The rich won't pay their fair share

>The rich won't pay their fair share
>Meanwhile poor people don't even pay into the services they receive
>The democrats continue to hand them more money every year

Any reason this fucking kike refuses to address this?

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> The rich won't pay their fair share
Bernie knows it all too well. After all, he's part of the 1%, pays the legal minimum on taxes (if it is legal) and nothing to charity.
From the leaked returns a few years back, it's already shown that Trump pays more in both percentage and total dollar amount than "old man numbnuts"

Exactly, but don't tell his retarded base all of these facts. They don't like hearing facts.

He really isn't a smart man. If he was he would be a lot richer. He's Forest Gump.

Citation needed*

Not him but you do know Bernie owns 3 houses right? That alone puts him in the 1%

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he isn't part of the 1%, idiot. this is a moronic claim going around, but it's untrue.
Just check the info for yourself...your claim is 100% untrue. Fucking loser

amazon paid 0 federal taxes last year.


Think about that next time you see an amazon truck driving on a federal highway that your federal taxes paid for.

And they hired how many people again? Or am I not suppose to ask that question, you kike ass bitch

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

― Karl Rove

wasnt trumps charity a scam lmao

trump gave tax breaks to the ultra rich(despite campaigning against ideas like that)
I cant support that

bernie 2020

The vast majority of people on social services are employed so I have no fucking clue what you are on about.

they hire people to make money. thats all. and they dont pay taxes on it. i pay taxes, but corporations dont.

WhY Do YoU SuPpOrT SocIalISm

No it doesn't. Secondly, "$3million and $280million are the same."
Okay Lobotomite

wow a 78 year old owns three homes? oh no!

A 78 year old who complains about rich people constantly has 3 homes

Your premise is just plain false. The poor do pay their "share," in fact they pay proportionately more than what is objectively fair.

Try being less of a dope in the future. Better yet, KYS.

Yes, the "ultra rich" are the problem here. As you post on that $1500 iPhone while playing your fucking PS4 on the fucking $800K house you live in, but boo hoo steal money from other people so I can buy more fucking bullshit. Then ignore all my pets who don't even fucking work but collect welfare and food stamps and refuse to wear condoms. Anyone who brings that up you immediately start dancing around like a faggot.

No, they hire people so fatasses like you can buy fucking bullshit from them every week. And we're not even talking about Amazon by the way. We're talking about your "poor" friends and why your Kike hero refuses to call them the fuck out. You wanna explain that or are you going to just dance around like a fucking homo on pride day?

He also gave tax breaks to the middle class. Apparently you’re not happy unless the government is stealing money from everyone?

>cant critisize something while not being that thing

epic & based logic

Poor people pay their share my ass. They don't even fucking pay property taxes, but they wanna have hoards of kids that everyone else who wants for a living has to pay for.

>obvious hypocrisy is ok

there is a big different between the rich
3 people in the USA make more money than the bottom 50% of the entire population. thats rich
having a networth of 1.5 million is quite wealthy, maybe even rich
but it is NOT the ultra rich that are controlling our country purely because they have money. they control the government, they control business, and they control the people. and thats not okay

stop being jewpilled. i thought pol hated jews?


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they benefit the ultra rich much more than the middle class, and dont pretend like they dont

oh the stock market is doing well? I wonder why our private business man president has such an interest in making the stock market soar? I wonder why he is giving tax breaks to the rich?
like dude, hes not even hiding it. hes not here to help you.

Is this code for "the USA is turning into a 3rd world country because we're importing more of my spanish speaking pets every year"?

>only rich people own stocks
So you're either a brown person, or underaged. Or are you just a nigger lover? Which one is it bud?

the last two years that I've filed I've received less in my returns while staying in the same bracket. please explain?

hes literally not the 1% (unlike every other candidate)
1% is bare minimum 10.5 million in net worth.

>Yes, the "ultra rich" are the problem here. As you post on that $1500 iPhone while playing your fucking PS4 on the fucking $800K house you live in
assumptions of projections? does it even matter at this point? trump could spray diarrhea into your open mouth and you'd say it's the tastiest milkshake you've ever had.

>Implying being brown, underage, or "loving niggers" makes this user less intelligent than you.
Enjoying your grizzly and budweiser Cleetus? Why did you bother stealing cable from your neighbors trailer if you're just going to watch Hannity and Tucker Carlson all day?

are you dumb? I own stocks too.
The stocks are just a tool used by the rich to perpetuate wealth.
Casually trading stocks as a civilian it really doesnt matter if the stocks are doing super well or not(as long as they arent crashing). making 5% more on your 10k doesnt really matter. making 5% more on you 1 billion dollar investment does

Look it up dumbfucks, it's public info
> Top 1% in the US means a family income of at least $412,000 annually
> In 2016 and 2017 Bernie and wife returns show approx 1.1m, and a recent nerfed (but still 1%) $560,000 for 2019.

He gave tax breaks to EVERYBODY. You do realize the "the rich" are include in EVERYBODY though, right?

Yes assumptions because the vast majority of Bernie's "base", are privileged retards who grew up in 6 figure households who have mommy and daddy paying for their bullshit college "education", while they study liberal arts bullshit. But you faggots wanna complain about college debt. Meanwhile your pets sit on the porch, THAT THEY DO NOT OWN THIS PART IS IMPORTANT, all day long while selling drugs and listening to rap music on their shitty bluetooth speakers. While they make life miserable for everyone else and have kids they don't support. Notice not a single one of you faggots has addressed anything that was said about your pets. Instead you just dance around like faggots, saying hur dur steal money from other people and give it to me so I can buy more fucking bullshit with it.


Why Yes I prioritize my own fragile ego over the interests of myself and my family when voting

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voting is just like a football team you cheer for your team regardless

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Why Yes I demand other people give money to my pets while I don't give a dime of my own money

no, this is the least billionairs have ever payed in taxes in the history of the United States.
they literally pay a lower tax rate than middle class people.

When i listen to the same people tell me the same thing everyday it makes me an informed citizen

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Not everyone who doesn’t like Bernie is from Cred Forums you fucking faggot. Do you really think you have to be a Nazi or some shit to not like Bernie? I just don’t like the idea of the government taking my fucking money and deciding who deserves it more.

You look similar to this, except this one looks slightly better.

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And why do you want everyone to pay more in taxes? So they can give it to your pets? Because I hate to break it to you, but you're not going to receive a fucking dime of that money. Or am I talking to a fucking monkey right now?

Tesla is surely worth 900 dollars a share. Who doesn't need a luxury car or two in america where almost 50% of the population lives off 18k or less a year.

Definately not a ponzi scheme

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So now we're referring to black people as "pets".
What will you do with yourself when Trump is no longer in office and you have to go back to hiding your racism and masking your insecurities, as to not be shunned from society?

Will you move farther south to be with other like minded troglodytes? Or will you just join a underground neo-nazi party? Maybe the KKK will take you in, but somehow I doubt your mother will let you steal her linens to make your costume. Maybe if you double up on your hours at Salvation Army they will let you take home some used sheets for free.

