What is the greatest threat to humanity?

What is the greatest threat to humanity?

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catana virus



non whites

Bananas. Lobsters have never eaten a banana. Once they get a taste for the mushy goodness of a peeled banana, they will stop at nothing to continue the pleasure. Humans will be replaced with banana trees. Religion will be only banana, and lobsters will sacrifice their claws for the harvest.

Hostile aliens - 100% certain death
Gravitational waves - 100%
Seismic chainreaction 100%
Moon boosters built by gates foundation 100%

Our own stupidity.


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"Equality" and "diversity"

obviously humans dipshit

Israel will never be diverse so I'm not too worried over here.

Feminization of men, and acceptance of batshit loser liberal ideology.

Faggots, niggers, and jews

In that order ?

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Found the faggot.


found the liberal

liberals allowing the niggers to zerg rush



Top post.

>What is the greatest threat to humanity?
#1 Pic: Religious fanatics
#Chinese funnyguy playing with CRISPR & viral hemorrhagic fevers in his basement

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Moon boosters? Are they like Go-Go Gates boots or something?

Cortana virus

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Me nigga

what they have isn't even an ideology, it's mental retardation

This. The sooner we realize we aren't literal blood relatives and don't think alike the better

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>placed on list

Stupidity and willful ignorance.


Based and redpilled



Either terrorism, people who are hostile in general or people who don’t have the future of immortality in mind.


((( ))) and women turn men into pussies /vote leftist with soy/simping/and cuckery.

Short term? The rise of authoritarianism through out the world

Long Term? Climate change.

awwww. are you feeling inadequate buttercup? do you need a safe space? here, hate some minorities. that'll make you feel superior. there there. pick yourself up by putting others down.

>i hate black people

Stupidity and our greed

Chinamen with a bio weapons lab

Capitalist pigs

US hubris


Capitalism, but you won't know until it's too late!

in that order

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Why do you post whales then

muh DICK

giraffes don't exist you fool!



we are too late. the lobsterlords have already won.

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Almost correct. Too bad so few people actually know what liberal means. Liberalism is a narcissism. It is a rightwing philosophy that came out of the children of the aristocracy around the so-called "Enlightenment", which was anything but. It is the believe that your freedom to do bad shit outweighs everyone else's safety and well being. It is both morally and factually wrong.

Either that or magnetic polar reversal.


found the snowflake


Wealth. To many mega billionaires getting greedy. Is it true jeff bezos makes a quarter of a billion a day?

The LHC or perhaps robotics and AI.

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Cred Forums incels and magafags


Antibiotic resistant super bugs, weaponized viruses, etc.

The Reapers.

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how come we can mate with them, then?

Ah, yes. "Reapers".. We have dismissed that claim.

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A combination of videogame & iLoveBot addiction

No matter the [unnatural] disaster pockets of human tribes will exist but if we collectively are ruled by #Idiocracy basic infrastructure will fail and nobody will be smart enough to maintain it... the internet is a heavencape of deviant instantly gratified pleasures . . .

Natural desisaster from a meteor strike probably killed the dinsours and destoyed most of the animal life that wasn't at the bottom of the ocean. it could happen again.

Black death or some super virus like it could probably knock out most of us but I doubt it would cause extinction.

Nuclear weapons is a possibility.

The most sure fire destruction will always be the death of the sun though. Sure it's probably not going to happen for millions of years but eventually it will and when it does there is no way we can survive it. Even if we left earth right now at the speed of light.


We already created the means and have shown they can be effective. We built up a stockpile to effectively destroy the world 10 times. Times ticking bois.

WR 103


I meant WR 104

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Trannies in the bathroom

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donald trump and his supporters

shit was so cash

people themselves....

The proliferation of homo predators in FB / IG threads

Is guy on right supposed to be Julius Caesar?

If so then that's one of the worst example of "king" to use as the defining thing about him was that he never really got to become king, he got stabbed by the entire senate the moment he tried.

>The rest of the world being filled with mudslims armed with nukes doesn't worry me

Glad you took world history in high school

Humanity is the greatest threat to humanity. People are fucking idiots. We will fuck over anyone and we will fuck over ourselves.


Unfettered growth of third world demographics in both first and third world countries along with the first world demographics who enable and promote it.


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Donkeys and horses can too. Also lions and tigers.


this guy gets it


When did that ever change?

ignorance and tribe mentality
Feed on/validate each other in my experience.

or worse, just enough intelligence to exploit the combination
vigilante death penalty incoming faggots


I mean really, what do you think WW2 was about?

Spanish Flu (causes depression)
Great Depression (majority unhappy)
Technological Advances (I want your weapons etc)

Hitler wasn't about religion, Hitler was about thinning out society and giving food to the select few. Either out your stakes in the majority causing collapse or make a move and crash it before it crashes.

America = Hitler
World = starving

Think long and fucking hard about that

White guilt

Explain to us why endlessly feeding entire continents of people who cannot feed themselves so they don't die but also become more numerous thus passing on this burden to the next generation is more critical a task than establishing self-sustaining colonies off planet to guard the species against worldwide extinction level events.

Because the former is a consequence of modern concepts of society. A colony on the moon won't stay a colony forever.

It too, will have burdens to shoulder.

This isn't a reason to why the former is more important to do or should be done at all but rather an admission that modern society is sick.

Threat to our extremely productive society? Probably wars. Maybe solar storms. Knock enough of our infrastructure out and we'll have to downsize considerably, but downsized would still mean hundreds of millions of humans.
Threat to the species? Only really super asteroids. We could survive for milenia on geothermal grubs and cockroaches fed with moss or whatever if we have to, so unless something hits us that effectively glasses the planet in a moment, the species will likely survive.

>Chinese funnyguy playing with CRISPR & viral hemorrhagic fevers in his basement
That's genuinely horrifying. Tomorrow I will officially begin prepping for the zombie apocalypse.

Coronal birus

>This isn't a reason to why the former is more important to do
Because it will never not be a consequence, user. Everything will eventually result in a case where you need to fulfill this unrealistic, unending state of being, where large swaths of people, living in an established world, need more resources than they can produce locally. Modern trade is proof of that, by example. Places on Earth now exist, places that couldn't sustain themselves without trade or intervention. So would the moon be, if we colonized it to the point at which there was a population of over 6 billion people living on it to "safeguard" against some kind of crisis on Earth.

We're not self-sustaining here. How can we become self-sustaining elsewhere, when the living model for how we progress, the first time, involves not having yet solved the first problem of caring for continents of people?

It's most certainly a reason. It's right there. Con-se-quence. The former is more important to do, because the latter will end up being the same thing if the former is never solved. Modern society is sick.

And you want to spread that across the stars? Genius.



>greatest threat
Global warming

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Paraphilias, pornography and ADHD medications


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February 15, 2020

The event.

//begin transmission
10am - 11-30am EST.

//end transmission

What is this autism?

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We won't see it coming when things will die for no apparent reason.

I think it's the same strain of autism that leads to things like SCP


last I heard it was cow farts

Endometriosis. 15% of women 13-50 years old and growing rapidly. No more babies = no more humanity. There will always be some survivalists that survive a cataclysmic event, but if there are no child bearing women in the bunker, we fukkd.


its spelled ICP

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Agreed and so does the girl I'm with right now.

>said the mexican cousins

...left coast, city... leave

//13 moons
Right coast, blue


Did you know that autistic adults without learning disabilities are around 10x more likely to die from suicide?

Cults, religion, chronenberging scientists, capitalism, communism, nations, haarp, weapons, not searching teanshumanistic solutions, hiding knowledge like the freemasons do.


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Antibiotic resistant bacteria.