Enter bedroom

>enter bedroom
>see this
>wat do?

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i start wondering who the fuck has stolen my walls

why would there be a horse in my bedroom


Fuck the horse

I'd obviously bend her over the bed spreading her legs nice and wide covering her in horse pheromones I'm just seeing what happens next

spread those cheeks and start licking. caressing her ass while i rim. then pull out my already throbbing cock and slide it slowly up her ass hole. thrust in and out till i have a explosive orgasm. bet that blonde chick would hold her still for me.

Ask to see the front

So is she gonna turn around?

Why is my bedroom a quarter mile of sandy beach?

Wonder why there are two horses and a body of water in my bedroom

Walk up behind her, jack off on her butt. Walk away.


get really confused, call parents

Look at that body. Doubt that I'd notice my walls are gone, that I now have a beach, or even the horses. Absolute perfection.

>holy shit
>that wasn't thc concentrate
>i just vaped the brown acid

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Wonder how outside got inside my room

Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my house.

>turn 360 degrees
>walk away

go to the hospital because i've confused the outdoors with mybedroom

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Ok I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're the OP I think you are. I was the new user in your last competition. I saw your thread a couple days ago but you never returned. I am currently at work, but would love to have a chance to spend some more time with the girls.

>wtf I teleported to a beach