WARNING: DRUNK I texted my ex a Cred Forums reaction image. She actually texted back

WARNING: DRUNK I texted my ex a Cred Forums reaction image. She actually texted back.

Pretty stuck on drinking and listening to music alone, but dubs decide what I say to her next.

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she hot?

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Let me take a dump in that mouth bby

I have a confession to make.. I was fapping to your relatives for the entire duration of our relationship

thingken bout thos beans

we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for White children

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Yeah. Hispanic milf.

Would post pictures but I'm phone faggin it right now and drunk or hungover and lazy

How about a blowjob

Bruh does your phone NOT have an option to post pics what the fuck. How is that a thing to be blocked by.

his ex is a MILF. OP is probably 45+. He literally doesn't know how to post pics on Cred Forums with his phone

The pictures are on my computer

I got a new phone since her bitch ass, backed it up to my computer and then never synced it to my new phone. Probably for the better.

But you know what, faggot, I'm gonna get on my ancient ass computer now and find em and post em. Just because I'm drunk and you're a faggot.

Give me a few minutes, this thing is slower than dog shit

I'm 27. She's 36.

Man, I know the feeling of booting up a POS PC, take my old one 30minutes to fully bootup

Can we meet for a cup of coffee?

Depends, are you an AA faggot?

Stupid bitch literally just asked "how have you been" immediately after you answered her question of "how have you been."

No time in my life for illiterate hoes

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That was an old text from several months ago.

But you're right, she knows how I've been

And I have more than fuckin mchad it

Ask her for her sisters number. Bonus if younger. Godmode if underage.

So she asked you months ago how you've been and you didn't respond until right now? She clearly wants your dick again moron. Go fuck her but also install tinder and maintain her pussy while procuring better options.

No, I started the conversation, she asked how I was (cheap ass response) that was my response, and she she never replied.

Typical Lupita

That's why I need dubs to tell me what to say so I can light this dumpster of a relationship on fire

Oh shit, I just realized this is dubs, and that's what I have to say.

BRB user

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Ohhhhh. She only replied to the cat pic and sent the smile face. Yeah you clearly have no game.

Plead with her to call off the cartel, tell her to think of the children



Thats not a drunk text.

She hasn't responded.

Fucking typical Lupita.

Not dubs, but I may do this just cause it's awesome

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Say: I know its hard to text with a dick in your hand but you gone learn Today.

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I'm horny, you want sex for fun?

Pretty good OP. Next time she asks how have you been say great you just inherited lots if money or something of great value. She looks like a.gold.digger imo


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I hope they don't find anything on my external ssd during the search

I like you

Trib her picture and send it to her

Holy shit, she replied

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Trips. Alright, give me a second, user.

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Well done faggot.
Now... post her nooods

I think she's saying yes to coffee. Congrats, you got a date

Tomorrow @ 9. (If yoi guys get back together you owe us nudes OP.

Oof. One too far.
Once the sale is made stop selling

I keep thinking about our time together.

Dont mind my rambling, I am drunk.

I missed you.

You know, it's funny! This reminds me of a story of a priest in my childhood. He was known for diddling with kids and yet he kept his "job". I am in the same situation and I am at a loss as to where to turn.
I started working there a while back and I noticed the boss' daugther and her cute little ass. So graceful, so elegant.
I got a boner right then and there.

You have always been a hot blooded latina. -Hubert Farnsworth


reroll this too

yeah, would totally send that


Wanna be my personal Pornstar?

Mamas on the bottom daddys on the top babys in the crib yelling pump it to her pop. Saying hey babaliba yes your baby knows

dont you worry mah dude.
/b will get you your girl back

dude wtf man you're gonna get that ass arrested lmao

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I'm not trying to get back with her.

Fuck her

I'm just trying to have some fun with my Cred Forumsros for all the suffering I went through

Ah, the sensation I got when she blessed me with her presence.
Julia introduced herself and it looked like she felt in love. I tried my best at hiding ol' captain but it was useless. I just turned 45 degrees and greeted her.
I knew instantly at that moment that my primal need would get the better of me.
In my mind Julia craved the tip, the smell and theshape of my cock.
I quickly excused myself to the office toilet booths.

A true Cred Forumsro love ya

ngl, i dont think tht shell buy it!! bitch is crazy smartt!

down in cunt valley where red rivers flow,
Where cocksuckers flourish and maidenheads grow,
'Twas there I met (ex gfs name), the girl I adore,
She's a hot fucking, cock-sucking, Mexican whore. She'll suck off your peter she'll suck out your nuts and if your not careful she'll suck out your guts. Now she's in virginia and I wish she was dead with maggots in her ass and a hole in her head.

Illiterate hose.