So, this is the 'Right's' fabled argument line?

Best economy ever I shout as everyone around me falls further and further into poverty

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Please speak up. Only hearing random noises from you.

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damn you got mad fast
calling people nigger lovers isnt really a good way to make yourself look serious in an argument.
I wouldnt expect anything different from someone who is still eating out of trumps hands despite being lied to and played for 4 years. Real glad we ended up with that wall the mexicans paid for

You mean your pets who refuse to get jobs?

Sorry bud, but you dancing around like a dumb faggot while you ignore all the bullshit your pets are doing, isn't a real argument

I am willing to support Hillary and Obama as they campaign with Trump against Bernie. Its okay when they are on our side.

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Thanks for the rapid response to heroin addiction and the opiod crisis. You sure punished those oxycontin managers.

And yet why is white america trying to medicate such pain? could it be poverty?

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Better get out as much spiteful racist shit as you can before mommy gets home and takes her laptop back.

Yeah because your pets don't use drugs at all! Hehe look everyone, we have any dancing faggot here, right in front of the pride parade!

No, the federal income tax brackets increase the more you make. If you make more than $207,000 you're taxed at 35%, and it scales down (32%, 24%, 22%, & 12%) depending on your bracket. There is also the fact that he doubled the "standard deduction" ($12k to $24k) so you pay NOTHING if you make less than $24k.

In addition, there was not an income tax in the US until 1913, so any "rich" payed a hell of a lot less the first 137 years our nation existed.

disregard this graph its completely unrelated to the disparaging wealth generated by three different generations.

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Three houses says otherwise

>these are the people that vote for trump
You sound schizo, or like your on adderall. Your not doing your party any favors by acting like the crazy homeless people that get aggressive on the street, petanon

Bernie isn't poor or middle class now, but he grew up poor. That might be why he wants these policies. Bernie doesn't receive donations from the rich. He does receive donations from google employees, but not google directly.

biggest grassroots movement in USA history
BERNIE for 2020!!!

If we had the ridiculous policies he wanted, his kike ass would still be poor today. This nigger has never even had a real job in his entire life.

The 1% everyone’s always whining about literally pays 97% of all income tax.

I didn't like Hillary or Trump during the 2016 debates. I like Hillary even less now.

You are a retard. The only thing you could be referring to is the capital gains tax. Bernie really brainwashed you huh?

Yes he is that brainwashed. Then again odds are high he's a brown person, since he thinks only the "rich" own stocks.

Free healthcare will help the poor and the middle class. The middle class always pay the most amount of tax and now there is an actual reward for that.

People refuse to believe the rich pay taxes. They dont realize the rich pay most of the taxes and close to half of the population dont pay shit and get handouts. Losers that listen to fags like Bernie think it is unfair that they are worthless. It amazes me that they think they are owed money.

If the rich won't pay their share why have the Republicans continued to pass legislation giving them the biggest tax breaks?

This happened to no one I know myself included you did something drastically wrong or are a lying fuck trying to shill Bernie to a bunch of liberal non-voters on Cred Forums..Try harder.

>and now there is an actual reward for that.
Oh really? Do explain how I "benefit" from paying for some nigger's fucking healthcare. Not to mention the democrats also want to give illegals free healthcare as well.


In Canada if you make around 60k/year, 10k will go directly to funding the healthcare system. You think that's fair bucko?

My moral compass revolves around a group of 150 people I will never meet and will never be a part off. Its my fetish.

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They're not you fucking retard. Who told you that, CNN? Or are you one of those retards who thinks anyone that isn't a porch monkey is "rich"?

Found the nigger.

It's funny how fucking ridiculous these political arguments are. We all think we are going to change people's opinions even though we aren't. I guess it's just fun to argue online.

>Any reason this fucking kike refuses to address this?
Because it's not true and you're a retard

Even if they are not paying their "fair share" they pay almost all the taxes. Not just federal, but state, sales, property etc. Poor people are just a fucking drain, yet they want more.

You cant be this stupid but it is Cred Forums.

Only argue ironically

What percentage of total taxes collected in the USA are paid by the top 1%?

I know right? We all know niggers and spics want hand outs, and their liberal handlers will do nothing but make excuses. But hur dur rich people don't pay taxes even though my pets literally pay dick in taxes but receive hoards of benefits, but if you point that out I will respond by dancing around like a faggot.

Exactly why would i want a candidate that wants to pfotect my gun rights and believes federal buy back to be unconstitutional(while Trump let virginians lose their guns)

Why would i support a candidate that cant be bought by the bankers and industry leaders undermining our republic.

Why support a candidate that believes in climate change and has plans to combat it.

Why support a candidate that believes in immigration reform when wd could just blindly pretend a wall would be effective even though 90% of immigrants arrive by plane.

Why support a candidate that wants my tax money to be used to help the American people instead of the poor elite ruling class.

Why support a candidate that has fought for workers rights for 40 years.

Why support a candidate that knows the system inside and out instead of a failed reality tv "star"

Good point op.

Let the faggot find out on his own when half of the democrats who are moderate dont vote for him. He probably wont run anyways in the end the DNC dont agree with his radical socialist pipe dreams.

Not who you both responded to, but he was talking about trump having paid more by percentage. Please cite your source for that bit.

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If you only care about how well a stock does on an annual basis you're an idiot. If you consistently invest your money every year in the market you will be very wealthy by the time you retire. This idea that only rich people benefit is retarded. Literally everyone benefits if the market is doing well, unless you're financially illiterate and only put your money in a savings account

Damn trumpists are so often simple minded contrarians, doesn’t matter what you tell them

He'll just vote "blue no matter who" like the fucking cuck he is

>thinking the middle class arent going to have to pick up the bulk of taxes for free medicare after the 1% move there money offshore to avoid losing it annually.

Top Kek snowflake.

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The middle class IS the rich, that's the whole point. Anyone who isn't sitting on porches all day that they don't even fucking own is "rich" to the democrats.

That's only possible if you're talking long term capital gains... not income tax

>>Meanwhile poor people don't even pay into the services they receive

Maybe it's because they're, um, poor?

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It's almost like people are talking less about the amount of taxes paid, and more about whether that amount is proportional to a given person's income and assets.

You are so scared of black people

So maybe they should, um, stop having kids and buying cigarettes and lottery tickets every fucking day? You wanna at least ask them to do that or is that too much?

Right, we should punish people for having jobs and investing and doing the right things in life, and steal all their assets and money. Then we should give it to your pets or to you personally, so you can turn around and buy fucking bullshit with it. Is that what you're going to say next?

So many retards in this threat that have fallen for the racism spook. The rich and powerful will do anything to divide the working class, to keep them distracted, to keep them from realizing that they're all being screwed by capitalism.

maybe raytheon doesn't need another contract to build more jets? maybe we don't need to go to another war? maybe amazon can fund its own research on how to sell more shit from all the tax they avoided to pay? eat shit, retard.

retard response
there are very easy loopholes in america for the ultra rich to dodge out on taxes, and they do. Thats how the classic amazon and Jeff Bezos paid 0 last year in taxes thing went down.

