YouTubers you want to fuck

YouTubers you want to fuck.

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Jenna is very fucking hot.

Have you seen the pics on facebook from her early days when she started on youtube ?

damn she was a slut

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nice not a bad ass on her tbh

Jane douglas from outside Xbox

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Not as hot as she's been but damn I want do dominate her.

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Body is great

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All for me, and maybe scabbs too, if it pleases sam

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I couldn't choose between her and Ellen.

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Her squeaky chinese moaning would be fucking obnoxious

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im not gay but

I want her to wear a pretty dress and call me mean names in that sexy accent.

Always get the feeling shes prob dirty as fuck in bed

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Imagine getting a hand job from these bad boys

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I can live with it

What would it fell like fucking someone so thin?

What kind of fucking pleb would choose Ellen

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Is dat skeletor? What happened to the goth/emo look?

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fuck I'd take her anal chastity


its mostly her tits tbh, but other than that Jane wins hand down

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Leave my skelefu alone. She went to therapy and is getting happier.

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Well yeah, she was a go go dancer. Her body was shaped as fuck and she slutted herself out dresswise she was amazing. Not so much anymore.

I'm not gay but...

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She would likely be so dehydrated her pussy couldn't lubricate. it would be like sticking your dick in the skeleton of a rotisserie chicken.

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I hate that Gavin gets to tap that.

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God I hate this whore of a man!
If eating his own poop would become popular he would jump on the trend immediately!

Someone almost killed him for it, so I hope he savors it every day.

Also, Barb is superior to Meg

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Agreed. I want her to make puns while I fuck her.

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I miss the goth emo look.

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Back when you could convince a qt to jack you off if you knew all the lyrics to a Taking Back Sunday song. Good times.

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young adam was hot

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I bet her pussy smells like rose petals.

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Nah I think she’s a crier

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Doesn't that dude fuck dogs?

Hey /k/

The second you really start giving it to her will trigger her childhood rape trauma that caused her to retreat into Disney as an adult. That hobbit will clamp down and gator roll your cock.

yeahh but like, that's his business, why should i care

stupid boomers


I swing between the 2 tbh shes either total rubbish or secretly wild no in between

>you are no longer welcome at Nellis Air force Base

Hahahaha id just let her spin on it

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need laci's big floppy tits

>taking the us military seriously after they allowed a draft dodger to become commander in chief

cry more snowflake boomer

would do unforgivable things to shoe

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She’d be up for it

id love for her to nibble on my cock

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she'd be up for all kinds of kinky stuff

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Gods what I would have paid to see Shoe and Boxxy fuck each other.

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Sounds good

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fuck yes

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she looks like she has roast beef vagina

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Gibi ASMR.

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nah she's got a cute innie to match her lg kink

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Yes. Jenny! So much! I don't even know why. Probably her dry sense of humor and surprisingly nice figure.

Molly from Bon Appetit is top tier waifu

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MatPat’s wife Stephanie.

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Stevie from Good Mythical Morning p

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Wow she is beautiful!

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Her and Claire man.

was there some leaks of ellen at some point? an ex posting some stuff?

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She was to skinny when she was a go go dancer. She's hotter now but unfortunately wears less clothes.

You do realize there is this thing called voting, not what the military “allows”
Also most military don’t vote dumb ass. They don’t get involved in politics.

not that I have ever heard about

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Catplant ASMR

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most americans shouldnt vote,they arent smart enough to vote right to begin with.thats why you shit for brains elect people like donald trump and barack obama

God you just know she got fucked in that

*more clothes

Wow, her titties are nasty.

you just know she's into some nasty shit

Yeah I kinda get the feeling from her too, prob done a few things in her past she hopes never come out

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probably had cum stains on it before she left the house, and a plug in her ass

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quint god

Is this recent? I thought she was getting better! :(

we can only hope it does all come out, preferably in HD

She looks like a goblin trying to cheat you out of gold to cross a bridge.

it's an old pic, she is getting better

I want to huff Piddleass' feet tbh

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lol what do you imagine she got upto

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yeah I could easily see that being a thing

Where’s the nudes of the vlogsquad girls?

she's hot

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spitroasted and DP for starters...

I love Gibi so much, anons.

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Brooke Makenna can just love me forever

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love to dress her up as a little girl

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Fun fact: I used to work with her at Disneyland. She worked park-side, I work for Walt Disney Imagineering. I ran into her once. Mentioned her YT channel. She is honestly the weirdest chick. Totally asexual. Like, brags about being an "ACE" who hates the idea of sex. It's a god damn shame because she's actually really cute.

I can imagine that for sure back in her emo days, bet she got passed around a few skate parks

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She was too skinny when she was a go go dancer. She's hotter now but unfortunately she wears more clothes.

can picture her being one of those degenerate sluts who lets her dog lick her

any pics from the go go days?

