Oklahoma Thread

Oklahoma Thread

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More like OklaHOMO! HAH! Gotem. xD

Jesus fuck she needs to eat something, holy shit.

Also, newfag here, wtf are these "[US State Here] Thread"s?

In 10 years, she'll still be just as skinny above the waist, but that ass will be at least twice as big.

Everyone posts random nudes LARPing that the girls are from said states

Got Moar?


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Not the same girl?

Any 918 fags here? Got a few from the Tulsa area


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Where in 405? She's fine af

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Nice, wow she's hot

That's... peculiar. Is it like some really obscure fetish or something?

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that ass...mm

People actually live there?

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tbh, it's fucking weird
99% of the time it's just random girls where nobody knows where they are from so it is just another dumb circle jerk thread with lonely incel faggot getting off on getting other guys hard (and pretending that's not closet homosexuality)

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Honestly, as flat as he/she is, I can't even tell if that is a little boy or an actual girl. You got anything else? I mean, come on op, you made this fucking thread, you opened with that pic, and several have inquired. Why the fuck did you even make a very specific thread like "Oklahoma Thread" and then not even fucking respond to inquiries about your first post?

Are you that much of an asshole?
Why are you even here?

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post cell numbers fags


Rylee needs to be the new queen

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That's the perfect body

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have the set? dump user plssss

Quit samefagging. No ones interested in that exoskeleton

Fuck off fag

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Ok get up in here



Any amber r?

errr, her names not rylee and she isn't from ok
she's a russian camwhore dumbass who shut her shit down years ago


kek, summarized pretty well



More like AYYYLMAOklahoma

isn't oklahoma the state that gives you the death penalty by nitrogen (literally painless)?

lmao are you retarded?

wow any more of her?

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bumpin for nudes

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have the video?

hahaha that was pretty funny

Fucking kek I follow her on twitter lmao

There's a video out there of her. I want it

rylee nude

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who has the rylee video?

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wtf is in that jar, potpourri or maybe it's a tampon disposal jar?

>tampon disposal jar

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ANyone got more of her?

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This She's older than she looks, likely a meth head. She cammed for about 2 years in Russia, then got some John to set her up with a visa in the U.S. He apparently caught her selling tame tease pics again and shut her down.

The old stuff was ok but not really worth it as she really is pretty much average and not sexual much at all just a money whore, even if you're into that boney look.

hell yeah




dump brother

where do you get this insane story from lmao? i'm friends with her on facebook and she went to the local high school

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I think I saw her work at Starbucks

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ye m8, she's kinda gross tbh
bites her nails even
disgusting and her face looks beat up already with that hard look

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We need the 60s video

she worked at starbucks for a while

actually, you don't
but even if, so what
i actually know her hubby to be

Anyone ever jerked off to Shyla?

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Why'd she sell nudes if her bf is a DJ? What's her story?

You need glasses.

lmao do you think being a dj means you're rich?

I don't give a fuck that you know umru. Since you know him so well get that 60 second video of her.

Not him, but you admit that?
How pathetic you must be.
>following some retarded little girl
>one that you'll never even get with
Maybe go outside once in awhile and live, or at try at least to get a life.

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I think this nude stuff is from way before they started dating

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Nope, but she's waaaay cuter than the other stick hor some dipshit here seems obsessed with. Any more?

Fuck off faggot. Sorry your dick doesn't work well enough to enjoy the nudes. Maybe go outside once and a while so you can get hit by a car you fucking nigger faggot.

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found the closet faggot

have a whole set? think i know her

Initials JP?

Oooo look at the faggot

No, AH

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kill yourself retard

Any Julie?

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Have the other one?

fuck that's hot

you're a hero! got more?

Hmm this kind of looks like a girl I face fucked (when she was looking a little worse lol). Any chance it's the same girl? I don't know her name

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Who gotz Kayla Cameron?

Love her

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lol, if you only knew
you sound retarded as fuck tbh
especially if you think you are "friends" with her
you sound like an incel stalker

This is an OKLAHOMA thread! What the fuck is some asshole doing posting some stick bitch, jew-chasing camwhore from NYC for? She's not even remotely pretty and looks dumb as a box of rocks and unfuckable to all but a fucking incel.

now she's hot and sexy

This got the devilman theme stuck in my head. Thanks.

Lol. No, it isn't. How sad for you that you think so.
There are 3 actually. And this one is in low rez. But I'm not posting them because you are a fucking asshole.

Any chance of you making a mega, bro? I'm fucking diamonds for her.

he said i follow her on twitter. not being friends with her. you probably "know" her bf because you saw him once at a show. fucking pathetic loser.

She’s perfect

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how am i an asshole?

Yeah I should be able to soon if the thread is still alive

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This dudes small as dick making me feel pretty good about myself

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She's perfect! Pls post all

same chick?

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don't die on me now

>She's perfect
I agree
Would impregnate

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That's a dude in drag