Every country has stopped this loophole assuming they arent africa, its easy to stop it even. But every president has ignored it up to now because they got massive pay outs.

Right, amazon should pay more taxes so that money can be given to your pets. You do know that's what you're asking for right? You're not going to get a fucking penny of that money. Even if you did you would just use it to buy more fucking bullshit, likely from the same fucking people you keep bitching about everyday. Bet money on it your mommy buys you a fucking brand new iPhone every fucking 2 years. Do they also pay for you to study liberal fucking arts or are you still in high school?

And they employed how many people last year? Oh right, we're not suppose to ask that question. Instead we have to dance around like faggots when someone brings that up, like you're doing at the moment. Look at you go, leading the pride parade. Refusing to answer the questions that people ask. The porch monkey smiles and waves as you parade along. He knows you won't call him out.

actual good points
trump voters would never dare argue with you.

>You sound schizo, or like your on adderall. Your not doing your party any favors by acting like the crazy homeless people that get aggressive on the street, petanon.

Petanon, im not going to argue with the mentally ill. I can barely even read your posts because they just sound like an angry word salad about parades, pets, and racial biases.

There are deductions and loopholes, but the fact remains the top 1% pay most of the total taxes. Look up property taxes on a 20 million dollar property. Poor people get handouts and pay nothing. You are an entitled faggot who just wants a bigger handout and bought into the loser mentallity and ignored the possibility of making real money on your own

I didn't "argue" with that faggot because that's obvious pasta from plebbit, but the idea Bernie can't be brought by banks is fucking laughable. This is the same fucking kike that was brought out by the fucking DNC.

Ten Years After

Everywhere is freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
Tax the rich, feed the poor
'Til there are no rich no more?

I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you

I do like the dancing around like a faggot line though

Not the same guy, but from what I've seen they paid the same tax rate (approx 25%) but Trump paid a fuckton more in dollar amount. The leaked Trump return MSNBC had say Trump paid $38 million in taxes for 2005, and Bernie paid a little more than $145,000.

I don't care if Trump paid 10% and Bernie paid 50% at that point, Trump fucking paid 262x more in taxes than Bernie. Why the fuck is anyone complaining at all when a lot of us get a tax refund.

Who cares . Maybe we should deport that truck. Companies are not people.

>healthy financial situation where citizens aren't under stress 90% of the time.
sounds better to me than funding the military industry complex and funding R&D for big companies like Amazon when they should be paying for their own fucking research.
if you love this country so much, can you please wear a maga hat and enlist? go get your face blown off for raytheon, you silly douche.

They're complaining because they want more money to be given to their pets. Or they're so goddamn stupid they think those tax dollars will be given directly to themselves, just so they can turn around and spend it all on fucking bullshit. These are the same fucking people who bitch about the cost of college while they major in social studies or ass twerking.

No, all they do is post shitty memes and the best argument any of them can seem to formulate is the inevitable "socialism bad" while being blind to or ignorant of the fact that they already live in a vast socialist state but the benefit of our American socialism largely goes to the top 1% of earners and businesses in the way of rebates, subsidies and if they really fuck up the economy we reward them with a 12 trillion dollar bail out of tax payers money. Its great though because they provide shit ass jobs with 0 benefits and even when profit has increased 6 times in 30 years wages have declined adjustex for inflation. Try to tell a brainwashed idiot any of this though and they just say fake news or still your president or seethe harder faggot or sone other bullshit theyve repeated from some other idiotic source. Bernie may truly be the last candidate that will stand against the immense power of the ruling elite but our country is brainwashed by the media to vote against their interest or common sense.

Youre not even part of the group that people are calling attention to, we're talking about multimillionaires, billionaires, people with more money than they know what to do with. There is no possible way to "earn" a billion dollars, those people have gotten to where they are by exploiting the labor of the working class.
Rational people don't see minorities and the underprivileged as "pets", but as human beings with the same basic rights as you and me.
Our economy requires the buying and selling of goods and services to function, and the vast majority of those transactions are done by the working class.

There you go again, dancing around like a fucking homo. Who the fuck is paying Amazon to do "research"? What are you even talking about you stupid ass fucking kike? Is the idea of a successful business such a fucking foreign concept to you that you need to do research? You're a nigger aren't you?

>There is no possible way to "earn" a billion dollars
Okay so you're a nigger who just wants to steal other people's money, got it. But I'll tell you what, if this is such a problem for you, why don't you return to that fucking zoo called Africa? Your nigger family is waiting for you there. Why do you refuse to go, not enough gibs and blunts?

He was poor most of his life because he is lazy. He never had a real job. Waaaaahhh, I don't want to work and I don't have nice things. That's why he appeals to losers.

you sound pretty upset

>Rational people don't see minorities and the underprivileged as "pets"
Except that is exactly how the left views them all, as literal pets. To do and say as they are told. If they don't vote for the DNC overlords or tote the democrat line, they are viewed as uncle toms and house niggers. Any explanation for that or are you just gonna dance like a faggot now that someone pointed that out?

the pentagon hands out contracts to big tech companies you fucking retard, i'm not talking about the local strip club your mother conceived you in.

You are either lying, stupid, or you live in a high tax state and are butthurt because the rest of us are tired of subsidizing your lifestyle. It's time you paid your fair share user.

I gotta tell ya friend, that dancing around like a faggot line is a powerful visual

Right, so you would prefer the pentagon hand out contracts to your pets. Is that right? Then they can do "research" on blunt rolling and ass twerking, with faggots like you standing there and smiling. Hehe, look at my pets. Making life miserable for everyone else. Now now tyrone, you need to stay in that zoo we set up for you. We agreed you can do as you please and hurt/kill anyone you like, as long as it's not in my neighborhood. Or am I not suppose to bring any of that up? I know, you're going to continue to ignore all of that, bring up Amazon again like a dancing faggot, and pretend to act like you're a fucking moron who doesn't speak fucking English.

It's true though

The rich pay more than their fair share. Bernie is an idiot that believes we can tax our way to prosperity.

Yes he is. Plenty of articles have been published that show how Sanders is part of the one percent. He and his wife had an adjust gross income of $561,293 in 2018. That places them in the one percent, you mong.

Bernie is actually not an idiot. He just realizes he can tap into a crowd of people that want "free" shit they did jack dick to earn. Most of whom weren't even born yet when the USSR collapsed.

You guys love to bring up " Amazon pay no taxes, bad " . Let's tax amazon, what do you think will happen? They will cut costs and you will pay more buying from Amazon. That's good you say? Now allibaba gets more orders , all that money going overseas. Allibaba gets bigger until no more Amazon. Now not only do we not get the tax money but tons of jobs lost and all the profits are overseas. There is a reason we have the huge inovators and companies in this country. Take away incentives and they go elsewhere.

