."

So IMO, it's open season on you fucks. You don't want to play by the rules, fine, it works both ways and there are more of us than you. Get ready to "go through some things."


Jew nigger

Little shit wears a Trump hat, he gets what he gets.

You niggers are not even trying anymore huh?

Nice projection

God damn

What's hilarious is that these Magatards are literally the bottom of the social ladder. They don't seem to understand it when they post on the internet because one of the symptoms of autism is lack of self awareness.

When they wear that hat it shows that their just a wounded gazelle in the sahara. And they're unable to accept real life consequences when someone who's stronger imposes it onto to them.

Does Trump not notice the dramatic drop of athletes who visit the white house?

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Looks like the person not trying is the one who's to out of shape to swing back on a attacker who's half his size.

>He's unable to fight her back despite being triple her weight.
That baboon outweighed him easily. Other niggers jumped in and were hitting him too in the video. If the races were reversed all 5 whites would be on trial for white supremacist hate attacks. Liberal's wonder why people are waking up to this bullshit and fighting back when they post shit like

100 buck says that fat faggot was mouthing off before getting confronted and pummeled.


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>people are waking up to this bullshit

Right, right. Any day now you and your militia buddies are gonna start kicking some doors in amirite?

It is valentines day

HIGHLY unlikely, you just wish it was true.

Niggers like you need to be exterminated.

Well that’s a reliable source...

Yeah, because people that mouth off deserves to get beaten.
You're logic if fucked

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Turns out the kid was a bully and the only reason it made the news was cause of the red hat. Literally everything is used as propaganda nowadays.



He's like the fat spoiled kid in Willy Wonka.

Well half this country is tbh

>waking up to this bullshit and fighting back
>desperately trying to recreate a time when white rednecks ruled the country

Sometimes a son of a bitch just needs to get knocked in the mouth that's my philosophy. Also when have you ever seen a teen show any self restraint when theyve gone over the edge?

>Well that’s a reliable source...
>I live in an alternate reality of where only my own facts matter

>Any day now you and your militia buddies are gonna start kicking some doors in amirite?
Stop projecting your commie fantasies on to others. Wanting to live in peace and raise a wholesome family with good values has NOTHING to do with violating the rights of others.

>desperately trying to recreate a time when white rednecks ruled the country
When did that ever happen? Do you view the world this way because you have an immense hatred towards white people?

Your philosophy is shit.
Only the emotionally frail lash out at people because of feelings.
Believe your above the law and assaulting others over mere words.
There isn't a soul on earth put here to say things that are pleasing twoards your sensitive ears

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She was dictating the whole fight.
It was only after the fact that he clearly lost when another person started "hitting" him.

My guess is that the nigger kids were so utterly disgusted when they saw a 13 year old girl easily overtake this beta piece of shit that they instinctively joined in.

Kids will be kids. In other words they're more honest. When they watched his pathetic display of fist to fist combat they became horrified that somebody could be so useless. What followed was them trying to remove this waste of life from the food chain that's all.

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Your "good values" include stepping on people that don't fit your model so you can just go straight to hell.

Good. Hope more maga faggots get their shit kicked in.

I'm sorry "dude." But his philosophy is common placed.

It's just that you grew up in a coddled environment just like the crying fat fuck we see in the video. That's probably why you relate to him so much.

Ahh a pacifist I see

I am white, idiot

>Wanting to live in peace
Hahaha, faggot. You'll die easily.

Sure, labe things.
That'll show'em

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Conservative actually get pussy democrats are literally walking cucks

Hate to burst your bubble kid

Literally what in the fuck did you just say?

I doubt it.

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Funny how you're out numbered then

>Funny how you're out numbered then
What is funny is your herd mentality. A prey animal's thought process. Real men do not fear standing up for what is right, despite the odds.

>implying you have first hand knowledge how I was raised and my environment
>implying I care about this fat bully over fucked ideology.
His philosophies is only commonplace of the arrogant. Not everyone are retarded as this.
Your assumptions are shit.

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>When did that ever happen?

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>Wearing a symbol of hate that literally spells out "I am an internet troll and I use the N word on th internet"

I dont understand why you would actively advertise that you are a troll.

ok but where is the video?


You need to go outside more.

Every conservative couple under the age of 30 is either 1 pasty, lanky, nerdy white guy with a fat girl or 1 short fat guy with ungroomed facial hair with a fat girl.

Conservative couples over the age of thirty is the same thing accept the female is 10 years younger from a trailer park.

There's a reason why conservative culture never pushed the boundaries of fashion, music, and culture.

They were never part of the "cool" group. Conservatives were always rejected. The most notable conservative concert that could even compare to Woodstock was in Las Vegas when some other lonely red-pilled faggot started opening fire on his own lame-wad people.

I'm glad that shooting happened. We don't need any more Wal-Mart shoppers bumbling around in this world.

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Good, the maga snowflake should learn to defend himself


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>Conservative couples over the age of thirty is the same thing

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Only delusions fucks can turn a red hat into a symbol of hate.

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Is that a quote from your dad's facebook?

