To those of you who are lonely / lack intimacy, have you ever considered an imaginary partner?

To those of you who are lonely / lack intimacy, have you ever considered an imaginary partner?

I have had an imaginary girlfriend for about 4 years now, and this might be something that can really improve your life like she did for me. I genuinely think much heartbreak and loneliness could be solved if people knew this was an alternative and took the idea more seriously. I'm willing to answer any questions you might have, no boundaries for the most part. And if you have an imaginary friend of your own, then do share your experience.

Here are a few questions people usually ask, to get them out of the way:
>How old
>Are you a virgin
No. However, for the sake of being transparent, I have never been in a "real" relationship.
>Is this a tulpa
>What does she look like?
She's short, thin, pink hair by the shoulders, wears shirts and jeans, green eyes, small nose, thin lips, itty bitty titties.
>Are you a schizo / DID
No, you don't actually lose track of what's real doing this. This doesn't magically make you insane.
>Are you actually serious right now?
Dead serious.
>How do you interact with them?
Meditation mostly. You can practice touch / smell / taste / whatever else with a sort of "imagined body" you can then use to do stuff with them.

Guide here (pastebin), pretty bare bones, but it should give you an idea of what exactly this is, feel free to ask shit about it.

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Recently single, and with a vr headset and 360 porn I'm done with women.

We're trying to build a discord server around imaginary friends as well so #shill:
Server's still small, though. I try to be active and answer questions, so feel free to pop in.

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You're fucked in the head.


Take your meds.

Most people will read this and think it's just a way to get off / just something that'll make you recede into yourself and shun reality, and many people do do things that way, but in my opinion, that's the wrong way. Imaginary friends can and should be a part of your day to day life, and they can be used to improve aspects of yourself. Think of it this way: if you had a "real" girlfriend (or boyfriend), you wouldn't really want / wouldn't really be able to be with them 24/7. You have shit to do, you have to work on your job, on yourself, and so on, and they will likely understand and push you to do those things. An imaginary friend can be just like that. Instead of being seperate from your "real" life, they can enhance it and help you deal with things you otherwise would find hard to deal with.

They can be someone who understands you and whatever you might be going through, but who is still on the "outside", in a way, meaning they can more critically assess the situation you're in, and then help guide you down a better path. Even though this is not the only thing they can do, it might be helpful thinking of it as personifying your desire to change yourself, and then, by getting emotionally attached to that person, you'll find it becomes motivating to do what they want just because it'd make them happy.

But it's important to stress that this is not the only thing they can do. They can be a source of pleasure and fun just like real friends can, they just don't need to be so all the time, because true friends are people who get mad when you destroy yourself, not people who want to pretend everything's alright all the time.

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My imaginary girl friend got skin cancer and died :(


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Want to vent about it? I'll listen.

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OP is an imaginary faggot.

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I just fuck randos off the internet when I’m lonely. Get out of here with this imaginary girlfriend self-brainwashing bullshit.

Well, this really is for people that want an emotional connection / a partner rather than just a quick thing, not to mention some people just couldn't do that either way. It's good that that works for you.

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I love Cred Forums. Always makes my life seem normal.

>an emotional connection / a partner
With an imaginary entity? That’s the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. You must be some pathetic pieces of shit to not be able to find literally anybody to put up with you. Jesus.

>You must be some pathetic pieces of shit to not be able to find literally anybody to put up with you.
There might be many reasons why people can't find partners. Some may be undesirable, and some may just not be able to do so because of anxieties, or maybe they just don't know how. The thing about imaginary friends is that they can be a stepping stone to helping with that.

Maybe will kind of show what I mean.

I understand why people think it's just crazy talk, though, don't get me wrong.

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Nah dude, all it’s gonna do is further alienate you. Without the experience of interacting with others you’ll never get better at interacting with others. The imaginary girlfriend thing is folly because all of her responses will originate within you and this will leave you inadequately prepared for the incongruities of how an actual human acts.