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doubt OP will deliver on these


Do you ever wish you were dead?
I do all the time now.
I really wish you were dead.

fucking disgustang spics, after kikes and niggers, and maybe faggots, you deserve to die in pain

hitler did something wrong at it was not finishing the job, I should take the lead now.

anyways, wanna be my first victim? build something beautiful for once in your life, as your offspring is this as you



Saturday @ 5?

OP being a Fag

A winrar is you.

Tequila is portmanteau of Tequiero meter la pija

J. K. Rolling



I actually don't have any to begin with

I am going to reclaim my territory like like the alamo.

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can we fuck

I heard you got CoronaVirus, I got the lime.

You’re a fucking moron OP.

i'm sorry for being this way i forgot how unsafe it was to mix tequila with my meds




I was happy once.... when you were in my arms

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a cat's asshole?

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Not funny man

fuck i think im losing my mind I just want to be happy again

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a dog's asshole?

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Can we hook up for sex? To be honest I miss your body and the way you smell. Do you still shave?

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a rat's asshole?

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Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a bat's asshole?

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Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a trap's asshole?

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Well, not my favorite yet, but here goes

Only when you blow me.

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a koala's asshole?

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oh no no no

OP here. Almost wish this was dubs

The assholers will get the next roll o_O

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a washing machine's asshole?

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Let's Just cut the crap. I am still deeply in love with you. Even after my affair with Fernando, I could't stop thinking of your succulent ass. Yours cheeks Just clap different, you know?

Oh yeah. Show us Noods OP

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in an elephant's asshole?

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Fuck off.

She ran my around in circles so many times chasing after her

It's my turn to have some fun

My version of fun is less manipulative though, and more along the lines of Cred Forums shitposting

boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465#bottom

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a chap's asshole?

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Pls respond lulz

Profess your Faggotry OP

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a cat's asshole?

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>Actually wrote Reroll

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Details details.....
Learn how “reroll” works. Then post correct message.

Does chocolate Milk Come from White cows with Brown tits or Brown cows with White tits?

dont worry... the assholers will get the next one

I have been thinking about you a lot.

I like pegging now, wondering if you want to come over and fuck me in the ass.

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a crocodile's cloaca?

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Fucking moron. This is not even newfagging, at least newfags had some sort of brain to not type “reroll” there. You are a plain idiot.


Send her this


Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a dingo's asshole?

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Sorry this is awkward. I might of given you HIV. When was the last time you got tested ? :(


Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a nigger's asshole?

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Do it op. Also send her this afterwards

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Im Moving to Guam.

So Lupe:

I have been thinking about you a lot.

I like pegging now, wondering if you want to come over and fuck me in the ass.



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Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a cow's asshole?

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Roll roll roll

do you wanna play pokemon with me like in good old days

You and I were meant to fly
To fly so high up in the sky
Why oh why must we still lie
About how I raped you that night?

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Did I ever tell you of the time i stuck my finger in my own asshole and it came out my peepee?



OP here

That was art

I almost wish it was dubs


Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a finger's asshole?

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Girl I never been happier, I gotta say this dope makes everything feel pristine.

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Yeah, that's the spirit!
Also drink a bit more, take a big pint of water and paracetamol >500mg, take another one when you wake up after a big sleep.
Hangover minimized.

Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be blunt... I'm going to kill myself tonight. I can't stand the loneliness anymore. I just wanted to speak to you one more time... and maybe get a quick blowjob... please?

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Lets run away, Just the two of us. We Will make love under the stars, hold hands and talk about that time I stuck my finger in a chinese man's asshole.

Did you know I always jerk off next to you while you sleep?

Deliver faggot


All poopoo times are peepee times
But not all peepee times are poopoo times

Faggotry at its finest.
OP has failed to deliver.

Being real here - we never did all the kinky stuff I wanted to do during sex. I would have flooded your asshole with so much piss, babe.

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OP acts tough but left once she showed him attention. Sad really

many such cases

OP bailed on us.

Just like old times

...just like old times.

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Nah, my phone died.

Got it back on the charger

Gonna see if there's any more dubs

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hnnnggggg *plop*

Marry me

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I'm gonna tie you to a streetlight and dogfuck you in front of a crowd

Look, the post got dubs, and it said reroll

I said dubs decides what I say

The post got dubs

It said reroll

I said reroll


Damn, wanna come over at 8 tonight?

by that logic you should including the reply id

I'm still here, still checking dubs and sending texts


That actually sounds like something I would say, right up untill the Chinese man's butthole part


whiteness has no inherent value

Brand new sentence

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Holy shit ahahaha

Im sorry, my retarded big brother keeps grabbing my phone

Send me a picture of your cunt

Dubs. Now do it


I can't believe he's pulling through, OP definitely delivers

i am sorry for hurting you.

