What's his name again Cred Forums?

What's his name again Cred Forums?

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Nigel the Rat

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Deep state Pete


Nigger lover.

Pete BigGay

That's Petite Bootycheeks right?


Pedro Buttlick

A guy that can't eat a cinnamon roll without looking like a rat

Peter Bootygay

Pete Buttholegig


boot edge edge


pete butterkeg


Pete Buttplug

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Penis bootyjizz

Cheat Bootygag

is he the top or the bottom?

Bernie supporter here. I will write in Bernie if he isn't the nominee, as will hundreds of thousands of other Bernie supporters. If you don't nominate Bernie, Trump will win in November. You've been warned.

Pete who likes meat

Honestly the DNC should just erase bernie from their shit since they clearly don't want anything to do with him

That'd be a great way to permanently destroy the Democratic Party. So yeah they should do that, lol, fuck the DNC

Bernie is gonna win again in SC and they'll just give bootycheeks or biden or bloomberg the nomination. Or in a move that will suprise nobody, Say that hillary is running again.

Petey "CIA" Buttbutt

Don't just write Bernie in. Vote for Trump. Punish these centerist fucks for running to the right.