Keep in mind if Amazon were "taxed" like these retards keep crying about, and immediately fired hundreds of people afterwards, these same retards would cry about that as well. Then the next day buy more fucking bullshit from Amazon.

Amazon got out of taxes because it carried losses forward and it reinvested. The government tax code is set up to get businesses to reinvest to create jobs. I would rather be employed by Amazon instead of waiting on a handout from Bernie

>Any reason this fucking kike refuses to address this?

Legislation is optimally intended to legitimize beneficial forms of behavior and to penalize that which is detrimental to behavior...

...40 years into a failed Drug War with no end in sight, while the population grew "tired" hearing it...booo hooo...You stupid fucking parasite.

It's a Drug WAR.

You moron.

Al Capone was proof of how predictable this was and Americans are too stupid to even understand the reference.

Just be glad that you aren't wiping your ass with dried leaves or dying of foot blisters...which is what you deserve for being so stupid so as to "forget" that you have been in about 20 FUCKING WARS in the last 20 years. You Ameritard.

P.S. Back to your room, you socially-anxious idiot.

History would disagree with you. Tax for highest earning corporations under eisenhower were 91% Bernie wants around 50. Business didnt leave under Eisenhower. Our market is the most powerful in the world. If companies want to leave instead of paying taxes like everyone else more power to them soneone elss would be in there the next day. The establishment have agreed with elite corporate power that instead of paying people fair wages and paying taxes we should instead treat the american worker like a product or more accurately like chattel. Bernies tax plan is almost ver batim identical to taxes under reagans first term. If you believe otherwise youve been brainwashed by the billion dollar propaganda and meme machine that funds trumps campaign. Theres a reason 40 billionaires are donating to moderate democrats. They know Bernie would end the blatant corruption between our state and private interests. You have a choice as an American your vote obviously matters as evidenced by the billions poured into campaign funding. Vote fod the people of america or vote for the corrupt oligarchy of private interest and government power.

You are an idiot and don't know what you are talking about.

literal insanity right here

A lot of Bernfags got owned ITT

Because you had less taken out of each check, numbnuts.

And 200 years ago it cost one chicken to get my horse re-shoed . It is easier today to go elsewhere . There is also more global competition. Maybe people donate to moderate Democrats because they believe they would do a better job as president.

Yeah I'm sure that's why. I'm also sure it has nothing to do with those same democrats lining those people's pockets or doing them political favors. How fucking delusional are you?

If you tax the corporations too much they will leave. They should leave. A corporation is loyal to stockholders not Bernie or fags that want handouts. You cant just tax with no consequence. Socialists dont understand this obvious fact

These fools are brainwashed. They offer no substantial rebuttal. We could save billions if the wealthiest peopld in the fucking world would pay their employees enough to get them off of govt assistance.

Tell these idiots production has increased 6 times on average across the board but wages have declined in the past 30 years.
They say some muh bootstrap bullshit.

Tell them we pay more than any other nation for medicines that our taxes fund.
They just meme.

Tell them that Sanders policies are the same policies that pulled us out of a great depression. They ignore.

Theyre fools. And they will die fools because they refusd to learn.

Me and you can continue to educate ourselves and at least when capitalism cuts the last tree in the forest me and you can stand in the shade of crumbling skyscrapers and laugh knowing we at least resisted.

go back

Of course. Some of them even give to both sides. I was responding to bernbois assumption that the only reason they give is to screw Bernie.

Dumbass look at hiatorical tax rates you vapid moron. Look at what the same companies pay in other countries you utter smoothbrain. Jfc i cant fucking deal with you idiots. If they do leave good motherfuckin riddance because in America we goddamn do shit bitch and someone else will provide the function they left with.
Holy shit read a book.

Or, you could defect to Cuba. Bon voyage commie.

>We could save billions if the wealthiest peopld in the fucking world would pay their employees enough to get them off of govt assistance.
Why don't you donate your own fucking money you kike? Those companies aren't a fucking charity. You want people to get paid 100K a year to be a fucking cart pusher at Walmart? Get the fuck outta here.

Maybe we could get someone else to take over whatever school you attended. They need some work.

Great substantial argument.
Do you like that you already live in socialist America but instead of socialism that helps the people it goes to wealthy corporations in the form of rebates subsidies or idk a 12 trillion dollar bailout when they selfishly gambled a little too hard. Enjoy your fucboi bootlicking form of socialism you sad commie.

You are a young idiot. Some of us already pay a shit load of taxes and dont want ro pay any more.
Btw Dont use the word "fools" too often. It makes you look like a cringy weirdo.

Im glad you are not in charge of anything

Yes, the classic please don't pay attention to my pets argument. The dancing faggot card, in other words. Now please, are you going to address why I should pay more in taxes so the money can be given to your pets, or are you going to keep on dancing like a homo on pride parade?

The bailout was a loan with interest that the government profited from, not free money, you undereducated retard

I do donate my money bitch i pay 30% of it in taxes. Work 72 hours a week so my overtime can be taxed even more but the goddamn billionaire at walmart cant pay his slaves the bare minimum to keep them off of food stamps that i pay for. Of course they dont because they only pay around 8% in taxes if they pay them at all.

Its the same with you fags. You have no answers. No valid arguments. You just repeat the same bullshit because its the only simple concept you can wrap your shitty brain around.

Sure fag you work 72 hours a fucking week, my asshole. Maybe 72 hours a week sucking those nigger cocks you love so much. Next you're gonna tell us you make $5,000,000 a year and opened your own private school for niggers and spics. Anything your nigger loving ass can make up so you can be "right". How about you shut the fuck up and let the adults talk, you fucking child.

That bailout was the result of a housing crisis created by liberals like Barney Frank that thought everyone needs a house.

How? I was born 1994. Not all of us are fucking lazy. Some of us, like myself, came out of the womb swinging for success. I picked onions In a field growing up, 4 years ago I paid my parents mortgage off. Get off your fucking lazy ass and stop making us look bad. Our generation is not lazy, but people like you make us seem so.

The fact you think 72 hours a week is a lot. I was working that out of high school as my first job, making probably what both of your parents make. I graduated 2014 :)

Did i say it wasnt? My taxes still paid for it and im not recieveing the benefit. Lick the boot harder.

The tax code is setup to get businesses to reinvest to create more jobs. They take profit and reinvest to avoid taxes. That benefits you more than putting that money in the gvmnts hands

you're very retarded

No one is asking the majority of Americans pay more taxes. We are asking that the already huge tax burden we pay be beneficial to the majority of Americans instead of private interest. Its an easy concept for most of us. There does seem to be alot of resistance from the less intelligent in our society.

Sure, let me guess you're gonna tell us you work 300 hours a week and give scholarships to your pets. Please, go ahead. Continue dancing like a faggot, leading the pride parade. The porch monkeys waving as you pass by, because they know fags like you will say nothing or call them out.

