New Kik Thread, old one died

New Kik Thread, old one died
same thing, post asl and kik name an what you looking for

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i´ll start

27/m/CD Europe
into lewd things and will trade pics from myself


Asian with cute tiny tits

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27 m singapore


Kik me your gf ex wife daughter wtv as long as she's legal to help me fap. Will rate them or wwyd on request. Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh

Huge whore who loves getting cum tributes

Her kik is xxxjessieholden

Need someone who can tell me how to fake live pics


cum on my pic, cock tributes, etc.

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Sharing redhead gf for tribs or trades.


Korean with big tits

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Kik Jeebieweebie to wwyd some teens I know

21 m bi
into anything, so send whatever you want.
dick pics welcome.

Kik bigdadscuck

Looking for someone real good at BM and exposing a slut

Kik: someguy_560 looking for some people for a wwyd chat about a friend of mine, preferably beast. No nudes.

Kik armadillofan
Wickr pangolinfan
Send anything or just chat


Submissive cuck waiting to serve dominant bulls and submit to their cocks while sharing my gf

Looking for someone to cum trib or show themselves jerkoff and cum to my latina wifes pics. If you are not able to do it right then and there dont waste my time. Kik alsmith89

who wants my wife's kik text me!
she is asian and i don't know that i share her profile
I am not interested in a your cock and I do not share pictures and dont want to talk to you

my kik brokenhansi


Send pics of ur gf, mom, sis, whatever for so I can jerk off to them. Maybe some fucked up shit if it's hot. Larpers fuck off

What’s her social media? Or do you have any nudes.. kik me at jay_wallace00000

any luck with that modelling chick from yesterday?


Down to trade pics of myself, etc.

Kik is fenvos

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bump myself again with

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Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

25 M UK

I'm mixed race, fit, uncut. I want to chat with a femanon

Kik: npal139

Texas slut with a great ass
Kik: youfoundmolly69

chronos013 - exes and teens

Kik bigdadscuck

Exposing a slut turning her to webslut

Bumpity bump

25 m looking for whatever

gju912 cucks send gf/ wifes/ daughters

looking for ontario wifes gfs joeblow19823

Vegas/UNLV anons?



Try to get a reaction out of this incest loving slut mom. Im in a taboo themed room with her and shes being stingy with her wins.




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have nothing to trade/send
only like true females
send your daughters/sisters for me to jerk off to

Kik- issaweeze send me something to stroke to tits ass cock don’t care just horny

Looking for some chat.

Send me something and we can chat about it if you like.

I'm up for almost anything.


Looking for tribs or oc trades. Got nudes: cmddder

Looking for someone who can get into snap.
Kik bobeven66867


Hacking snaps tonight. Username and cell number only needed. Kik me @ knicker33. No success no fee.

Looking for someone to share their wife or gf with me so I can bust a nut to them

23 m France
Kik: claqueto
Send me what you want


42 M Divorced Dad

I want to talk to all ages, sizes, and shapes of females. Im also an ER nurse, so if you are in Health Care, please say Hi!

I'm also fairly fit for a guy with dad bod...and i have a thick cock, so that doesn't hurt me either :)

Looking for a cuck who wants share his gf and I'll tell you how I'd fuck her

Kik checki888

Any good active groups?


23 year old male kik g_jefferson365

Can I watch you jerk it to get also?

Oh i would love that. Bfrank6666


Im into fucking my ass with toys and Love it when someone is watching


I want to hear how bulls would cuck me with my daughter anon28444

Kik orfindd for OC trades very few limits

hopscotch2020 big tits slut

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And I love to see big fat cock if some guy from Germany is here i would love to let him rape me

I want to learn how to hack people's Snapchat and steal there picture someone's help me out

muslim bitch with sloppy nigger nipples. her kik is thenameist7. skin this bitch and her sloppy nigger nipples alive

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Female nudity

I wish I could find someone to degrade and cum trib my gf on kik

What’s this?


Sketch. That's what it is. LOL!

Looking for decent cocks for loyalty checks. Misterfellaguy

I’d want screen caps or photos they sent but would also want to see what you’re sending first to make sure your cock Is worth it so they don’t get hit by 100 tiny cocks.

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looking for some good stuff to fap to, surprise me

25 m bi
Down to trade pics or whatever. Goth chicks, big dicks, your girl, pretty much anything.

ill brutal wwyd or trib teens (no lims) — open w pics.

kik: bigbrowncock19

Bi, wanna have some fun and maybe a hookup

Looking for someone to do tribs/loyalty.

Kik: mjonesxx55

Looking for a submissive female to use and abuse

Looking for someone to send dick pics to someone for me and show me the response kik:jbones221

If you can hack snaps Kik billythegoatmans

Kik imnotapantyfan

ISO tributes to my gf and my ex, have nudes to share if you tribute. Also tiny dick cuck looking to be humiliated/compare cocks etc.

mirror502 she’s a cute teen

Hacking snaps tonight. Username and cell number only needed. Kik me @ ana_gymnast_love or knicker33. No success no fee.