I hope you're into fucking labradors now

I REALLY hope you're into fucking labradors now

This is valid


boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/ 820693465


Needed more enthusiasm, well done user.

OP here.

The hiv a d the cunt picture posts are gonna take some balls.

I'm hyping myself up for it right now.

Give me a moment

boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465



Come on, OP do it for the sake of entertainment. We only get one go at life, let's enjoy it.


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boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465

who gives a fuck about some dumb chick
dont do the HIV one- ask her for nudes

Alright, I'm gonna fuckin do it. HIV one first.


Well I somehow got dubs twice in a row. For that you should say "if you're not into fucking sogs will you at least watch me do it"

dubs get

Did I ever tell you about the time I stuck my finger in a jackal's butthole?

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Hey what about my "show me a picture of your cunt" one? I won fair and square.


frosted butts

rerollo for boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465

I ask that you please don't post this message in the chat. It would really hurt my feelings and stuff. Don't even think about doing it?

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I can adopt a new dog for our sexy time

op is a pussy

I think i'm actually overdosing on something.. can you please call help?

Still working up the balls for that one.

Will deliver in the next few minutes

Just gotta grow the balls


Why aren't you responding? Do you want to hear about the time I stuck my finger in your mother's asshole?

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Beautiful. I love you

whatever faggot this is dumb and you suck. You aren't honoring the rules you gave out. Dubs are dubs- you're a faggot and I'm out.

Wish this got dubs

Would be totally out of context, she would be so confused

But we would kek

May just send it anyway

Try rolling again, user

checked and mated

BOOM! The assholes win with TRIPS!

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Well done user! A solid contribution. This will be fun.

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...the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, my dick is throbbing... what a beautiful day for Cooming. Good morning, Alix Lynx!

'been awake for 20 whole seconds and I haven't Coomed yet! It's time to hop onto my porn throne and machine-gun jackhammer my deathgrip bloodshot semi-chub with my roided doomfist ONCE AGAIN!


OOh fuck! UOOOh! Oh fuck! Oh jesus...gosh, oh fuck, fuck, oh fuck, oh...ooh...
There you are, my slippery white gift to the world. My son...I'd say...oh fuck...o fuck...Hm.

Well, time to get some breakfast. Actually a...a little Coom first wouldn't hurt...

This op is being based. Yo quiero PUTARIA

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Attached: Screenshot_20200214-153432.png (496x988, 81K)

OP ruined this entire thing by ignoring the HIV. It was atleast plausible. Now with sogs and k9s. Shes like wow. OP is a fag, and shes right

you got it for me bud

Let's just treat this as a reroll

boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465

boards.Cred Forums.org/b/thread/820693465

send her the board link pussy

I-im so sorry.. I don't even know how to explain this but I didn't mean to send all that I, you know how I get anxious.....................


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oh shit!


OP is a fag

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OP, I got trips. Deliver.

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I-im so sorry.. I don't even know how to explain this but I didn't mean to send all that I, you know how I get anxious.....................

Op doesnt understand what reroll means so you have to copy/paste the first reply over and over.

If you dont respond I'll rape my dog right now

Two trips in this thread OP must deliver

LOL he still thinks OP will do anything that requires a nutsack

>If you dont respond I'll rape my dog right now

Why don't you stop being a pussy and actually deliver on this shit.


I'm still trying to work my way up to HIV and cunt pic

Give me a moment. I will deliver, I just gotta drink some more first

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Ight I won again, let's gooo send dat shit boi


Show bob and vagene

Shes gone. You fucked it up

faggot your thread is about to die. Just shut the fuck up and leave if you aren't going to do it.

Give OP some time goddammit, this requires balls

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Holy shit.

Another level 11 response. This one is in queue with mother's asshole, HIV, and cunt pic

I need to drink a lot more, but I promise I will deliver before the thread 404s



>I need to drink a lot more
No you don't you spineless hack

You're obviously OP just samefagging. It doesn't take balls to type words on a screen and hit send.

abandon thread OP is gone

Thanks sir. If win again say "but seriously. I'll rape the dog"

Nah, can't blame you for assuming this though. He's taking his time.

Tonight you WILL get your dick ripped off.

Oh my God, you guys are really pushing me now.

Gotta get more drunk

Special delivery

Attached: Screenshot_20200214-154909.png (496x984, 85K)

OP here

That guy wasn't samefagging.

Also, it does take some balls

I'm working my way up to it.

Holy quads

Wasn't expecting this

Gotta send this now!

You're not supposed to do them out of order and the whole point of this thread is to do what fate determines, i.e., if you say DUBS THEN I SEND, then you fucking send that thing, you don't think about it, you deal with the consequences afterwards.