How cute, "my taxes". But Tyrone getting welfare and food stamps while sitting the fucking porch he doesn't own, you say nothing. Instead you parade around like a fag when anyone brings it up, saying hur dur but Amazon and the rich so please don't pay attention to my pets. Go on, bring up banks again as you parade around like a fag.

Attached: 1581261307348.jpg (688x500, 110K)


It was George w bush’s “Ownership society” that pushed for all people to own their own homes and the banking deregulation he pushed through created the bubble.

Never said I was for any bailout. I think it was the biggest con game the world has ever seen. Doesn't mean I'm gonna suck Bernie's lazy old dick. His ideas will kill innovation and drive more production out of the country. The rich will leave. Look at modern times and countries that have done it. I don't care about "something, something, during the polk administration ..." bullshit.

No, you're asking the fucking middle class to pay even MORE taxes than they do already, just so it can be given to those smelly fucking pets of yours. But when it comes time to YOU donating your own fucking money to charity all of a sudden you're nowhere to be found. You're only generous and have a fucking heart with OTHER people's money. This shit is fucking ridiculous. And I'm suppose to have pity for those pets of your when monkey patrols puts them down or when they're supposedly "broke", but when it's time for dancing and drinking all of a sudden they have money for that bullshit. Fuck out of my face with this bullshit.

Attached: 1580811800427.jpg (1000x1000, 691K)

No you raging illiterate, it means you didn't actually pay anything for it

If you make $10,000,000/year and you're taxed 50%, you are still incredibly wealthy.
If you make $18,000/year and are taxed 5% you can not survive. Fuck the rich.

Let's look at your retard logic. Bernie gets elected. Raised taxes for healthcare, ok, at least we get healthcare. Raises more to cover free college, hmm, not sure I want to pay so some kid can smoke pit for four years and get his art history degree. Raises more to cover all college loans, wait a minute, what about us who where responsible and paid ours off? Raises more because it's not fair illegal immigrants who are here illegally don't get free healthcare or college. Your taxes go up you come here and bitch that now you work 80 hours a week and can't afford rent due to high taxes. Rich people leave. Bernie now has to tax middle class more and more. We turn into Greece.

Implying just because someone acts hypocritically, that it invalidates their argument .

Protip- it does not

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So, what you’re saying is, Bernie is the same as Trump , only Trump pretends that it isn’t bad to do it?

Still voting Bernie

Bernie says he will raise taxes on the middle class . Do you even know the man whose dick your sucking?

The bailout has actually earned the government $121 billion in net profit as of today:

The bailout was loans, not free money.

>Assuming you got your college degree.

Retard logic.

More money in the hands of the poor to middle class (and universal health care and publicly subsidised education is inherently cheaper than the private option) means more spending power to the lower/middle class.
More spending power means more demand for goods and services.
More demand for goods and services means more opportunities for job creation.
More job creation means higher wages to attract employees.
Higher wages means more spending power.
More spending power means more demand etc etc etc

It’s known as “the virtuous cycle” and is the ultimate goal of any free society.

What you want, is for the inequality of the oligarchy to remain.
Are you an oligarch?
Then why do you care if they have to pay an extra percentile on earnings over 100,000,000?

Everyone knows Bernie is a hack yo

“Earned money”

Fake money.
Take out a note from your wallet and read what it says ;
“Promise to pay the bearer...”

Now, were we all to collect on that ‘promise’ right now, we would immediately discover that the “promise” is a lie, the ‘wealth’ we are due never existed , and the entire monetary system is an elaborate Ponzi scheme based on perpetually increasing debt.

Problem is, the planet, and it’s resources, are finite , and incompatible with perpetual growth

Your logic is flawed though. In your argument the spending power is purely a function of the money, regardless of whose hands it's in or whose hands it flows from. i.e. you cycle will happen regardless of who spends that money, rich or poor.

I know "wasn't true socialism" is a meme and all but Venezuela is not socialism.
Certain areas of their economy were nationalised, mainly oil, but private property still existed.
At best this is State Capitalism where the government has a hand in running certain industries.
On a scale of Capitalism to Socialism this decision is closer to the socialist side. Whether or not these are good policies or something other countries should try you can debate all you want, but Venezuela is not a socialist state.

It is also worth noting that Norway has a nationalised oil industry too, though not quite in the same way and obviously more effective.

The people who ended the slave trade had to purchase slave made goods, because they were inherent cheaper.
You have to act within the system that exists.

Wealth is Power in American politics.
If he were poor, Republitards would be using his poverty as the reason people shuildnt vote for him

You fool no one, except yourself

So many killable retards in this thread, starting with OP.

Bernie wants to make everyone poor but himself, try again nigger

>of who spends that money, rich or poor.
A rich person cannot keep an entire economy afloat through their own spending power .
They can only own so many homes, only wear so many pairs of pants.

That same money , in the hands of t poor:middle class, could be used to create an industry of building homes, making pants etc

You haven’t thought about it enough , and have assumed that I also haven’t thought about it.
I have

Who doesn't already realize USD is a fiat currency?

If it was gold-backed would you having the equiavlent lump of gold serve you any more practical purpose than that promise on the piece of paper?

I bet this user gets hard at the thought of being able to torture darkies to death in the streets if they so much as look at him funny.

Exactly this. Both the lie and the act.

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Tell Cred Forums that China is communist and all of a sudden you get “not real communism” from the complete opposite direction .

Fact is, The average Chinese consumer has more spending power in terms of GDP PPP than an American .

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you are dumb as fuck lol

>Fact is, The average Chinese consumer has more spending power in terms of GDP PPP than an American .
>Source: My nigger loving asshole

What do you think you think the rich do with their money? Wall the paper inside their houses?

The money is invested back into the economic system, even if it sit in a bank account that bank is putting that money to good use, directly used to create an industry of building homes, making pants etc.

>You haven’t thought about it enough , and have assumed that I also haven’t thought about it. I have


>if they so much as look at him funny.
Your pets do that all day long. Looking at other while they sit on porches THEY DON'T OWN, like literal dumbass chimps.

You want to make everyone poor, except trump and his close friends
Try again Cuck Lord

>thinking socialism actually does anything helpful

I went from getting a return to owning the past 2 years sooooooo..

That totally made sense, you fucking dumbass. Are you even old enough for this site?

I should add that he seems foam at the mouth whenever you mention anything darker than mayo too.

Strawman enough?

Attached: 1578881180770.jpg (480x455, 131K)

>What do you think you think the rich do with their money
At last count, there was a sum total of 21trillion dollars in assets stored with a single offshore bank that is money that has been directly and deliberately removed from an economy in order to explicitly not pay tax on it.

What do rich people do with their Money?
They hoard it you faggot?
If they spent it, they wouldn’t be rich anymore

BERNIE 2020!

What was strawman about that statement? Because you don't like it?

You mean like how you foam at the mouth when you see nigger dick?

Get a real job Shrek

You forgot to add why stay in the work market if there are is so much incentive to do nothing. Why not stay in college for 20 years and get handouts

You really need to let go of the fact that Tyrone took Stacey to the prom.

