You can't stop us, White Bourgeoisie

You can't stop us, White Bourgeoisie.

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"The Right" tries so hard to out meme us and stop the masses from hearing our message

>White Bourgeoisie.

toy limo belongs to the white bourgeoisie that poor maga fags were born to defend to the death.

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lol America will be run by Hispanics in like 5 years and it will be glorious

That's why I conceal carry. If someone is willing to resort to violence over text on a hat then they are obviously a threat to people's livelihood.

ok europoor

not like it matters, bitch.
In a few more years with more immigration, we will just vote away 2A

Chaos. Chaos is the goal. Post pro stuff, post anti stuff, as long as they're tearing themselves apart.

Vlad approves your work comrade.

>White Bourgeoisie.
and their life is better than yours, damn right, its better than yours

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This is a faggy meme.
Guess I'll just rape a girl wearing revealing clothing because it's what her clothing was representing..

>White Bourgeoisie.
Its so cute when the poor maga fag wants to pretend he's fighting the corrupting influence of money like a real sjw. kekekek

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Liberals get the rope too
Gtfo you arent cool enough for us.

ahah, bal


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We're both bourgeoisie soiface

lol'ing at ya boi Bernie

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>long time not browsing Cred Forums
>decide to lurk for a while
>3 seconds into Cred Forums
>some retard baiting with antifa shit
>people replying

See you in another five years

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and wage growth still doesn't exist in America three years in to MAGAfag's fantasy. Trump has done nothing to change the fact that wages are stagnant and house prices are still climbing. The amount of hours an American has to work to pay their landlord's mortgage is still increasing. Nice job maga fag.

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>want wall and immigration laws
>Democrats and Left Wing antifa won't allow it

That's what is causing stagnant wages and higher housing costs.
More immigration is literally what the Bourgeoisie land owners want. Cheap labor and more supply of renters to get more money.

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>Bourgeoisie land owners

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>Bourgeoisie land owners
would never take advantage of using illegal immigrant labor just because its way cheaper

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>Bourgeoisie land owners are gonna fix everything

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Tl;dr im proving your bigotry by being intolerant of your opinion

Violent Leftists don't look like the one in your pic OP. They look like this.

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Yet your side won't let us build a wall, deport illegals or limit immigration in any way.
You are Cosmopolitan retards.

Trump wanted to sped 0.5% of the Total Federal Budget on a wall and now we have to fight in a civil war because most Leftoids refuse

I have more in common with NazBols than the retards saying
>hurr durr trump bad

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>republicans have total control of two and a half branches of government and everything that is wrong is leftist antifa's fault

take your meds

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It's called democracy. We dont have to let you do shit.

Btw. You got the wall you moron.

>Yet your side won't let us build a wall
My only side is America. But when trump became president, republicunts had both houses of congress and the white house and they wouldn't pay for a wall, but go ahead and cry about left wingers having all the power to do whatever they want. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, faggot.

That's what I'm saying
It's both parties that need to be ousted
Neocons, democrats and antifa

Just about everyone except for John McCain wanted it
in 2016 the senate was only 51-49 majority for republicans
RINOs mccain and collins basically blocked it

keep pretending Trump doesn't represent rich landowners, you poor self deluded faggot

Well seems like as good of a time as any to start dumping

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I wouldn't go so far as to beat up somebody just for wearing a hat, but I completely understand why they were beaten up. I mean, if you saw someone wearing something that supported the acts of terror on 9/11 wouldn't you be tempted to beat that person up? I don't think Republicans are all there, they are a bunch of brainwashed fools just like the terrorists on 9/11. Thanks to Trump our food and other things we get at the store are more expensive and he just made it harder for people to get into college. Now he wants to cut Medicare and other programs by up to a TRILLION DOLLARS, how the hell are the elderly and disabled going to survive with a cut like that?! The worst part is that Trump is doing these cuts just because he wants to give himself and his rich buddies more tax cuts.

If Trump wins the next election the U.S. may very well be in danger. Trump is trying to turn our country into a new version of North Korea and I would rather die than live like that. Once Trump starts taking away all of our freedom we need to be prepared to go to war with the government.

And he thinks detaining illegals so a company can soak in tax dollars is democrats. It's cute how stupid he is.

The wall is being built right now. "Waaah, you wont let us have a wall. Waaah."