Did she ever mention being employed by Disney in her videos? That seems like a gigantic conflict of interest.

nice you got anymore JG stuff?

In her teens, not having many friends looking for fun.

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Calli from The King of Random.
I'll never see her naked. I hate my life.

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Yep, multiple times with pictures in fact.

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what's your theories?

Yeah I'm pretty sure its come up in the bast that she use to work for them.

I don't think she ever did. It's actually very, very troublesome for Cast Members to have blogs or vlogs that talk about the company, but some have had them without too much trouble. I don't know if Jenny ever got "the talk" from management, and I also don't know if she still works there. She was in guest relations, which was great because the plaid outfit is fucking HOT on girls.

But yeah, weird chick, fuckin' WEIRD chick.

for what? stuff she has done in the past

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i see you are a man of culture as well

She brings it up and posts a picture of herself in the video about boring things to do in Disneyland


A fellow man of culture

Thank god they don't know about a friend of mine who work for the on the cruise ships who likes to when drunk go on about who was fucking who on the ship.

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Having a friend who works for Princess Cruise lines, I'm not shocked. Cruise staff are amazingly bored and horny all the time. My wife and I were on one of their ships a few weeks ago and ended up fucking 3 different girls in threesomes that we met through my buddy.

Me too

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I have never wanted to fuck someone on Youtube as bad as Pelagea.
You kinda have to watch her videos to get it.

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Its a New Vegas refrence you big gay idiots

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If I had to guess, acted way to childish into her early teens, didn't make many friends at high school because of it, if she did anything really weird like the dog stuff you mentioned it was then. became emo at like 16/17 fell into that crowd for a few years prob did several slutty things for them to like her. went back to being fairly normal in her early 20s with uni and such, although did a few things at parties, now tries to act like a lot of the stuff didn't happen, although prob still gets fucked at conventions and places like that.

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Lauren Zima

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She's a lesbian so you know her pussy snaps

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how many of the outsidexbox cast do you think she's fucked?

makes me diamonds

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honestly 0

but speaking of is it just me or is she showing her boobs off so much more than she use to, lower cut and tighter tops

Forgot to add pic

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I'd never last if she wore that shirt to bed

I love Stephanie. She’s a beautiful cutie pie.

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I'm kind of obsessed with her legs.

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god damn she would get a hard tit fucking

So fucking hot. Lips, tits, hair, skin, eyes, fucking everything. Top fucking notch

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For sure but i always got this weird vibe between her and Rhett.

>there was a time you could have paid her less than $100 for a footjob

Cred Forums ruins everything.

I'm pretty sure she is pushing them out a bit in that pic. she has a decent sized arse as well

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This fucking stud

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she's an anal slut for sure

God I love Elyse

Valkyrieaurora rumor has it she fucks older dudes

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hell yes

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Dalena / dalena.cake

I want to eat her pussy and cum all over her tits

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tbh she is the only reason i watch GTLive, MatPat is a lucky man

She’s quite popular in Australia...would bang!!

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Abelina Sabrina.

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dis goddess

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that pose promises a lot


More of her

who is this thick goddess?

certainly looks like a pose she is comfortable in

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I want to give Elyse a hug. Alanah, on the other hand, I would fuck until my dick was raw and then probaby still do some ass worship rimming.

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Yeah man, I know. You're me.
We're the same person.

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it probably feels unfamiliar to her fully clothed and without at least 2 dicks in her

She has a qt singing voice and is tiny. It would be like fucking a disney princess.

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team wolf all the way

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Ellen Rose

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120% would cuck gus

How else do you think she got into games journalism

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Make him watch as she gets her tiny butthole pounded.

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doubt it's the first time

probably via degree and experience.

still a fucking slut though

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Don’t know if already posted, but..

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Yeah she’s probably been butt fucked before.

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Love Jaclyn

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lewd of her

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who's this whore?

this whole crew

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She used to work in the petting zoo. She talked about it at length in one of her videos

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goosaphone, just a fire emblem youtuber

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Oh yeah, lol.

Wish her nudes would leak. Or a hardcore sex tape.

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Girls only, user.

Jenna marbles is a dense cunt

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The momsview milfs

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Attached: 65.jpg (595x591, 93K)


absolutely would

Oh that's rich.

Same here bet she can be pretty fun in bed

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dirty goth slut

Gwen. Everything else is wrong.

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Quints of truth

Just found out couple weeks ago "she" Is trans.
Completely ruined how I thought about this one. So sad.

none of these bitches hold a candle to my top ho

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Black lipstick looks like absolute shit on everyone, and is an automatic no for me.

you dont have to say slut thats pretty much implied with a goth girl

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fair enough

Mine are the usual 3. Octavius, Shoe, and Ellen.

I definitely have a type. Lol.

Bet Bree is all kind of fun in bed, typical feminist moron who craves cock more than life itself.

