Be I have weird looking feet for a girl...

Be I have weird looking feet for a girl? Someone told me I have long alien feet and now I'm paranoid that everyone thinks they are ugly. Need a neutral opinion.

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Yes dude, do you have wings too?

You know the drill. Tits and timestamp or gtfo

i'm sure they look normal when you're not splaying your toes out like that. they're fine

footfag here, your toes look cute and that's what matters anyway. besides, can never have too much sole.

Show benis

They look like feet

cant lie that shit does look really weird

Post more

>> neutral opinion
>> /b
Pick one

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They're fine. Welcome to Earth. Would you like to meet our leader? Or their appointed number two?

Confirmed cute toes. Any straight sole shots, without toe spreading?

You'll need to post an image using a normal angle. Do a straight down tops shot while standing or a straight on soles shot.

Don't worry. Having ugly feet is perfectly acceptable for a man. :)

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Timestamp or GTFO

That's a boy baby.

They look fine, a little big maybe, but the overall shape is fine.



your feet are sexy. post more please

and more of yourself in general

Can you please give us the name of the person who insulted you? /b could use a little battle

Hmmm... I think I need to see more of those legs just to be sure that you aren’t an alien.

include the azz, too. please

id cum on them

Not here to whore myself out or have guys jack off to my feet, just wanted some feedback from strangers. Thank you for doing that.

fuck off cunt,if you didnt want the attention then why did you post.stupid whore

Whoops, too late

don't worry baby... you can trust us.... just send a little more of that leg.... we can provide you with all the attention you need

No sassquatch. Your feet are awesome. Now, TITS or GTFO

Go home, E.T.

You're not a girl, so go away.

Thats a thick leg btw.... idk if I wanna see more of this.... might be a dude