What is the best case scenario for humanity?

What is the best case scenario for humanity?

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Im the only real person and you're all just my imagination.

That point is subjective. The "i'm is the universe and we are all its imagination.

You dumb fuck. You absolute buffon. Do you think you can come into MY realm and put the table upside down? Do you think you can come here and imply that YOU are real? Heh, it's funny thinking you have developed enough consciousness to think that. You are not here, but out. IN another realm, another dimension. There are an infinite amount of yous, but only in one of the dimensions you are the real one. Here you aren't, but in yours you are. So don't dare you say that again, or I'll erase you out of my dimension.

We all get instantly obliterated in a higgs field collapse: youtu.be/ijFm6DxNVyI?t=147

we never leave earth and don't spread the contagion outside of solar system

full blown extinction

That there’s a reason that we haven’t time traveled from the future to help people starving, being tortured, etc.

The singularity hits, and those of us still alive gain immortality. In addition to eventually colonizing the solar system, galactic region, galaxy, local group, and slowly spreading into the further reaches of the universe, we tweeze apart the fundamental nature of reality, and spend eternity opening new doors to universes fantastic and unknown, and even occasionally making our own.
After time beyond memory passes, I find a universe composed solely of nested closets full of farts and lock my younger brother in the centermost one as a prank.

Comet comes and wipes it all out

The future is already pre-determined.

who cares?! just live your best live idiot

Jesus returns

cool story bro.

>You are in a coma, kill yourself to wake up, we miss you

Very bad virus left only 10% of population. If you are one of the survivors, well start filling the globe again

Nice. I've always thought it unfair that only the Romans got to kill god. We could have one of those dunking booths, but with a spike pit and a three day reset.

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Corona wipes outs nig nogs,kikes,chinks and Spics

very cool

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to avoid it not happening
how dumb are you don't know easy rules about time traveling?

shush don't tell them, their brains can't handle this knowledge

Star trek for sure.

so you die 4 for times?

The Matrix, honestly. It distills down the futility of our existence whilst also rewarding our brains for existing.

Best case is we're living inside a simulation and once it's all over we get to do it again. And again. And again.

that would be nice, painless non-existence would be so much better than what we have now

I guess your right. It was my guess that we’d eventually be technologically advanced enough to bypass that law of time travel but the more i think about it the more necessary the past seems

That's the idea, friend.

Of course, maybe that's just me being suicidally depressed.

All niggers and indians unexplicably die.

Where the fuck is my feeling of reward, then? I want a refund

The reward is the ability to exist in the simulation. You're not Neo, you faggot.

Settle down dingbat.

Who is your blacksmith? I want to know how you got that edge.

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The best case is we get unlimited free energy. Colonize space. Unify as a race but with different factions. As we colonize the universe naming science experiments and creating new life as we seek to "landscape" the universe in our cultural image and create synthetic life to fight massive wars for our own entertainment intergalactic television.

The second we permanently leave earth the concept of a unified human identity will break. Just look at our ridiculously retarded wars for territory or religion or oil. The one thing that unites us is that we all live on this rock. The moment we escape beyond this earthly tether that flimsy excuse will vanish and all the ugly blemishes that have caused our species to kill each other won't just come to light, they'll be magnified a million times. Anybody that gets away might have a familial bond to the earth but in less than three generations amongst the stars colonists will look at Earth like Detroit. A failed experiment in human ingenuity and grandeur.

True, no one today knows or cares which bit fo shithole in Africa humans originally came from.

After mankind have spread across the stars, it would only be natural that one day few people would know or care about where the Earth is.

Whole humanity gets behind eugenics and accept one child per couple policy.

We need a totalitarian first world country who ignores ethics in medicine to the extreme. Thats the only way we're getting another breakthrough. The last major milestones were based on Nazi and Japanese prisoner experiments.

Global warming turns out to be real but still manageable.
The countries of the world begin working together to fix it, and more economies start to merge.
Wars start trailing off as cultures become more dependent on each other for trade and cooperation.
Suddenly, national economies start advancing due to the increased infrastructure and more abundant funds.
More money is spent on scientific research to cure disease and improve safe energy generation.
Although the planet becomes more habitable, there is an increased enthusiasm for space travel and visits to Mars and Venus happen.
And most people actually have a fucking book in the house and stop watching Real Housewives shit.

So, China? Shame they aren't getting anyone else on that ride.

I actually like the conspiracy theory that Russia is supporting rapid climate change so when most current seaboards get flooded and untold thousands of miles of coastlines end up underwater Russia will be sitting pretty with one of the largest land masses of cultivable land with Siberia.

fresh pasta

China is too limited by their faggoty ruling party. They are down with organ harvesting but so far all they've done is shit out disease instead of breakthroughs in genetic manipulation or augmentation.

China invented CRISPR faggot.

Also Yao Ming and those genetically engineered twin sisters.

Pretty sure it was started in Japan you racist

Japanese dog always stealing Chinese shitty science.

We reach the next stage of evolution; gain immortality and transcend human limitations, set out to space, colonize, study or ally with other sentient beings. Repeat until:
a) black hole sucks us in and we all pull the plug,
b) we wage war with a superior warrior species, lose and get enslaved by them
c) we get cucked by aliens
d) we reach the boundaries of the universe and settle down
etc., etc.