Kik: SendPicsNoLinks
Send whatever kind of porn or nudes you like


trying hard not to JO today, make it impossible
Asian,hairy,tits,feet,armpit, whatever you want, spam me

Can someone get nudes from k.roman02 ??? Do work anons

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Trading anything

Cuck and bull stuff too

"who are you?" i hate answering that one


She loves being exposed online. Tell her how you will and she might reply and send pics.

looking for asian nudes

Send anything. el.grecco

got any pics?


Interested in seeing your ex, wife, gf, or family members. Might trib a few.


Sharing a innocent hot thot

Hi. I'm M US 19 8".

I'm dirty and have a pretty long list of kinks. I love being horny and freaky. Some of my favorites are older women, couples, wives/moms, celebs, voyeur, teens, chubby, bbw, dommes, breeding,celebs, big tits or ass, panties, showing off, sexting, and so much more. I love to talk dirty and about fantasies, how I could be a good boy.

Would love to see girls you know, love seeing family, your wife or gf, crushes, celebs, etc. Love to sext and jo. I'm freaky and fun. Would love to chat with a trans or panty wearer.

Message t_ringer you can be into anything, worth a shot. Please start with asl and/or your interests! Usually don't reply to just "hey".

26 M Italy
Chubby gentle dom, looking for traps/sissies/femboys.
Kik _rayden_29

Got this from the big titted slut!

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Cuck into talking to others and sharing experiences.

nope she said "ew" to my cock, oh well, i get both reactions lmao

Bobking 02

Uk trade lincolnshire

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Show me your girlfriends and wives! Kik crazyoleray

Anything I should get her to do?

kik: jsunderland42


Damn that was easy


Lets chat about chicks we screwed or want to screw


Moar. Any requests?

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Looking for someone in particular.

Hey Jhons C., if you lost your acc and see this, write me to sirnagant. Both Kik/Wickr. Don't wanna lose your contact!



Exposing a girl i used to fuck

Bigdadscuck is kik

26 m scotland

Into: Fantasy/sci fi/history, movies, ps4 vidya, usual geek shit, exploring new places

I'm just looking to get to know more people and expand my social circle. It's pretty dim right now.

I'm bi if that matters

Kik: f234g

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sharing pics and vids of my 24yr old pawg gf for hung BBC’s to get off to

not really interested in BWC, sorry


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Looking for couples or reviews on my swimsuit kik kate105105


25 m Cali
Kik anonrandom2020 for more of her.

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75ger sharing my wife.

Algum brasileiro aqui?

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Looking for a dom who will force me to ruin my orgasm or just forbid me to cum at all.
I'm into humiliation, ballbusting, edging, ruined orgasm.

Kik degeneratesubfag


Trading Estonian sluts. Have many. Add me if u also have some and we can exchange

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Beautiful cutie i knew. Know that massive ones get her attention so dont be shy

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Prove this is real ill kik you

Also this was posted in the last thread by some user

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Got a few hundred bucks if anyone wants to be my valentine

Username throwaway9100


I like showing my dick
I don't need anything in return, but lolis and teens are nice

Send me hot girls you know to jerk off too incest beast cool too
Kik silk_7

trading your ex/gf/sis/wife nudes

kik - tppd6321

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i NEED to fuck that face

I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything


22 m uk

Make me cum to anything you want
Kik denden430


very detailed wwyd for my mother, include me

Hacking snaps tonight. Username and cell number only needed. Kik me @ ana_gymnast_love. No success no fee.

anon86567 dick photo

>no one wants anything spicy
Dead board


48 m us
Want to hear how bulls would cuck me with my daughter.

Also want to talk incest.

Kik cuck4win
Wickr cuck4win

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Tall Ass, Redheaded Husky dude.
Im straight so miss me with that gay shit.
I dont mind conversation and such. I just use kik for convo and passing time.

Send me your wife/ gf/ ex
Nudes pls. And secret pic / vid
Kik: pordud123

Huge cock, into rape, rp, hentai, dominating etc
Kik Jensbwc

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Kik Jeebieweebie if you're trading megas

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Face pls


she goes to the university of Maryland and is very self conscious. charmingly degrade her and have her get drunk and she should fall apart.

What soggy nipples!

sharing pics of female friends for wwyd tribs rates and captions

if u want send me girls you know for rates and wwyds

Want somebody to talk about brutally beating raping and torturing this thicc slut while I share pics of her. Kik whore_abuser.