Attached: BreeEss01.jpg (1382x921, 308K)

Hell yeah.

If you say her name with a Aussie accent it sounds like A lotta Puss

Be a hell of a 4 way

Bit of an odd one maybe but damn I liked her a couple of years ago.

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this nigger gets it

Attached: 1577413336935.jpg (500x645, 29K)

Attached: _20190819_000451.jpg (2160x3591, 752K)

a face made for cumming on

Attached: ywa.jpg (900x900, 74K)

>used to be heavy
guaranteed sloots

I disagree but to each their own.

I don't even believe in marriage and i would have slapped a ring on that shit back then. Now she's just frumpy.

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Attached: penny_dreadful_27892438_583994788613378_3939575201980743680_n.jpg (1080x1350, 92K)

Attached: 61.jpg (597x597, 132K)

Just search jenna marbles go go, there's a bunch, and videos too.

Attached: jenna.jpg (213x368, 14K)

id be afraid of how many bones she has id break after im done fucking her

Naomi Kyle lulz

Attached: 71187967_137622647517656_603189226755873465_n.jpg (1080x1203, 243K)

Steph is also the only reason I still watch GTLive nowadays. I watch the livestreams and fantasise about banging her. What a woman.

Attached: CA2D93FF-A1B5-4999-A17F-1E042A4C24A4.png (1080x1080, 1.09M)

She was so god damn fine :\

Attached: jenna2.jpg (624x967, 277K)

She's 90% calcium at this point. Her bones are like reforged steel.

Based on the thumbnail i thought this was little Caprice.

you know it's a shop right ?

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Attached: jenna3.jpg (538x720, 40K)

No, it's not.

Attached: zdwsf.jpg (1157x2047, 163K)


Attached: glowbsh2qns7f1g41.jpg (1080x1350, 120K)

Attached: 5c40e7a8b809f5320b7006cc90b761bd928a59cdacf33a8b888991aa9c759901.jpg (801x1200, 678K)

I heard she has six toes and that's why she never shows her feet. Is that true?

Literally every president since bush sr dodged

how many more excuses you trumpshits have? bush supporters were what republicans are suppose to be,not you left wing snowflake trumptards

That's not true Bush JR was working off his cocain arrest probation in the Texas Air National Guard


The cut marks on her arms/legs really puts me off, good nude shoot tho

thats a man

just ignore him,he's some snowflake who's tryingt o hard to make it sound like there's a difference between trump supporters and democrats.even though there isnt,which is why the republican party isnt worth voting for anymore

Yeah, I have the set, even the ones where you're not sure if it's her.

holy fuck dem digits

Attached: 85083094101.png (365x682, 347K)

Meh, don't mind scars, everyone's got some shit in the closet.


Attached: e45.png (1200x1200, 1.23M)

Attached: 1504547307460.jpg (1024x1002, 186K)

so are those titties fake?

Attached: 1506462359814.jpg (534x800, 53K)

>fake tits

Lol nah

physics girl

Attached: 3414f4c76d6527691b4d4b1b6c7dffa0[1].jpg (2048x1024, 302K)

i would do unspeakable things to shoe's asshole

Where's Terry when we need him?


Wouldn't be surprised, she's got a slender build so small tits would be a given.
And it's not like she's poor.

On another note, probable fakes.

Attached: 1504548931660.jpg (1600x1200, 107K)


Lets get that out onto a cock. Nice.

Both lots of pics are fake. The cellphone ones are also supposedly fake too.

Yo momma

Gwen is so fucking fine, fuck. If she had an ass, she might be the most attractive woman on the planet.

she's a lesbian anyway

not that it would stop me from eating her asshole

She's not a lesbian. She has a boyfriend.

bi sexual then,pretty sure she has pictures on her instagram or had them before of her and her "girlfriend"

faggots are still faggots regardless if they consider themselves bi sexual or not

>Making any kind of straight-across comparison between male and female sexuality

all i know is her asshole doesnt have a sexual preferance so im still gonna eat it

Oh yes Adrienne

Gotta get those likes and subscribes somehow.

What site is this for

I love how 90% of people put a picture and write

>"this bitch"

Yet for put a name, username or who the fuck they are or what they do.

This could seriously just be any other instagram thread because of the lack on info.

You are all the cancer that killed this site. Thanks for ruining Cred Forums

wheres the "i fucked ellen rose in uni" guy at
he was all over Cred Forums a few weeks ago

this girl cuz she fucks her actual dad online. she said she's gonna put up more videos if she gets upvotes, but her pussy is cute

I cant imagine finally working up the courage to fuck my dad only to diacover he has a micropenis.

Access denied.

no its there you just need the correct prefix

who's that? Shes hot AF


Dont fucking lie. My waifu is just saving herself for me.

Loserfruit, her pornhub lookalike is called Youngdevotion

Blair white. Trans youtuber. Guess that means you are officially a homo