Keep gagging on that fat cock, bitch. Instead of trying to refute the facts I presented, you just respond with "muh feels"-level made-up nonsense. Neck yourself, you worthless cock gobbler.

Wasnt Trump trying to go after off shore money? Not being sarcastic, but I honestly remember him campaigning on that

>Shut up cracka giv me yo gibs
Fuck off nigger, this is why nobody feels bad about you stupid ass monkeys getting killed by monkey patrol. Because you deserve it.

Are you retarded?

What do you think is happening to that money when it's been "hoarded" what do you think the banks that nominall hold this "hoard" do with that money?

It get's invested so it makes a return. As soon as it gets invetsted it contributes to the economy.

Wealthy and middle class people are the biggest drain on welfare spending .

As counter intuitive as this sounds , it is actually true.
Trump, individually is the single biggest ever recipient of welfare for the state of New York. True fact.

Turns out that your overly simplistic childish characature of the situation is exactly that...a childish characature

Bernie deserves a helicopter ride.

>Wealthy and middle class people are the biggest drain on welfare spending
>Because I said so
>My pets aren't collecting welfare

It's not like there's some rule or law that affords everyone the exact amount of public assistance they've paid for in taxes.
Amounts paid into by individuals and amounts taken out by the same will always be disproportionate. Still it is and always will be a fallacy to pretend the majority of those receiving public assistance are exploiting the system.
Generally criticizing a system that provides assistance doesn't make sense in the first place when that system doesn't significantly suffer from it. If someone wants to make an HONEST argument against exploitation of public services, you should start with advocating for greater scrutiny in issuance of assistance. Jumping right into denying it's benefit entirely just lays bare a generalized bias.
Sort of like including racial slurs while forming an argument.

Wait, do you actually think that rich people kept their money in stacks of paper physically shoved somewhere and not doing anything Pablo Escobar style?

>as soon as it’s invested it contributes
The average stock investment nowadays is for 22seconds.
Your boomer economic thinking is what these people prey on.
If only there were some other system for contributing , that didn’t rely on shady tax dodging and bank manipulation...
Some system by which this money could be gathered and spent on public works and infrastructure....
If only....

I hope you realize that this quote is as fucking moronic now as it was when the man uttered it.

Im middle class and own some land. The USDA is giving me $3500 a year for a monarch sanctuary. Basically they plant milkweed and I promise not to mow it down. The farmers get more handouts per capita than niggers

Even if you're entirely sourceless statement of 22 seconds is correct, after that 22 seconds what do you imagine happens to that money/ That's right it gets invested somewhere else.
The amount of money money in someone's portfolio is always invested at any point in time. as long as that money is invested it it contributing to the system, such as providing the capital for investments in public works and infrastructure.

Yeah because farmers getting "handouts" is the EXACT same as your pets getting welfare and food stamps. Tell you what, how about we pay the farmers to sit on the porch, THAT THEY DO NOT OWN WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS PART, and smoke blunts all day and steal cars all night. Why does that sound familiar? Oh right, your pets do those things already. Now tell me, are you going to address why you refuse to tell your pets to get jobs or are you just going to dance around like a faggot?

I'd rather have socialism for the poor than socialism for the rich.

you're totally wrong by your definition or the right definition since bernie's household income is around $200k.

the actual threshold for being in the 1% is to have just over $10M net worth, bernie is at $2M net worth and at his age, that's not remotely close to rich guy territory. having your shit paid off because you've been paying on it half a century isn't the same thing as a guy like bloomberg making $3B per year ON INTEREST ALONE

he's also the only senator who does his actual job to the letter, he reads bills front to back and literally has other senators make fun of it because nobody else does this. he's protested inequality and been arrested for it. dude has paid his dues and walked the walk, you literally can't say anything bad about the guy.

politically, he's not socialist or communist and if you ask him, he calls it democracy (you know, helping the less fortunate and trying to get the best out of everyone since it benefits all of us)

bernie is the closest thing to a real person running for president and that's his biggest draw. he'll probably be assassinated if he wins, but i'm sure if he knew that was the result he'd still be fighting the good fight

the faggots who want to suck some billionaire's dick because they're too stupid to realize that billionaires don't even consider regular people human beings are the only thing keeping oligarchs in power

but this site is full of tranny loving faggots like that

But the profits are syphoned into offshore accounts , not contributing to the economy in which they were generated.
Rich people are an actual detriment to the economy. Especially the rentier class

There is no socialism for the rich. "Socialism for the rich" is pure mendacity, the government always takes back more than it gives. Case in point: the bailout:

I kinda get your point but just for the future you should tweak your argument a bit since the subsidies paid to a lot of farmers and especially the dairy industry are paid to them so that they DONT work. As in we pay them not to work otherwise thered be too much cheese or whatever and they'd go bankrupt due to supply and demand and we cant have good ole folks that suffering any real economic consequences

It's a perfectly valid point, exactly how many of those folks it hires make enough to pay significant taxes? Taking the company as a whole and calculating it out would be interesting

Calm down bro. I cant stand lazy coons or white trash on made up disability. Just saying farmers get huge checks. They get paid to not farm areas to help with erosion. Like I said Im getting $3500 a year to not mow some milkweed because of some weird environmental handout

Jesus you guys really don't know what Bernie wants . He says he will raise taxes for everyone. He said it. Words came out of his mouth that meant it. You want good healthcare, me too. Obama and the Dems where supposed to take care if that. You want cheaper state colleges, good but don't ask me to foot the entire bill and I don't want to have to pay a dime for all these feel-good bullshit degrees. You want me to pay off some dirtbags college loans. No. You want open borders fuck you. You want free healthcare and college for illegals, double fuck you. That's what Bernie wants. That's why I will never vote for him.

More money in the hands of consumers , sounds like tax cuts are good.

Without the "rich" your faggot ass wouldn't have that fucking playstation or $1500 iPhone that mommy and daddy bought for you


You're still not thinking of the problem in th correct scope and context.

What happens to that money in the offshore account? It is nomially held by a bank, a abnk by it's very nature and business model wil seek to invest that money as fruitfully as possible so they can make a big a profit as possible, as a lot of the most lucrative investment s are in the US, that money flows back into the US.

Additionally, if the original rich person ever decides to take out and spend their money from their offshore account (afterall, why did they put that money away safely if they weren't going to spend it in the future?) they get that money bakc back itno the US and spend it in the US. In the long-term little of that money doesn't make it back into the US economy one way or the other.

Hard to pay into the system when you don't make enough at your 3 jobs to pay your rent and electric in the same month.

He will raise taxes, yes.

Essentially under Bernie's plan, you will pay a tax *instead of* paying a health insurance premium. But that tax will be less than your premium before (unless you are filthy rich in which case it won't really impact you) and on top of that, no copays, no deductibles, nothing.

So you will pay more in taxes, but less overall. I don't know why you people don't understand that.