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send some incest pls

27 M VA bi switch
Send me anything. Down for whatever


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23 m and bi, quite slutty cx

Make her take more
Over 18

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big dicks :P

Annakams try bm

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Your fav Vegas bull 8.5 cock , interested in your GF,wife or sis . Pic related

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Tributing rn. Reald0l0man

send me some cute girls or the like. need a new phone background.

You neglected to post your kik

Kik pricun
Low iq

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Any good active groups?

Taylzz98 kik any stolen pics any kink and good chat
M 25 bi

Literally anything

21 bi m bored at work hmu ndempsey24

22 m UK doing captions on your sexy pics. Aaronhill_55

Size queen if you +8 inch she's yours

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Damn her tongue tho


Imagine that shit licking you

volleyballerks thicker girl we used to fuck all the time

30/m/the Netherlands

Looking for people to talk to!


Anyone want to see this slut naked?

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Showing white girl. Make her a web slur. Post kiks



jaysohka got nudes of a slovenian chick



i cant find her

Yes whats ur kik

Sick fuck into incest and rape with real experiences and details to share. Hit me up for a chat, no limits.
Kik : lovesick6669

send everything.

anon232232x if you wanna talk about these brown slam pigs

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9 got her attention for sure


Anything, younger the better but no pedo shit. Add me to your groups. HMU tell me what ur into let’s trade. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll show you my girls phat booty for valentines day

Literally anything

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Any pics?

Send me your women Cred Forumsros.

Looking to trade local pics for pics of Missouri sluts. Especially jeffco area



Lucy_martin5 trading pics

Make it something I can get off to

Not nudes

Send me stuff you find or or wanna share. There's a possibility I'll do tribs too.

Attached: Billie-Eilish-Nude-Naked-Topless-Porn-57.jpg (1007x1000, 190K)

Any will do

Male , bi, 23 friends arw ocer
, wearing pants but no underwear hihi, make me ur slut


Attached: 20200215_015950.jpg (752x1317, 540K)

Share your petite girls with me, make me cum


I messaged. Didn't go far.

Kik toothoot8888 for WWYD of this slut more of her, her holes and her sister

Attached: 35614EB5-DD3E-4E63-A010-F2855C5CBF41.png (750x1334, 1.24M)

Kiki johndough987 and send pics of nude selfies prefer 18/19 and blacks or asians

send anything to help me cum


looking for blackmail stuff?

send me teens you find hot. vids for bonus.

We will see how it goes. Just want to see more first.


Send me something and we can chat about it. I'm open to almost anything.

I know this is a kik thread, but this slut is too much.

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I have numerous thots avaialble for trading, if you have something worth my time. I like girls with big butts, teens are fine I guess but no pedo shit.

Kik: GigNig85

Attached: 1581646447815.jpg (1536x2048, 346K)

Anytbing hentai

Attached: 7D437A50-6DF6-4633-AB9B-CF82A512EAE7.png (1242x2208, 454K)

I just wanna chill

Send me rough stuff


I send long, detailed and explicit stories to guys in exchange for pics of their wives. I have 5 regulars but could accept one or two more. 2 of them are also into me dimming them into humiliating situations.


is that really her?

Really into having JOIs but they're hard to come by. 18m if you're interested hit me up: irtFM. Going to bed soon

What tipped you off genius? It is right there is the kik name....

Hung guy here. Anyone willing to share their wife/gf/fam members with me. Also down to be told to do things by other bulls. stripepurple2325

Drop snap for bbw wife.

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my gf would lobe to see her posted around and exposed

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kik: cuck199


Post your girl

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Send me girls you know and their nudes, and I'll message them on their facebook with them TheHV12345

Send me your daughters, your wives , slurs you want exposed , send me all the things you shouldn’t. Bread237

Bull here send me your wife or girlfriends pics also like voyeurism pic's and video's message me on Kik at iwin9000

I wanna see

Your, GF, Wife, Ex, Female Friends, Frmale Cousins, Your Sister/Aunt/Mother

Clothed pics are fine, Nudes are better

Also wanna see screenshots of your convos with them normal or sexual is fine, this is sorta more for proof you know them but yeah


Of above females dirty and clean

Hmu if your into any of that and of course don’t bother if your a time waster or larp with internet pics.

I need a time stamp to prove you know said people or just don’t bother



send anything no rules


Attached: IMG_20180926_170737.jpg (1295x971, 104K)

Willing to expose your girls
Kik: Onlydream08

fourfiveonefan show me pics of your whore gf/wife/whatever and i’ll degrade them and wwyd

need some new phone wallpapers. send your wives, daughters, etc.

6'4, straight and hung
Looking for anything right now


fishfoot614 looking for real incest and teens

Looking for a BBC to tribute... post kik

Straight but loves dicks

Send me pics of huge dicks

Any Brazilian?

Attached: tesuda.jpg (916x1057, 347K)

Sim, qm é essa mina?

