How many sharpies can you fit in your ass Cred Forums ?

how many sharpies can you fit in your ass Cred Forums ?

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...fewer than that...

ill get a pic here soon if you give me a few

I only own like one sharpie. I can probably fit in more than one, just have no way of knowing how many


Must be practicing for BBC

have to improvise somehow

Not an oc

I can pretty comfortably use a BAM... sooooo... id say a good 60 or so..

ok did it but only got 7 :(

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O hell yea, nice job user.

thanks :) i tried, If i was properly stretched today I could probably do 2 or 3 more lol

Thats a fantastic photo. I'd love to experiment with your anus and play with your cock. Great! I'd love to see more or to exchange photos with you somewhere in private (messenger, kik, mail..) Thats a nice photo, but blurry. Idk about sharpies, but I can fit my fist inside my anus, two girl's fists (possibly, as they are smaller than mine), beer can, 0.6l bottle and many more things.

>how many sharpies can you fit in your ass Cred Forums ?

I can take an assload of sharpies

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>posts hfur
>being a smartass
You should take an assload of my dick.

glad you like, dont have a kik tho.

> do you have any simple requests?

7 large ones though


Try and add something else like pens,

Thank you ;) got some photos of me to share on kik, a bit later if interest.
Got messenger then? I just dont use anything else. But I'm very interested to see more of what your anus is capable of. Starting with milking your cock through prostate massage for instance?


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no more anons?

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It's okay user we appreciate the effort!

Thank you here one more pic :’)

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How much would this be?

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why's it so red

ouch. that's a nice hemorrhoid you're working on there. I bet that itches like a motherfucker

Looking good and smooth.

what's you kik then ;)

That one alone, will get lost inside my anus. For sure. Im into quite bigger objects.
This plug, Im taking it entirely, even Im not sure if its a bit small for my hole. I'd love to try it

I have a dream, guys. Let me confess something. I have a dream. To get mutual fucking with someone, with double sided dildo. Thick one. Or fist someone's asshole, torture their prostate and milk the cock. Is in here someone into any of this?

Idk. Let me see.. umm.. TranceBoyBG. Yup, that must be it. Try to find me. There must be a cannabis leaf on profile pic.

fit two of the bigger ones in at the same time, i really don't like fingers in my ass much but that felt really good

Doctor i swear i tripped off a chair and most unfortunately i fell on sharpies. What an improbable accident indeed!

sounds super hot

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im back! and got 1 more larger one and found a small one as well. tried to take my hand away before the shot out lol

I have strong faith in you little one

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I hope that greedy hole isnt alone on this valentines day

:( im afraid thats how it is

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>MFW seeing this thread

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Yeah. Wish it'll happen one day..or night..
Seems fun-tastic! Can I lick your cock while I'm moving them in your asshole?

finally home. here's my asshole, with a tiny buttplug inside of it. got some more to show if anyone wanna see.. :)

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here's my horny hole without the plug.

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and another one of my horny, open hole

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one more, front view of my cock and the plug inside me.

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