Oh, and your employer will no longer control your insurance. And you'll get dental and vision too. And we can eliminate the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US: medical debt.

You know another fun fact? A majority of the people declaring medical bankruptcy ARE INSURED.

>Without the "rich" your faggot ass wouldn't have
Wrong, no matter what you were gonna finish that with. We could execute everyone who makes more than $250/year and not lose a single iota of human intelligence or skill.

>raise taxes
Yet reduce costs.

By providing a public option.

I think even you could math this one.
If my taxes raise by $10 a month, but my cost for medical insurance goes down by $20....then how much more frightened of a communist take over will you be percentage wise?

If you work 3 jobs, you can pay your rent. Dont let Bernie fool you big guy

Not wrong, but feel free to move your ass to Africa if you think so. Which you won't do obviously because you have to move out of mommy's house first. And those niggers would rape your autistic ass every single night over there.

>hurr durr the rich produce!

The workers are the ones who actually produced those things. They are the ones who did the design work, who orchestrated the marketing campaign, built and maintained the factories.

The rich just said "make a thing that will make me money". Wow. So impressive. I wonder how many people could have done that.

How the fuck do you work 3 jobs and you can't afford rent? You people just love making up bullshit on the fly don't you?

>They are the ones who did the design work, who orchestrated the marketing campaign, built and maintained the factories.

They typically invest in high yield high profit investments. Like arms manufacturers and pay day loans..,not low yield, low profit investments such as public infrastructure works.

That’s YOUR money they have stolen and are using for their own benefit

Triggered comment

Stay mad.

Define employed...eligibility is determined by income. A part/timer min' wage, hardly fits your employed scenario. They need those services.

Attached: EQwlxcwW4AEEwYH.jpg (1200x645, 109K)

Large sums of money usually just collect interest. At a certain point there is no need for risk

No I'm pointing out the blatant stupidity of your post. It's funny how niggers and spics are supposedly so smart and invented everything, but everywhere they fucking live is a complete dumpster fire. You gotta love how that conveniently works out.

And will happen more when Bernie starts taxing. Inb4 Bernie will figure out how to outsmart the richest motherfuckers and their army of accountants.

there is a tipping point in taxation of the rich where they will just leave and buy citizenship elsewhere and move operations outside the country of origin

Double Triggered.
Even felt the need to explain themselves.


Stay mad cuck

What the fuck is this "fair share shit", your being played by all greedy envious socialist. Congress makes the laws on who pays how much on taxes. Stop this blame game. So there successful and money, so what. Grow up.

He got that post office renamed, and a road.

If rich people don’t want to live and contribute to the American economy, then they can fuck off back to Israel

Not quite true. A rich person will put their money with a bank or other financial instution who will invest the money a diversified portfolio.

The point of the diversified portfolio would to be make sure there is a safe but productive balance of high-risk but high-return investments counter-balanced by low-risk but low-return investments (high-return low-risk investments do not exist because everyone would try to invest in those driving it's value up and consequently it's dividend/capital ratio down). So all thinkgs get invested in generally.

As to your other point, if you act like an informed and conscientious consumer, you will engage in meaningful mutually beneficial trade, and not be stolen from.

My mom's a nice person but I won't vote for her to be president.

‘Greedy socialists “ = Share more

Capitalists are the literal embodiment of greed.

Look up how much money the evil rich pay in taxes vs. how much everybody else pays. Still think we should get rid of all of them?

So what! It may hard, make your own life better. Yeah its America, and if I can afford a better auto its my choice if I want to. So I can't oh well.

Attached: z6run.jpg (800x500, 143K)

liberals can't handle facts, they will call you a bigot or racist for telling the facts.

It's even worse than that though. These same people who are complaining about the rich not "paying their fair share", are the same morons who spent all money on fucking bullshit. The same assholes who buy a $1000 iphone every 2 years, smoke weed everyday, finance cars they can't afford, study complete bullshit in college that makes no money, and spent all their money on literal crap they don't even need. They want to steal other people's money NOT to afford rent or food or any of that shit. They want it so they can buy more bullshit for themselves or for it to be given to their fucking pets.

Because it's an idiotic lie peddled by assholes like you.

Poor people do pay into the services they reserve, in taxes.

So do you, numbnuts.

They're called "shared social programs." The only ones who aren't paying their fair shares are the rich and corporations.

So, I guess you like sucking the dick of rich folks because they also love peddling this bullshit.

What about all the other stuff santa Bernie wants to hand out? You guys like to focus on healthcare and the claim I will pay less and save 12 grand a year with no proof and leave out all the other expensive programs and open borders.

What did Amazon pay in corporate taxes last year in the US?
How much profit did they make?

What percent of your (poor) income did you pay in taxes.
What percentage did Jeff Bezos?

Still think it’s equal?

Show me specifics on Bernie's website with this math. And what about all the other stuff he wants to handout.

>Poor people do pay into the services they reserve, in taxes.
No they don't, kid. But let me guess, they pay into them via fucking sales tax right? Because I know your underaged retarded ass doesn't understand how taxes work. So go ahead and explain it to me, so I can fucking laugh at you.

Interest rates don't keep up with inflation. Rich are not stupid.

you sure showed him with that comment user.

shut up retards I need this request filled

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Didn't answer the question.

Your wrong on one point. The "poor" or those with negligible income do qualify for Medicaid and Aid through Federal and State program's.

Sure, right after trump releases his finances.

where the fuck does the government get its money?

it's not like there are any states with no sales tax, right? tell us all again how you're the only one who understands tax policy.

Amazon is not a person.
Don't care what bezos paid. I know I paid a higher percent then comrade Bernie.

>2 million net worth
>Part of the 1%


From people who actually work for a living and aren't sitting on porches they don't fucking own all day?

Right so your pets pay into those services. Remind me again how they do that? Because last time I checked you don't pay taxes from selling drugs and stealing cars.

i aint asking anymore

Attached: EQjIWzfX0AAJ_Lm.jpg (794x514, 45K)

Ah yes, the corporate taxes argument, preying upon the fact that the avergae socialist is too stupid to realize what they are, and how they're worked out so they'll just believe it should work in exactly the same way personal income taxes should.

Every dollar of revenue that Amazon earns that goes into a person's bank account gets taxed at income tax rates, the more someone gets paid, the greater proportion that is taken in taxes. This is true even if the corporation tax paid by Amazon is exactly zero.

governments get their revenue almost entirely from "rich" people. genius.

>open borders

Stop watching FOX you trogdolyte.

So you can't ?

Later bros. Its been kinda fun I guess. Time to have a cocktail and exchange gifts with my wife for Vday

Eliminate ice, give them free healthcare and college, no detentions. That Bernie's plan. Sounds like open borders to mr

Yall won't be sucking corporate dick when you go bankrupt from diabetes due to excessive mt Dee consumption

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Right so you're one of those stupid niggers who's definition of rich is "anyone who isn't a porch monkey and makes more than 20k a year". That's the problem. You stupid niggers think anyone who has more money than you is "rich".

