This place has ruined me...

This place has ruined me. I’m so turned on by thought of exposing my ex and I have become such a submissive bitch for any Aggressive bull that asks for her nudes or info. I like the thought of guys finding her and fapping to her, but I don’t want to ruin her life or anything. What the fuck to do? I’ve already ended up with her pics on xhamster and I know I should stop, but then my dick gets hard.

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Post them here so we can fap

post her nudes now

Post the nudes then you cuck, i'll bust one out if shes worth it.

Stop being a fucking beta and show us her tits

Fuck, fine

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I didn’t want to post her pics, because I passed the 30 min mark to be able to delete the thread.

Just do it.

I’ll post another

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Keep going, faggot. This stuff is weak

pictures so bad you might as well not even posted them. cant see shit.
post something actually worth looking at.

Oh stop fucking lying to yourself, you want us to cum to the bitch you couldnt satisfy. you wouldnt be here otherwise. Why arent you two a thing anymore? Couldnt get her off? now show us her pussy

Ok sorry

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Post the xhamster link

Exact same situation here, I even started giving out her full name recently - a letter of her surname for every pic of her a bull reposts. It's extremely hot though, I love the feeling of her and I being dominated hard by horny bulls.

I’m not good enough

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Show us some pussy now. You started this thread, now help us finish

Wow that sounds so hot, I’m surprised a bull has never suggested this


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Clearly not, have fun cuck, you peaked and you lost it. She'd be better filled by an actual male

Mm that's good. Expose this slut for all to see, just give in and embrace it.

Drop the link pussy!

If a bull wants to try and crack me for her info kik slampuppet55

OP is a fagglet. Here's Dominique's set.

Oh fuck

How’d you know her name?

Take a wild guess

You know her?

Not well, but yeah


Fucked her last year, met her at a friend's house. She was drinking heavy, only did it a few more times after that night.