If you could make any rule for cute college girls in order to satisfy your fetish, what would it be...

If you could make any rule for cute college girls in order to satisfy your fetish, what would it be, and what's the punishment for not following it?

bonus points for having different punishments for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offences

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All cute college girls must donate smelly used socks to a community collection center. The socks will then be sold and a portion of profits will go towards that girl's college tuition or right into their pocket.

When buying socks, you can see a picture of the girl who donated them, along with shots of her feet from different angles. You can also leave a review of the socks, so other buyers know what they're paying for. Better reviews obviously means more buyers, which is incentive for girls to wear the socks as long as possible for the best smell.

Optional; you can reach out to the girls for a one-on-one foot worship session, but the price would be akin to an escort (eg. $150 per hour of foot worship). By buying the socks first, you'd know which girl has the cutest and best smelling feet.

I can't think of any punishments for not donating them, but the whole system just serves as incentive to do it. Yes, I'm a freak.

What kind of people would visit the collection center?

Anyone, I suppose. It could be a government building staffed with government workers, and anyone could walk in. Do you have concerns about the clientele?

I was more thinking the buying would be done online, socks shipped in airtight packaging to maintain the scent.

What about the girls who are disgusted at the thought of guys getting off to the smell of her feet?

Well, there's why enforcement and punishments wouldn't work. This is all about incentive. Like I said, a portion of the profits goes back to the girls, in the form of cash or credit off their tuition, debts, etc. A girl wouldn't have to do it, but she'd be missing out on money every week by just wearing socks and donating them. Even more if they did foot worship sessions, say 100% of that goes back to them.

I think maybe a punishment could be a girl has to go promote her socks in person at the collection center. A table would be set up and she will have to sit there and let guys sniff her socked feet

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Maybe repeat offenders would be locked into a pair of shoes, boots, or whatever else is appropriate. Padlock them up and let the girl sit in them for a week, two weeks, a month. Then collect the socks from them.

Those socks would probably go for a lot if the girl is cute

Definitely. Even better, if she doesn't like having her feet worshipped or smelled, just force her to smell her own for a while. A fetish might develop and she'd crave the attention.

It it hotter if the girl hates having her feet smelled?

Not in my opinion. Best experiences I've ever had were with girls with foot fetishes themselves. One would cum just from getting her toes sucked and smelled, and she liked doing it to herself too. The willingness and eagerness is sexy to me, personally.

i love asian girls feet so i would change these rules to give asian girls additional rules or harsher punishments

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Never tried Asian feet. Any perks to them? Do they typically smell better?

in my opinion yes
could they have harsher punishments?

For sure, in that case. Girl's with smellier feet are a more valuable asset, so it's important they stay in line with the program. What kind of punishments should they get if they refuse?

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For the first offence, asian girls would lose their rights to having more than one pair of shoes. An inspector will go through her shoe collection and pick one that she has to wear for the rest of the year

how much would socks go for?

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College girls? Make it high school or middle school girls and I may be interested.

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