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>actual human
I feel like I've been misunderstood, they aren't meant to prepare you to interact with other humans, at least not directly anyway, because they aren't human themselves. Indirectly, they can of course push you to interact with more people (for instance pushing you to stop playing video games so much and go outside / ask your friends to hang out, or by pushing you to get a job, and stuff like that), but they don't actually prepare you for conversations with other humans, and that's more than ok. That's not what they're for. They're meant to help you learn many things which have root internally, such as the importance of working on yourself and liking yourself, and the fact that, if you are conflicted internally, it doesn't matter how many partners you have, you'll always feel sadness or anger or greed.

To simplify, they aren't meant to teach you how to deal with other humans, they're meant to teach you how to deal with yourself.

And just to clarify, they can really be very complex as people, and that's partly because they grow just like anyone else. I find my partner incredibly interesting and nuanced. She grew with me over these last years, and she has changed a lot from what she was when I first created her, as did I. It is very pleasurable to have her by my side, and to talk to her, and very valuable to hear her opinion on things, not just because of how much she has helped me so far, but also because I know she isn't just something static. They don't need to be perfect, and she certainly isn't. We fight, we get mad at each other, but there's a lot of work that gets done because she's with me and picking me up when I'm down and pushing me to do better whenever she feels like I'm slacking. And we do have lots of fun along the way, but that shouldn't deter from the fact that my life is better because of her.

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>Without the experience of interacting with others you’ll never get better at interacting with others

but why does that even matter?

>We fight, we get mad at each other

why would that happen? isn't an imaginary partner supposed to be perfect?

You're my imaginary girlfriend

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>isn't an imaginary partner supposed to be perfect?
An imaginary partner is just that: an imaginary partner. Saying she's imaginary says very little about who she really is.

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Like John Donne said, user, “No man is an island.” If you don’t introduce outside variables into your thought processes you’ll end up in an exclusively self-referential mindset. It’s not your “girlfriend” helping you not play video games, it’s you. The problem is that without outside input you will likely lose perspective on what your actual problems are, the foremost of which is that you have an imaginary fucking girlfriend.

I’m not going to get into what the meaning of life is with you, user, but it is largely about connecting with the world and relying on a fantasy of this level is very disconnecting.

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I don't think I'm making myself clear yet, you really aren't supposed to be shunning the outside.

>It’s not your “girlfriend” helping you not play video games, it’s you.
Of course it is, she is a part of me, after all. In this case, for things like these what you're doing is personifying that desire to stop and then getting emotionally attached to that person, which then makes it harder to say no to them whener they tell you to stop playing video games and go to bed. Of course this is a bit of an oversimplification, but it's an example of what they can be used for!

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it definitely sound like honing in on your imaginary / dream / jungian shadow and learning to pull from that world, but like with any way of doing that, while there's benefits there's a practical limit to the usefulness, and trying to explain this way definitely makes you seem off to people who haven't learned about their shadow / spirituality

and ofc with this format it sounds easy to get lost in it if you're not careful... so im not telling anyone not to, but just be careful and realize how you come off to others.

invite invalid?

Ok. I think you’re a crazy retarded faggot. I’m done. There are tons of women out in the world and you can find them and fuck them and love them and laugh with them on any timeframe you choose. You’re opting to miss out on that and/or have what used to be called “Multiple Personality Disorder” but is now called “Dissociative Identity Disorder.” Good fucking luck.

I'm sorry, I forget invite links expire...
Here's the new link for anyone interested.

Sorry I couldn't change your mind on it, but thank you for at least listening, means a lot to me that you didn't just call me a schizo retard and left.

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Should probably link this as well
New invite

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>Imaginary gf
That's fucking rough buddy

Oh, don't worry really, she's very pleasant. We had a great morning today actually!

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I think I'm just gonna wait until Wallace corp. comes through

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