Why the fuck aren't you openly bisexual yet?!

>also, Cred Forumsisexual fap roll game, go:
evens fap to yuri
odds fap to yaoi
dubs fap to futa
trips re-roll
quads quit Cred Forums 4ever

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I am.

Born in 1990, last of the "be a man" era. I know for a fact that a decent portion of my family would disown me. Probably not my mother, she said she'd love me even if I was black.

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Be a man, come out as bi.

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I tried it, didn't like it. Some men like men, some like women, some like both. To each their own. Just pussy for me, thanks.

There are literally 7 billion people though, a sample size that large ultimately determines just about every person to be bisexual if they try long enough. You probably still just haven't found the right one(s) yet. The hottest ones are sometimes hidden gems, but all the more worth the search.

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Sorry user, I'm just not into it. You do what you want but it ain't for me. I mean, would you try to force a gay man to like pussy?

Women are disgusting

Almost 8 billion now, but probably closer to 7 or 6 are adults. I wonder where I could find a solid statistic on that?

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Not any more than men, come on.
Bisexuality is really the only logical option.

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>would you try to force a gay man to like pussy?
Yes, I have, actually. He's bi now.

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Being Bi-sexual is awesome, if you're a woman. Or gay. Truth is straight women don't like Bi-Sexual men. Not PC but a fact.

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Speak for yourself, my bi gf and I have been openly bisexual together for over 10 years.
I've also dated straight and bi girls in the past and had no problems.
What you need to do is stop dating stupid people, point blank. People with basic intelligence and above usually get it.



Post more bi gifs


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Or images

not bad my man

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Yaoi roll

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Futa is fine too!

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the fuck you rolling for user?

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Oh, dumbass me, literally to the OP.

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Anymore of that scene? I remember jerking off to it as a kid


It's a different scene, or?
At any rate this is the last one I got.

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I think it was a different scene. I remember a scene where she like hypnotized 2 or 3 guys into fucking while she masturbates.

Fuck, that's hot. I guess you don't remember the name of the anime then?

I’ve definitely fantasized about men, but ultimately, I doubt I’ll ever do anything besides with a woman.

Nah, but thats definitely the same chick an animation. Its probably a sequel to that one or something

Ever jerked off with one?

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Mmmmm....There's nothing like sucking a yummy shit covered dick.

Nah, I’ve been celibate for a while. I wanna wait until marriage or someone I really love

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Yeah, I know. Growing up in the Bible Belt has me clinging onto Christian views

being this much of a fucking incel

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Isn’t that the literal opposite of an incel?

I'm Bi, I'm not 'openly' anything though because it's only the concern of
1) Mysefl
2) Anybody i may have an interest in
3) Anybody who may have an interest in me
Anybody else can get a non-commital shrug because it's not their business.

Shame user.
Are you a Christian yoursel or is it hust the values?

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22yo man here. Like both girls and guys but some guys are so fucking dumb for having sex, they believe everything porn shows and they skull fuck you like I'm not gonna throw up over their dicks, specially fuckboys. That's why I prefer girls
pic not related

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wanting to fuck link doesn't make you bisexual. you're straight if you find things that look like women sexy. it's the christian cucks that made this dumb rule where you can only be attracted to 100% biological woman with vagina.


I'm not gay, asshole

I'm not greedy either,nigger

Yeah, I’d say so. Being in college definitely has made me more open to stuff.

>wanting to fuck a literal male as a male isn't a homosexual desire
Yeah, fuck off, retard.

bisexual is gay, just come out of the closet. you like women sure, but you also like men, which is by definition homosexual. liking women as well doesn't make you any less gay.

roll lol.

Right, you can be both heterosexual and homosexual, they aren't mutually exclusive, they're just single types of attraction. You can have more than one type of attraction.
Being both hetero and homo is literally bisexual. That's what bisexual means.
And bisexual people aren't trying to be "less gay", they're just bisexual.

Thaaat doesn't quite answer my question.

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All bisexuals are heterosexual, but not all heterosexuals are bisexual.
All bisexuals are homosexual, but not all homosexuals are bisexual.
All bisexuals are both heterosexual and homosexual, ergo, all bisexuals are bisexual.
Basic logic.

don't call me that

Then stop being a retard, perhaps.
There's literally nothing wrong with bisexuality.

My bad, I’d say I’m Christian. The best way to describe me is going through a discovery period right now.

>but not all homosexuals are bisexual.
Unless they're women.

Ah, I see.
Good luck I suppose o: Can't exactly give advice or relate I reckon.

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Technically everyone is bi to at least some degree, no matter how small. Only insecure retards or delusional religitards try to deny it.

Ergo, still a fag and gay.

I want to be a sissy but my body is too masculine

Literally just words. Who gives a shit about words? You really care so much about fucking words that you're not going to live your truth? What a fucking retarded pussy you are. Grow up.


I’m at a giant state university with plenty of opportunities. If you asked me in a couple months, things are liable to change, lmao.

My truth? The entire purpose of sex was to procreate, same sex relationships are sterile and you people are mentally ill.
>love is love
no it's not.

And still 100% bisexual, in spite of other categories that may overlap with it, that you want to represent. Doesn't make it any less bisexual.
What's your point?