Attached: EQjIWzfX0AAJ_Lm_1581726379982.png (794x514, 375K)

literally what his surrogate said 2 weeks ago. not only eliminate ice, but the entirety of cbp.

Where the hell do you get this fair share shit. You obviously have never looked at the tax code. The tax bite is higher, not just cause your income higher. IT'S THE PERCENTAGE IS HIGHER MORONS. My income brackett is approximately 14% is the IRS to keep. Whereas my Pilot Uncle has 38% the IRS keeps. So shove your fair share communist rhetoric.

if you make $20,000.01 in a year, you still pay zero. keep talking, econ major.

Half of these posts are military intelligence on payroll to shove talking points up your asses, too bad you're all too stupid to notice

isn't it interesting that people who yell about "fair share" always think theirs is zero?

Ignore all the things! Socialism totally works comrade!

>if you make $20,000.01 in a year, you still pay zero
Oh, so you're admitting they don't pay into those services they receive? Thanks for playing retard.

I think people here need to fucking educate themselves on who it is paying most of the total taxes, here's some actual data:

Also see

Attached: Screen-Shot-2019-10-25-at-11-56-55-AM.png (725x585, 51K)

that's the whole point, yes. where did you learn to read?

Bernie would save the majority of our money by not starting unnecessary wars, how the fuck is this even a partisan issue? You like your tax dollars being spent on thousands of fighter jets?

Yes I do, because it makes pussies like you cry. It's also better than having it go to some porch monkey.

is that why every democrat ever screams for days when trump removes ground forces from shithole countries? because they all hate military conflict?

so you are saying people with no income dont pay much income - thank you i am so more well educated on the topic

whats the sales tax one look like

>Implying he didn't nearly start a world war simply to boost his approval ratings, 2 months ago

>richfags make fortunes
>give to charity and enrich others with jobs
>poorfags cry about wages and gibmees
>richfags stop giving to charity and give a little more to wages
>poorfags still complain because it wasn't enough spread over so many people
>richfags have to cut people out to increase wages and still retain profits for investors
>poorfags complain about job loss
>have to spend money on advertising and innovation for more investors (blind luck if they take interest)
>poorfags seething because "you're just saying screw poorfags and trying to expand your company"
>richfag got some more investors but only enough to employ those lost by the earlier round of layoffs
>many of those employees don't even return
>have to source new employees
>they complain about the same shit
>now crying that richfag should give that fortune away because reasons
>richfag tells them to piss up a rope because capitalism
>poorfags get lazier as a result
>laziness and accidents on the job from it result in longer hours
>richfag not making good enough profits to maintain equipment for employees
>maintained at the bare minimum to keep things going for longer
>richfag fighting for more investors and product buyers the whole time
>still have to pay federal, state and in some cases city taxes
>gotta pay building leases for the company
>gotta keep the utilities on
People don't think about what it takes to run a business, especially a BIG business with hundreds of factories across the nation with varying levels of taxation, nevermind import/export costs as well. It's like one poorfag being responsible for his entire extended family, their houses, utilities and even paying them to live there with someone else's money. Commies are cancer of the worst kind.

Attached: 1541219125851.jpg (552x679, 49K)

depends on the state. reading is hard.

don the rapist lemon tell you that? i dont see any world war.

Keep poking the dog then, you're still proving my point

I can do one better, TOTAL TAXES of all kinds:

Attached: WPTIA-2019_Chart1-768x594.png (768x594, 215K)


First thing: ICE was formed in 2003 and performs criminal investigation and enforcement of immigration policy. Before ICE, the US still deported a fuckton of people, especially starting under Clinton. Didn't need ICE to deport people.

Furthermore, Sanders wants to decriminalize immigration, so why would he need a criminal-focused organization after that's done? By the way, decriminalize doesn't mean let them stay - they still get deported - we just don't hold them in jail indefinitely until they do. They'll go through a civil process and still be sent back. You don't need to waste the time and money detaining them, as the vast majority of them show up to court on their own volition. The ones that do not will still be then subject to arrest.

Free healthcare and college? Uh, nope. You'll still need to be a citizen (or on certain citizenship paths) for the college part and the healthcare part. What you probably don't realize is that if an illegal today presents at a hospital in need of treatment, they get treated - at your expense - because the hospital can't turn people away. That won't really change.'s not open borders, is it?

You may want to revise your statements. The 91% thing ok,thats half of the equation, but you didn't factor that being offset by capital investments (company tooling, infrastructure) You invest in order to make a higher profit, therefore paying more taxes and investing programs deemed tax deductable. I corporations had not none would survive.

what dog and what point? you have neither.

But Trump didn't remove any ground forces from shithole countries.

He took the forces from Syria working with the Kurds and moved them to defend oil refineries. Wow.

We're still in every country we were when he took office. Keep in mind that I think that Clinton, Obama, and Biden are also warmongering fuckfaces for their contribution to Middle East insanity. Trump hasn't done fuck all to get us out of there.

My point is, what logical precedent do you have for believing the United States needs 800 military bases in 75% of the populated world? Or active business deals brokering Saudi arabians who committed 9/11 with 110 billion dollars worth of weaponry? This seems logical to you?

imagine being so sure that syria was the only possible reference. glad your geopolitical knowledge extends that far. b - for the quarter.

rich man pays 2 trillion in taxes of his 4 trillion

everyone else 1 out of their 10 pennies

yo im paying 99% taxes, this is bullshit

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you mean those countries that ask for assistance and protection so they don't have to spend money on their own military? nah, thats just unchecked imperialism. we can start with nato, who by the way doesn't even contribute the 2% of gdp those countries are required to do.

most everyone else gets someone else's penny as a gift.

Yeah that worked out well in Somalia, when the military was sent in to aid peacekeeping efforts and ended up blowing major figures in the war effort. Sounds pretty similar to something that happened recently, doesn't it

We are still in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Africa, Aghanistan. We actually have even more people now in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The main movement that he termed as a 'withdrawal' was the deal with the Kurds in Syria, but he didn't actually withdraw them, he just moved them somewhere else like Erdogan told him to..

But surely, he will get the troops home any day now.

If you want to throw down with geopolitics I promise you I know more about it than anyone else on this board.

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Hey you're not suppose to bring that up, pal. That user is dancing around like a faggot here. Don't you know that?

Good for you! Lets hope you vote Bernie when the nominee ends up Buttgetter anyway.

Stop saying that fucking " loophole" shit. It just code the democratic party dreamed up demonize someone because they were smart enough to use the tax code LEGALLY. So it's just misdirection so congress can stir up rhetoric.

remind me who directed american foreign and military policy during that whole episode? oh yeah, cigar pig fucker. not the same.

sure you do. just don't forget to finish that book report, "the very hungry caterpillar" has a surprise ending, i won't spoil it for you.

He capitulated to the ignorant "undecided" to get the vite in the first place, Bernie would probably die before he let the CIA dictate his foreign policy