Valentine's Day, I'm alone and my penis is hard. Help me

Valentine's Day, I'm alone and my penis is hard. Help me.

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Whack it.

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>Help me.

I don't know, I've never asked anyone for help

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I'll suck your cock if your cute.

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I hope I'm cute then.

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ok, gonna need more intel... post a pic of your dick!

My dick doesn't give a shit. Be glad.

Why my dick?

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No need to be shy lemme see that cock!

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to understand better how can I help you.

I think I need a therapy

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Why are you alone on valentine's when you have such a nice cock?

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oh I can help you with that but I need to see your dick first.
that's not his dick, dumbass.

Because you're not here ;)

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Uhhhhh here. It got small cause I'm drunk and sad

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I thought u were "hard"

I sent you my penis, appreciate that