Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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anyone in nor cal wanna get sucked off?

Ok me

Ok me 2

where are you guys at?


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i'm in dublin

Rate m8

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Would suck/10

please rate

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How's this?

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sad to even pee with it/10


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Hell yeah, I love hearing that shit. Thank you!

what's your length and girth?

what the fuck?
9.5/10 literally perfect for me
8.5/10 I like it too ;)
7.5 very shiny tip

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9/10, great looking cock man!
Hows mine?

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Anyone in la tryna get some head?

R8 plz

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fucking tiny

Thanks user

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I'd probably suck every dick in this thread if I could. Rate mine guys

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Rate it

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Solid piece. Would suck through glory hole

would definitely suck your dick/balls and eat your ass and cum

I'll suck off every user for Valentine's day

Dub dubs, you gotta do it now fag

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God I wanna suck that

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Ok. Do you wanna go first?

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hot would suck

I wish all of you could take turns using my tight boy cunt and throat. I want to be your good faggot cum dump slave

Thanks, user.

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Rate plz

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i would suck it, too.

be my guest

Impregnate me, user

lol thanks

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user, can you show off your bulge?

>user, can you show off your bulge?
I don’t think I have any pics. I wear baggy clothes anyway.

aww :(

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would let u both fuck me if your into hairy ass

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I love your pubes, would choke on it and let u fuck me

love you user

Do you faggots care about uncut? Girls always swear they hate it, but they never hesitate to go down

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wow thanks guys, glad you like it ;)

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nah, everyone's hot on here so i don't care

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Is this a gif for ants?

Damn her ass is amazing, I’d love to fuck her



It’s mobile

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Also cock is 7.5”

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Save these and post on shouldn’t share or want more. Trying to show her guys want her

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Show her my cock, I wanna fuck her so bad. Her ass is absolutely perfect

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r8 :)

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She likes it and says stand up and take side pic

nice bbc user fuck my ass with it / 10

Listen to the trips hand breeder

Please rate

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6/10 you should shave imo

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Check those trips, tell her I wanna pound her doggystyle balls deep and cum as deep inside her as I can

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can you suffocate me your underwear?

finally, a cawk that isn't just a decoration

should make webm Cred Forumsrah or is that an iphone?

is she a redhead?

Average. Good color. Good veins. Nice balls. 7/10

i want to meet you on grindr and come over to suck you off. I can't fit your giant cock in my mouth and you get mad and grab the back of my head and start fucking my face. tears are running down my throat and you slam into my throat over and over again. you stand me up and bend me over and slam your cock into my ass without warming me up; only using my own sloppy throat juices as lube. you pound my ass like it deserves until you cum inside me. then you kick me out.

I want to clean her off you

Nice. Big dick might make up for smaller balls. Could be the angle. More width to length would be good too. Almost too long. 7/10

Beautiful. 9/10

Reminds me of the first cock I sucked...Choke me with it!

thanks, i would love to but im Living in Germany.

Take another pic with it hard enough to stand on its own. No hands

Bad angle. You need to trim. Otherwise not bad. 5/10

That is a really big head. Kinda weird looking but would probably feel good. 6/10

Why thank you anons

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can you pound me too?


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Send me your cock I want to worship it (I am gay and horny) please and Thankyou

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His nickname is "pencil dick".

No, just wanna pound her as hard as I can balls deep doggystyle and breed her

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ok user, i hope that you will

Check em, what is she saying about my pics?

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thanks, user. i love you

Anyone else ?

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Post more of her ass, does she think I’m huge?

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from another angle

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Cock ring cheating?

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Can I suck you off?

No user, you’re a dude

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Ok, user. I hope you're having a great day

8/10 for nice shape, smooth and flared glans, nice foreskin bunched up behind the rim. Would definitely service that for you.

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(607) 345-4949
Text me and I'll rate ;)

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Guessing either troll or raging fag

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Can you guide my sleigh tonight?

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gladly suck

Fuckin keks