I can't wait till you leave your small town and start to see the real world. Reality is gonna drop on your head real hard buddy. And with the mentality you have now you'll end up like this kid.

Take it from me pal. I'm an Army Vet and I suggests you join. Trust me. You need to get some real experience in a controlled environment. Or else you wouldn't survive. Just a word of advice.

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The far right are the ones who turned the hat and the slogan maga into a hate symbol. So yeah I agree.

>A black guy got lynched in Florida, that mean it was a time when rednecks ran the country
You are desperately clinging to your hatred for whites and view the world through that lens. More black people are killed by fellow blacks than white people can even come close to. Look up crime statistics if you are genuinely interested and not a turbo kike flaming fires between races.

While we're at it we should talk about that Trump fan boy that shot 22 random stranger to death in a Texas Walmart for kicks. There's a reason shit like this happens. If you want to associate yourself with that ideological group you have that right, but not everyone cares about your rights and the cops cant be everywhere. Real life has real consequences.

I am 36 years old and raised in one of the biggest cities in the world. I have seen the corruption I speak out against first hand. I do not have hatred in my heart and get along well with most people. Thanks for the concern though man.

> White people we gotta do better.
Nigger or chink?

All fields

Goddamn that pic made me shed a manly tear. My kid loves Super Mario Bros a lot and he almost died of the flu last year


fuck off kike

Sure thing buddy.
What a grandiose clame.

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>violence should fix it.
It’s all so tiresome

>A black guy got lynched in Florida
>by the police and community and the coroner covered it up and no one had a problem with it
>because that's how things were done for generations

But wat ah we supposed to do boss!?

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>human nature
See your mistake there, Kunta?

Im just letting you know homie.
Blame your own people for giving the hat a double meaning.

>"It means love for your country and its people!...... ;)"

>More black people are killed by fellow blacks than white people
changing the subject away from a topic where you are losing

I'm pretty sure kids will beat the shit out of each other over Playstation and My Little Pony and shit. This event says nothing about anything,

Yeah, niggers hate facts

lol the picture you provided shows at least two attackers.

kike nigger confirmed

Nope from yours truly.
What do you know about where I'm from?
What do you know about my environment?
Way to project

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And who are my people again?

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Cracks me up because there is like a 99% chance the kid is a b/tard.

Your side is irrelevant to my point.
Alt right gave the hat the meaning it has now.

>my side
Way to assume
I can care less about sides; that's how I make basiles decisions.
All you niggers in the red and blue are just cowards to me; pointing fingers at each other because neither side is willing to own up to their faults.

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How do you let your kid almost die from a flu? Some weird crank that won’t go to a doctor or what?

My assumption doesn't matter. The alt right gave the hat and the slogan its meaning.
I'm conservative in some areas and liberal in others.
Who is making the assumptions now.

What does any of that have to do with you or me? Evil people do evil things throughout the world. Because they share a skin color you think you somehow have evidence against all people of the same color? Should all white people hate all black people for the atrocities being committed in South Africa RIGHT NOW?

>literally disproven

>posts article that debunks nothing

>go back

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for him maybe, me not so much, wow you're post was a 10/10 cringe, stop projecting and go see a professional therapist so you can enjoy life again

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According to the SPLC and ADL they are already

Young children are the most likely to die from the flu especially if it leads to pneumonia

Everything is pretty clear when you don't bother to inform yourself about the content of the thread and just make self-absorbed judgments.

A spaghetti strap doesn't mean "rape me"
A hat with a slogan that literally now means "I use the N word on the internet and I'm a huge troll" has a meaning.

Getting this bent out of shape over politics should be embarrassing to you, I'm a trump voter and i'll vote or him again, but i dont go advertising it for attention, my politics are private or i'll outright lie and say bernie, so keep that in mind that for every one of those red hats you see theres a thousand more with better instinct and intellect then you.

>My assumptions doesn't matter
Yes it does your, presumptuous nature nature is causing you to make up fallaciesabout my political stance and ideology.
When did I assume your political stance?

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So how's it feel knowing you traded your country for a red hat?

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>Teehee he said it. He said nigger on Cred Forums heehee.
You wouldn't even whisper it in the presence of even a half black grandma in a wheelchair you cowardly fat nerd. Kill yourself.

Have you ever notice with these new wave conservatives that there obsessed with being the alpha male and yet they struggle immensely with being the primary athlete within any sport?

Look at all current and past UFC champions and past champions. I'm not even going to mention boxing. Football and Basketball are a given. Pretty impressive for only being 13 percent of the population.

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I really don't care as a conservative because i don't care enough to wear the hat. Wearing it will obviously have negative effects and is a necessary sacrifice to show exactly how the anti trump people act.
That being said both sides have cringey people but put all the cringe in one room in a fight to the death and Trump supports will always win

both are actions of impulsive violence, and that is unacceptable. you can't justify violence on one person then be outraged when it happens to another person for the same reason.

You already look bad

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This happened months ago. News slow today, ivan?

I would totally that little black chick

found the fat pussies. sup betas?

Fuck I hate niggers so much

>defending people being beat up for their political views

Thanks in advance for Trumps re-election!

as he should be