>>love is love
>no it's not.
You're so fucking retarded you're willing to deny the law of identity to feed into your delusions. Fucking get rekt.

i'm pretty much a bear

No reason to come out right now, don’t have a bf or gf so why put myself in that situation when I can straight pass anyways

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>being a fag and calling somebody sane delusional
Gay people are sick, and believing that it's "okay" is deplorable. Enjoy being riddled with STDs.

fuckyoufaggot.com/ here have some facts as to why it's biologically disturbing.

Tell me about it, I've had a gal want anal and the look of indignity and offense on her face when I asked if she had prepped for it was rich. Like, okay, it's your ass getting ripped if I go in without you stretching and lubing first but I don't want your shit on my dick one way or the other.
I'm all kinds of glad the first guy i was with took his time and walked me through everything well in advance.

>The entire purpose of sex was to procreate
Perhaps for lower developed animals, but in mammalian species and especially primates the role of sexual activity has certain emergent social functions, such as a means to lower stress and to be used opportunistically for pleasure and emotional bonding in certain cases.
We aren't fucking ants, user, we're homo sapiens, and the way we operate (in spite of a long evolutionary history rooted in simpler activity moving towards more complex activity) is a lot more complicated than what you are willing to grant.
Bisexuality is real and valid.

>t. literal retard



end your life dumbfuck

Look, I can type letters on a keyboard too!

Much asspain indeed young one.

I love coming in these threads posting the same general objective statements because I get the same exact responses every single time. Amusement has been granted, thank you for your replies!

Saying something is wrong doesn't make it wrong. But you probably believe in the Bible, which is the logic of thinking that because somebody writes a book, it makes the book true.

And no, I don't.

known since i was a kid that i was bi and had a huge crush on a very cute friend of mine in school and when i got to wank and suck him on school camp there was no going back..i wanna fuck elfslut so bad!

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That's it, that's all you have?
That's not a useful or convincing way to engage an argument. You pretty much just admitted defeat.

I've been, you faggot
Also roll

>If you asked me in a couple months
Well that's not likely to happen I guess X3
It seems strange to me though, to be in such a process of change and aware of it. Well, I guess my going bi was similar in that regard. I'm not sure if you're talking about your sexuality or Christianity though.

Ah, admittedly I'm not into bears, but I'm pretty sure there's guys who like bears and even submissive ones.

>i wanna fuck elfslut so bad!
Same. But I wouldn't mind fucking Broccolibutts either! I mean look at that big ass.

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this entire website is a rhetorical fallacy

>I wouldn't mind fucking Broccolibutts either! I mean look at that big ass.
i'm more into femboys but if i had the chance hell yeah probably

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I'm not attracted to men, I've never met a tolerable trans, and I don't want to deal with the social ramifications of not being straight. Besides, anal sex isn't that great.

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I gotcha.

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I’ll take things that didn’t happen for 300

Bisexual is bestsexual


Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but it happened. My gf and I regularly share him still.

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I already fap to futa daily

I'm more asexual then bisexual.

Today the roll says yaoi tho.

I'm too much of a cumbrain looking at this, what the fuck does this mean?

Good enough

Literally just categorical relations based on definitions.

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow bi anons.
What are you up to?
Also rolling.

Fapping and video games.

>Fapping, drinking and video games..Detroit Become Human

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i like guys on the left that look like a guy, but in women's clothes. makes me diamond.

i'm pretty masc and dress up sometimes

>i like guys on the left that look like a guy, but in women's clothes. makes me diamond.
Good taste.

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i like boyish traps

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So, in other words, not a trap.

>So, in other words, not a trap.
a trapish boy

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hot anime man

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bump for cute girly and boys

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vaginas gross me out and i can't stand listening to women speak

Doggy-style + Ballgag = Problem Solved.

i'm "straight" but recently gargled and swallowed a large amount of piss for a guy on camera

Hope you at least got paid, because that's nasty.

i don't know it's like , why do you like apple ?
i'm a man who like woman but don't like man , i find them ugly .

btw i respect lgbt , i've friend who are bisexual , i've no problem with that. i don't find homosexuality is gross .

the question is more , why should i be bisexual when i'm not physicaly attracted by men ?

it was hot, idc

I get where you are coming from. As for me I am not attracted to men or women, I am pretty much only attracted to little girls.

Same but with women.

I like pecs not tits, I like a triangle body shape not a curvy hourglass, I like hairy flesh not smooth, I like cocks not vaginas.

I like male and female butt tho, butt is always good.




whatever. rolling.

Kill yourself, sick fuck.

Literally and unironically die.

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feel bad for you. it seem to me you are on a difficult situation .

you don't have problem with the fact that they are too young to be interesting , intellectualy speaking ? i am interested by teenagers but not by little girls , too young for me (but again , i don't blame or judge you )

i'm also interesting by woman so i just have to keep my desire in my head , not a big deal but in your case , seem they aren't a good choice you can do to be happy .

>Filthy degenerates

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No, just this guy:
Send your cavalry that way, because actual innocents are in danger.


Who said I'm not? I've been openly bisexual since 2008

Sad but true, 3D need major maintainance to stay half-decent, even then you get shit like hair-loss and sun damage to compete with.


I cum to traps all the time!

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I’m am. Roll.


Yay trips. :3

Cuz i don't like pussy.

Sry m8, I'm 2 gay to be bi



hi :)


futa plis

I like girl too but yuri is boring roll



checks out

thinking about coming out

let me quit. pls