How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?

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nutting to clown porn and playing pandemic II

with Johnnie Walker and PornHub.

Recovering from a 15 hour speed fap sesh

I'm single, I'm happy to be alive in a timeline where the Cold War ended peacefully

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Currently on hour 4 of my 13 hour work shift. Having a nice homemade dinner later with the Mrs, time can’t go any fucking slower

Currently at work and then going back home. Rinse and repeat.

Nice. Hope you have a good one Cred Forumsro.

going to jap bbq w my beautiful Vietnamese gf

Thanks bro, same to you

Not wearing underarmor

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Seeing the Sonic movie with my girl and a bunch of our friends.

Alone. probably visit my grandma in the hospital then end up fighting with my bf because hes jealous of whoever is only vaguely in my life.

Drinking scotch and doing homework. My girlfriend actually broke up with me last week so, yeah. Checks though. Statistically, more relationships end on valentine's day than start

Chillin by myself and then going to a show. Been single for about 2 months. Trying to work on myself because my last two relationships moved way too fast and blew up in my face

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Right on American Johnson. I didnt know you came here

By getting dubs. Why do you ask?

Why would they start? Single people feel excluded not pressured to start something. However, if you fuck up your valentines with a partner and you've been fucking up then of course it's a good time to break up. Solid catalyst

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Getting yeld at by my wife. I'm gonna see the melvins tonight, though

Because the entire idea behind valentine's day is to make your feelings for someone known...? Believe it or not, not everyones a bitch like you

rolling for the holy land

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Only real motherfucker on Cred Forums.

Logan is that you?

Subnautica until gf gets out of work in 3 hours.

Smoking a joint watching shemale porn

Tarrantposting, shitposting in an online forum about object sexuals and helping my grandma out, then chill with some sage tea next to the chimney. Comfy all around