Goes to show how fucking delusional these people are. He gets what he wants and hes still spewing uninformed bootlicker propaganda.

So by just about everyone, you mean less than half?

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>The wall is being built right now. "Waaah, you wont let us have a wall. Waaah."

No it's not. Retard antifa and retard MAGA fanbois both think it is.
It's only like 10 miles of "wall" in this whole 3 years of Trump's presidency
There won't be a wall because of Lefty federal judges blocking everything and Neocons wanting cheap labor

Civil war is coming

Productivity vs Compensations stats are some of the saddest shit about our lives, an yet no one talks about it. RIP

Was McCain a RINO when the republican party nominated him to be president? Is it ever really ok to belittle an American war hero's record as a war hero? I'm pretty sure that that is something only you republican traitors to America have ever even done. Just keep following the Orange example and blame everyone else for the problems you are creating by voting orange traitor.

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America will never become a socialist controlled country.

You realize US soldiers died fighting Mussolini's fascist armies, right?

"Let's get rid of antifa. Hrr." Your grandfather killed fascists. You protect them by ignoring fascism even exists and crying when some little snowflake gets hit for saying something stupid.

I remember when men werent pussies and could take a punch. Looking at you Trump slaves.

If Antifa was like you, alot of you would be dead. You're the guys shooting up schools and churches and bringing terrorism to America because your little snowflake ass has been trained to want to kill anything that doesnt have lilly white skin.

>we hate republicans
>how dare you be against republicans! John Mccain was a good man!

> ITP, long winded shit excuse for beating up someone over wearing a hat.

Here you are upset over a stupid wall while Trump is cutting medicade by up to a trillion dollars. Basically Trump is trying to kill the elderly and disabled and you still support him. Now he just made it to where our groceries are more expensive and he is also making it harder for people to get into college. A civil war might be coming, but not over some stupid wall. A civil war is coming because Trump is destroying America.

Shh. You dont seem to understand what passive income means.

It means you work and he gets rich. It's too late bud. You live in socialism.

its actually falling down faster than its being built because wind. Mexico is paying for the damage to their trees though.

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>John Mccain was a good man
at least he wasn't a traitor like trump and his brainwashed followers

Good point. Shitty facts and incentives. US GDP is 3 trillion tops and a lot of that is social security, military and interest. Old folks are a huge voter block and I doubt there's even a trillion to cut from other programs. Furthermore nobody cares if you kill yourself. There's probably trump tards chomping at the bit to kill you if they get permission. We all want things to get better but you have to be the change you want to see.

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Lol check'd dubs

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Imagine. Its 1943. And Mussolini makes a speech crying about antifa. These kids are only useful for making someone else very rich. It's their only purpose in life.

Nice to know that even with a Republican majority the real people in power are the Dems. Friggin cucks.

Oh now the illegals! It's ok, Pablo fucking your wife can't be as bad as Trayvon fucking your daughter?

Trump hires illegals in his hotels. The wall isnt going to work.

>Civil war is coming
A bunch of red necks getting btfoed by authorities/military (again) will hardly be a civil war. More like a nice Saturday afternoon.

Lololol yeah because that's how gentrification works. Sure pal.

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No, he didn't make our food more expensive. That's been done under leftist administrations under the guise of "saving the planet" with shit regulations. Nor is he making it harder to get into college, not to mention college is over-fucking-rated, and mean shit for the vast majority of jobs. You neglect to mention that programs like medicare and other programs are abused as fuck and need cut hard. None if it helps the "rich buddies" particularly, but does help the overall health of the nation.

And don't say shit about him "taking away our freedoms" when the left is literally trying to abolish fucking 1st and 2nd amendments (becuz oh noes gunz and words hurt).

>bigoted/fascistic hate/unfairly oppressed/those less fortunate

There is nothing wrong with white people oppressing and treating nonwhites/ the less fortunate like the shit they are. After all, the world as we know it wouldn't exist without this oppression. Slavery was a profitable institution that funded many nations, making them greater than they would have been without them. When a nigger screams for freedom, he wants nothing more than to rob his white master of the glory he deserves, but when that white master gives in, he severs his own future. Compassion is a disease that only human beings know. Compassion gives lesser white men an excuse to underperform and not achieve their destiny as the master race, for no other reason than to "feel bad for the brainless animal before him." Wolves don't think twice when they slaughter a sheep, nor the Lion and the zebra. Humans are the only people to be cursed with an emotion that compels them to feel bad for sub humans.

