What are woman's labias made of?

What are woman's labias made of?

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Skin, sweat, and shame

Skin, nerves, and glands

Same thing tires are made of boy and I mean nascar tores!

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salty coins



wet paper and smegma

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Dreams and death.

This is the only valid answer


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The same thing that men's labias are made of duh


The same shit the flappy bit on a hens head is made of

Just asked my mum and she said special tingle skin lol

This is max incel. Literally anyone who's even glanced at a vagina before knows they're more akin to soft and sticky cheater slicks than """nascar tires""""

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scrotal sacs

Human parts

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Salty milk and coins.

Pussy fabric

This is actually the real answer.

Wait, so if ballsack touches labia, is that gay? Asking for a friend.

hopes and dreams of men

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Thats the best answer I have ever seen for that dumb question! Great! Thats one smart dude on Cred Forums ! And I'd add "very tasty dreams and hopes" ;)