Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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eat chicken

Bend her over and fuck her in the ass going balls deep. Pull out before cumming and make her suck my dick and cum in her mouth.

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Fuck her throat till she’s nearly puking from the force

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Anal sex isn’t as fun as vaginal, just so you know.


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Depends on the girl.

I'd tie her up her parents bed and fuck her for hours leaving every door of her house unlocked I love to see her parents reaction or her reaction when they see me pumper full of semen

Rip open those pants and plow her face to face in that bathroom whilst all her family is in the house and keeping her mouth barely quiet while doing so

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Fuck her on a live stream so that everyone knows how much of slut she really is

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Titty fuck her and ruin all of her makeup and leave her in ruins w ounces of my semen dripping from her face

Get her nice and drunk then when she's fully malleable I got her to fuck a dog and record the whole thing just to blackmail her ass and get whatever I want from her

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wwyd to Dezirey?

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>I would reverse image search
>find out her name is Krissy Taylor
>find insta
>jerk off three times to her non nudes
>clean up
> cry myself to sleep

A very realistic take on this user kek


id rip that bathing suit off and finger blast her on the beach in front of everyone

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would make her jerk me off with her tits and blast on her face

Take her over to those rails and bend her over, hike up her dress and eat her pussy from the back until shes nice and wet, once shes ready I stick my hard cock in her and fuck her raw until i explode inside her

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Keep going at this slut user

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I'd facefuck her right there in public till she passes out

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Push her face against the wall as I rip open her top, then force her on her knees and make her suck my dick

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Any without glasses?

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Hard pass


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here's a close up of her face

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wwyd to this slut??

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Dezirey was born a man Nigga.

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She's got a face I want to fuck


Find that hard to believe since she has given birth to two kids.

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yeah me too

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Take her to a nice dinner. And then drop her off at home with no expectations.
Get friend zoned
Settle for an ugly chick with foot fungus
Get married
Become an alcoholic


You can lie to me, but not yourself user.

bend her over from behind, push aside her swimsuit and fuck her ass doggy style


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No warm up or foreplay? Or do you self lubricate?

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self lube beforehand

Look at trees with her. Looks peaceful

more of her tits

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Oh shit. I like your style

lift her in the air and flip her upside down and make her blow me while i eat her pussy standing up

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what about her guys?

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pin her against the tree while I have my way



Hanna Montana? I love this bitches music

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amazing tits for cumming on

She’s missing parts of her shirt

what would you do to these two?

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Long and brutal

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How would you use her holes?

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fatten her into a whale and then fuck her


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