Send me 18+ teens


Please humiliate me and expose my girlfriend. Kik is sem1992x

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add la

kik: tatianon

Tell me how you would use me

Attached: 1483891457669.jpg (1280x960, 104K)

Kik expthrowaway

Like sharing girls I know and have nudes of

Attached: IMG_20191222_145349_405.jpg (1280x1263, 144K)


if somone can cocktrib girls i know kik juju.mte

Attached: 27xli6-0-39-YA0RURl.jpg (1259x1356, 478K)

Incest jackdorn1984

strokinit6. Looking to fap to girls in thongs and panties

looking for guys to play with

M23 jackpsteen

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Looking to trade teens

send whatever





Send pics of bitches you want brutal wwyd or rating, dresses and heels preferred

Kik under vegasrod thx

Attached: img_15214115.jpg (4000x3000, 1.3M)

Drop your kik if interested

Attached: 7194C025-2EA9-4764-87E7-330707014169.jpg (2568x3303, 1.29M)



Any guys or girls want to swap pics? I’m into mostly anything. Also into small cocks, trap, and hentai. Also have pics of my gf and ex to trade if you’re interested.


Andrewhopper89. Bully me. I'll share my wife.




I write incredibly obscene erotica for unpostables you know. Think daughters, nieces, neighbor families, teachers and their classes, etc. of You’re thinking the Subject you’re requesting a story about is too fucked up, you’re on the right track.

Kik requests to jillykill08

23M, Brazil
Willing to rate/wwyd and maybe trib your girls/parents/whatever hmu


lookin for some to rate my cock / send it to, can do loyalty tests and reactions
straight but willing to send to guys if they send back pics of chicks

Attached: Screenshot_20200209-171200_Gallery.jpg (1080x1920, 797K)


Still need someone to expose my gf. Sem1992x is my kik

Attached: 26d2u3-0-48-5eLMqDw.jpg (1449x2011, 888K)

jas9496 looking to chat and share or receive whatever

To see my chubby girlfriend

Daug has another new bf. 5th one in a year. Hit me up to chat about her. Kik hockeyguy600

Make me show you my girl
Kik- crabman22


Discuss YouTube breastfeeding mom's, voyeur, anything


Attached: EE2E7699-F644-4B08-AE3F-84366ACBB5EB.jpg (1312x1600, 409K)

Attached: 6F8EDB62-D675-4810-AE57-CAC89439A76B.jpg (1195x1600, 327K)

Attached: 855F8FD1-A4A1-4B3B-8AD7-3A368405FA23.jpg (1195x1600, 377K)

Sharing my tight little teen gf for wwyd/tributes.


Cred Forums how do I tell a friend that a family member of mine died? They already died like 2 months ago and I was super depressed that I barely talked to anyone including my friends. It's just so hard to say it when I haven't talked to them in a long time


Send me whatever

M 31 Europe
Kik john_finn66

Attached: 8041df1c-01aa-4145-9fca-344e4e10d735.png (720x540, 371K)


Lets chat about our sexual experiences or chicks we know

bored and horny looking
for females 31/m
Kik: justjh661

Cuck my small cock

Attached: 04B66B1F-D147-440B-B781-AD1C75B4C7D5.png (750x1334, 1.63M)

kik J_hex.
Jerk with me

Looking to save some more nudes do your gf/ex/wife also do rates

I'll send you pics of an asian chick. Share it with your friends and screenshot the convo/their reactions

Message me if you want me to show your gf, wife, or whoever their nudes to let em know they're exposed.


If anyone is open to do it on snapchat
cuck me, my girls snap is clesev22
send her a dick pic. she likes thic ones

Couple bored and willing to trade live pics of her if you can send live pics of your girl. No BS. Clown_college

Kik evethick
Send my slut ex random tribute videos stroking to her fat tits. Shes unaware of being posted

Attached: 20190207_091249.png (1920x1071, 1.41M)

Anyone open to send a dick pic to a cute girl on snapchat?

Im down

here, update me if she answers

Cuck kik: kelmaren
Her kik: crystalsis

Attached: 27746996_2011895545491251_860297423_o.jpg (1529x2048, 197K)

Attached: 26695387_1978765422137597_395040362_o.jpg (1616x1212, 91K)

Anyone know how to hack a phone? jas9496 .... asking for a friend..

Attached: 26540435_1970967122917427_83452955_o.jpg (1536x2048, 173K)

Anyone wanna take the blame for exposing someone? Lol


could send you some pics of her if you want, via kik or snap even

Anyone want to make a trade? I send a dick pic to a girl you choose and you send to one i choose, snap/kik whatever

Kik me

doesn't exist


Attached: 26551248_1971968556150617_1902316547_n.jpg (720x960, 69K)

Moar, any info? I'm talking to her

Degrade an asian chick and make her your desktop wallpaper