I'm the one who kept spamming the asshole lines, finally got a win with trips, then you do the "special delivery" and send the ENTIRE THREAD before my comment? My comment which fit perfectly into the rhythm of what was happening, asking her why she hadn't yet replied?

OP. You are a faggot among faggots.

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but seriously. I'll rape the dog

Okay, this is OP again.

I'm good and drunk

I am once again asking for your assistance

What was the last post to get dubs?

Don't you dare think about lying to me, I will fuck your ass

Post screenshots to prove it.

OP will deliver, I just need some help remembering what to deliver on

I remember some shit about HIV and cunts

Oh and I already shared your public information with everyone on Cred Forums, should of never left me you fucking nigger

Despite only taking up 13% of the population, African Americans cause 50% of the crime nationwide.

Send the 'reply or I'll rape my dog one' I got. Also if win tell her dont click the link or else you'll get viruses sorry

I'm drunk.

Link to the comment, or repost it here

It's on

Reply and I will send it

I'm sorry for being a faggot earlier

Guess who just murdered some Jews?! This guy! :D

Attached: 1575913175192.jpg (529x502, 44K)

I just pissed off my Coke dealer and he's threatening to murder me if I don't come up with $5,000 by tonight! Help me please!

OP, you should just go for drinks with her. Try and reconnect. Find yourself some happiness

Shes not even responding, probably blocked you at this point

Well, you did get dubs, and I got quads or trips or something

Attached: Screenshot_20200214-160057.png (496x990, 96K)

There is no happiness with her

It's all superficial

I'll stay on Cred Forums with the Cred Forumsros

I just killed a Jew, chopped him up, and few him to my neighbor's dog. AMA.

I just volunteered to be the first person to colonize the Sun. Would you like to join me?

Nah dude, she has a habit of starting shitty boring weak conversation and then ???

Honestly, I don't know what she does after that. Maybe she gets high

please tell your mother I love her

Attached: coomsock.png (332x256, 128K)

OP skipped all the good ones. Then went straight for letting her in on Cred Forums all so he could save face and try to win her back. Sad

wow that image is top tier cringe




I'm a big stupid moron, who sniffs his own butt, and I like the smell of my own butt.

chek'd and kek'd

Fuck you, the link to Cred Forums rolled dubs

I'm working my way up to HIV and cunt pics and whatever that other one was, if user ever responds to remind me

I'm drunk, give me a break

I just gave Norm MacDonald a blowjob, ask me anything.

haha I hope you enjoyed this. I will be at your house in 5 minutes. dont bother trying to call the police, I will get there before they can show up. you're getting your fucking head blown off tonight.


What did you eat for dinner?

WARNING: DRUNK I texted my ex a Cred Forums reaction image. She actually texted back.

Pretty stuck on drinking and listening to music alone, but dubs decide what I say to her next.

Let me eat your ass one more time

I'm tired of the games can we just meet up for a dirty fuck. I'm drunk and miserable

We should nuke Antarctica before it nukes us.

OP the thread is about to reach bump limit, are you making another thread or just gonna end it here

I hate NIGGERS (that's not a spelling mistake)

Post that image, nigger

I hate NIGGERS (that's not a spelling mistake)

I'm a dumb Jew who likes to watch futanari porn and be cucked by big black men.

I just wanna touch a frogs lips

They call me BUMP LIMIT REACHED, back home. ;)

I hate NIGGERS!!!

No they don’t

Attached: 1578157820469.jpg (570x402, 30K)

I enjoy watching you having sex with some black dude. Wanna try it out some time?

*kills thread*

Wanna suck my dick this weekend?

This couldve been a funny thread but OP was a fag and decided to chicken out

please have sex with me im desperate

that was too fucking close what the fuck

Glad that wasn't dubs, nig nog

>immediately after
clearly says 3 months passed

buddy, you're the idiot

Rape you next week!

fuck you you fucking bitch

OP here, I drank too much

I can't move

I'm having a hard time holding my phone up to post this

dont die yet OP, we have critical information to deliver

I have testicular cancer

Kinker kanker konker alle dieven zijn donker

Bruh moment

Just sleep the bump limit's already reached

Die in a fire you whore

I must find a way to carry on

Alright user, let's get our shit together.

I've been pushing out on 3 dubs: HIV, cunt pic, and something else I forget because I'm drunk.

Fuck dubs

Little nigger kids are outside my house screaming and yelling about weed like wanabe gangsters or something

Next user after this, right after this, who tells me to post, I will post what you say to post

For anons sake, I hope it's the HIV one or the cunt pic, but let freedom ring

Time for me to go to sleep, hopefully forever




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Wow, that one got an immediate response

Attached: Screenshot_20200214-163900.png (496x992, 89K)

quite a disappointing ending, cunt pic wouldve been nice