Damn son you need to listen to

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Republicans putting in earmarks that raise prices to punish leftists is a right wing agenda, not a left wing. Nice try though.

if you get your wish you slimy jew larper, communists hate all regions, they will kill you like Stalin did you dumb kikes.

Also. Trump is the one that removed your a utility to buy bump stocks. Another false truth that you sucked down like a black cock in a white girls throat.

our fathers were soy cucks

>food costs more because of the left
That shits costs more because of the trade wars and you know it.

>medicaid gets abused so we need to make cuts.
Idk man I support people doing drugs rather than murdering civilians and raping their fellow soldiers. If anything needs to get cut it's the miltary

>dems trying to take 1st and second amendment.
Free speech has bipartisan support despite trump wishing he could stop the press and 40% of gun owners in America are Democrat.

Troll harder

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>being this stupid
I dont see wolves or lions building a smartphone dipshit. Humans evolve because we work together. If anything white supremacy is what gets white dudes to not achieve anything. Why accomplish anything when you already believe you're the best?

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You really think that guy has ever been violent in his life? Maybe violently gulping down soy milk

It's a principle of supremacy, lad. Smartphones are not a necessity to survival, and more often than not entrap white men further as a distraction. Yes we work together, as master and slave. White men don't need to perform physical labor, when nonwhites outnumber whites, the whites deserve to be the administrators, the nonwhites in their sheer numbers are expendable. White men are the best because we accomplish great things by giving orders to the lesser grunts, we are the minds and they are the grinds, and grinds are too stupid to know what they build or how to appreciate it.

A modern Swiftian parable of the final form the demagogue takes: A world in which one person owns everything, and employs no one. He shits on the groundlings from his floating ships, and they cheer themselves hoarse with gratitude for the fertilizer bestowed with such godlike generosity.

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I'll also kick your ass for being a lil bitch. So ya

I'd be more upset about my tax dollars if x20 times wasn't being skimmed off the top by corrupt politicians...

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Just scrolling past, but has anyone else noticed there are a lot more tough talking little edgelords on Cred Forums this past month or so?

Skimpily-dressed women aren't fascists. I see no problem with pressing them both.

Check'd dubs. Idk man seems like all they've built is a shithole I don't want to live in. Im as white as they come. Blonde hair blue eyes and from the suburbs. Frankly, my life got way better after I stopped thinking like you. You talk all this game about supremacy and just squander it on pedophilia and shitty food. What's your grand vision oh master?

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Just scrolling past, but has anyone else noticed there are a lot more pussy talking little conservatards on Cred Forums this past month or so?

This entire thread is red faggots begging to not get beat up by soy drinking numales.

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This is a good post.

Can't spell hatred without red hat

So much bullshit. That way you can justify violence against every member of a religious group or party or any other kind of organization based on a certain world view.
Problem with lefties and liberals is that they are incredible stupid and arrogant.

>. He gets what he wants and hes still spewing uninformed bootlicker propaganda.
Well, I mean... Trump won the electoral vote to become pres and still didn't stop complaining how it was rigged by the Dems.
No winning with cult mentalities and entitled little Donnie

This guy watches his wife get destroyed by big black cocks daily ,

OP you ARE the Bourgeoisie

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and by "my life got way better" you mean you keep your head down while nonwhites give you orders? you have a black boyfriend who fucks you daily?

you have to be 18 or older to post here

Nigger please im old enough to fuck your meth mouthed wife but nobody likes kkk whores except meth heads and niggers

Says the fascist on the right. Interesting perspective.

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>White Bourgeoisie
You mean Jews & Secret Societies?
>Even Rockefellers are of Jewish decent
When are you going to realize the box you and the TRUMPET blowing right are in?

Both of y'all are in the Left right paradigm. Blaming a race of people is just as stupid of blaming all crime on minorities.

