Girls from behind

Girls from behind

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Is it difficult to fuck girls from behind? if you don't have a long dick surely the ass will stop your ability to go deep...


Either you a virgin or got a tiny dick...

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>if you don't have a long dick surely the ass will stop your ability to go deep
no, it doesn't.. said ass is made of two-thirds fat and one-third muscle; it's soft you know.

Not at all. I had a gf with a really big butt but when she was doggy style there werent any type of problems. Either she is really really fucking fat or you have a tiny dick for something like that to happen

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It's easy for me. My dick is 8 inches. It's the best position. They submit to you and the intoxicating aroma of a women's pheromones is amazing. The asshole is a beautiful thing.

Naw I understand, it’s when that ass is just so thick, that you gotta get up under there lol


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It's quite the opposite. Its prolly the easiest position. difficult is prolly standing reverse cowgirl for me, quite impossible for my fat ass

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I need more

>standing reverse cowgirl
wtf.. that's just standing from behind, not much "cowgirl" there if it's standing you know, because cowgirl implies riding.

imagine the smell

>arguing over porn genres

That's not an example obviously

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Is this pic Real user?


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Very well

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the curse of being white

She didnt wipe all of the shit

Holding in a fart

no, that's clean, just not bleached.

Das Original, seine kleine hats bestätigt

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Her pussy looks like a bowling pin and her assholes the ball. Does it smell like the used shoes you rent at the alley?

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