Heck, my White Grampa worked for the Jewish Rockefellers during his time in service to the OSS(CIA).
>Gave U.S. troops(Mostly white) in Vietnam false Intel
>Intel got troops killed
>Corpses provided meat bags for heroin
>Tons of heroin was dropped in minority communities
>Grampa organizes Gangs like Greek city states with tribal mentality
>Beginning of Drug war
>Grampa was given DEA badge
>Picks up CONFISCATED drugs & redistributes it back where it came from

Yes, bad people exist. Evil has infested the hearts of many. But it isn't a race issue. Its a spiritual issue.

The Oligarchs in USA and other Western powers are 99.9%Satanists/Luciferians & or Completely Atheist.

Oh, before you say I'm some Qanon faggot or some Trump tard...I'm not infatuated with an Israeli Cock sucking, banker bought Jesuit asshat.

So get that shit outa your head.

Yes, Trumpers are just as stupid as you Antifa & lefty faggots. But we will never win against the Elite by fighting each other. We just end up providing entertainment for those wealthy snobs pleasure.

Post some moar, bro
This is the pill these pathetic fags need to swallow

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What is- "What did one faggot say too the other"?

you speak like a 14 year old girl who got raped for the first time also my previous comment had dubs so shut your cunt bitch

no argument

Two different situations require two different solutions
I don't see what you cant understand about it.

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The left can't meme

Moar you say?
>Grampa worked in DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES for a time
>D.U.M.B.'s for short
>Said DUMBs are pretty dumb
>DUMBS built for "great Cataclysm"
>clockwork global shitstorm
>Starts with West Coast fault line pop
>Third Polar shift
>Forth Comet dings EARTH (look at China's geography)
>40-60 year minor ice age
>During this time UN, Freemasons Templars Jesuits &Chabbad begin genocide
>Cities with 5G or cell towers will turn into Kingsmen(1st film) world event into reality
Stay out of the cities and you will be safe. Lastly, don't trust any authority. Just work on not killing each other for the elite.

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nice meme

Yes, meme

And these kinds of replies confirm that you have no argument just riiiiii

> wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords

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You can also get through most common locks on a home with a paperclip. So why waste money on that?

>with a paperclip
You've obviously never picked a lock

According to that article it was done by some smuggler gang.
I doubt the average mexican family is carrying one of these around.

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He is right

>bumps with an image
Newfags. Newfags everywhere

See you tomorrow attention whore. Here's a (You)

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Coyotes though

This is another language for Trumptards

No he isn't
That's a practice lock thats shitty on purpose.
Straight keyway and a complete lack of security pins. Much different than the average residential deadbolt.
Actual skill is required to pick a real lock with something shitty like a paperclip.

Y'all cant even fight correctly.

Also america has something called "the rule of law" which means you cant retaliate against words or what someone is wearing with violence. That's some sand nigger bullshit. Now go back to throwing concrete milkshakes at innocent asian reporters, Antifaggot.

How low have we fallen.

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Want an argument.

So you're gonna vote away the almost 400 millions guns already in circulation too?


>how the hell are the elderly and disabled going to survive with a cut like that?!

>Lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. That's the Republicukcs' mantra for years.

>Y'all cant even fight correctly.
What do you mean you nazi?!?

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The right tweets

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Maybe so, but at least you’ll be dead.


Cred Forums‘s version of social justice isn’t helping our movement all. Cred Forums thinks that being violent and destroying property is how to prove shit, but it’s not. Cred Forums‘s sojus is toxic and hateful, fuck all you people. I have no problem with protesting, fuck I protest but the shit Cred Forums does goes past protest and straight into illegal and dangerous. Fuck Cred Forums and their worship of Antifa! Fuck people who make us libs look dumb! It’s time to stop and take action in a mature way!

>Huuurrr shut up Alt right cis white straight male hurrrrrrrr

Yes because it makes me less of a Liberal to be against destroying property and bartering random people, once again, fuck Cred Forums. You all are 1000% worse then the Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter you children hate so fucking much.


bitch i'm a liberal and i will fucking fuck you up for being a warm weak piece of shit racist apologist

Agreed comrade.
Presentation is important.

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Bernie does. Among other real issues that plague the US such as skyrocketing medical costs and wealth funneling into the hyper wealthy.

And this right here proves my fucking point. Cred Forums is the absolute worst.

nah it's always been this dreadful, though the Ron Paul memes I do miss

Marxism is a failed ideology. Prove me wrong.
>protip: you can’t

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