Post pictures that raise questions

post pictures that raise questions

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hm, that looks painful

Please explain

>rigor mortis

What? Possible rape.murder victim, taking a vaginal swab for DNA

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oh she's dead? ops i thought they were cutting off her clit

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Looks like the are swabbing her for semen. I.e rape victim

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wtf man

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Those nipples are perfect

The origin of go eat a bag of dicks.

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it's called an autopsy...what are you confused about OP

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rape test mystery there

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No question were raised by this cutee asian girl

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beat up dude and maybe a little bit of iodine near his right eye?

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oh my

Souvenir at Spencer's

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Shooped. Back when Google image search was worth a shit it was easy to find the original.

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the left one reminds me of my mom ... more?

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there is a video of her even sucking it

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I've never wanted to be a keyboard more in my life

Those're subdermal implants (it's called pearling, even has its own wiki article) not an STD.

Physalis, love it

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What the $2 piercing "artist" doesn't tell you is that the instance of infection of piercings around the genitals is more than 10,000 times the rate of a non-pierced individual. Even with nose rings, infections are relatively common and there is substantial data that it shows they lead to nose cancer. Same for nipple piercings, etc.

There's never a good reason to get a piercing, the exception being an earlobe, with is basically an essentially nearly nerveless flap of fat that really has no purpose on the body at all. But anywhere else, especially mucosal areas? Naw, you would have to disinfect it at least twice every fucking day the rest of your life. Who needs that work. It's not edgy shit anymore anyway and nobody gets tattoos or piercings after the 90's except retards trying so hard to be different and cover up the ugly.

For her pleasure

I've seen dudes in prison doing this shit with the tops off chess pieces.

>It's not edgy shit anymore anyway and nobody gets tattoos or piercings after the 90's
now it's a fashion old fag

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Caption this one: "Life in 2020"

Honey, you never hug me anymore!

home of superman

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Neat craft. You can see how to make these on pin trest

Thilly goothe berrieth

>now it's a fashion
not him, but nope
the tattoo removal industry surpassed the tattoo parlour industry in 2001 and is now literally over 100x bigger
fact is most people who thought it was a bright idea to get those tattoos and piercings now want them removed because the shit looks horrible as you age and frankly, people shun you to some degree and have lower respect for you immediately
just an undeniable fact
and yeah, it stopped being edgy when everyone had one
now just looks stupid

That just raises more questions

listen to this whining fucker sure thing mr fucking perfect in my world motherfucker your just another fag that comes to my hood to buy your drugs and hookers and think your banging cause you got out alive but we got your money tough guy

This pic raises more than my questions


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kill all trannies

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Kys, please

Why am I thinking about fucking her in this position?

This looks like a smash ball

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oh my

Sauce??? Wanna der vid

WTF dude

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Cute couple.


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Thanks for demonstrating what pieces of shit you inkheads are.

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anytime you spineless piece of fucking shit any fucking time faggot

>third world retards pay people to install plastic BB's under their dick skin

am white. can confirm.

holy fuck i saw that on twitter (original) pls someone @ her

underrated post

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Sick double sided Fleshlight bro, didn't know they made those.

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Based music taste.

Would it have a bigger core?

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Isn't that Chad diamond?
It doesn't look like he saw what he liked.

I have no tattoos.

You sound like an annoying cunt.

feel free to front me in the street and tell me that i'll bet a kg you won't cause tats obviously scare you shitless lol

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Based Roger Mellie tattoo

And you sound like a nigger.

Oooooh, internet tough guy. Now I'm scared.

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fucking 10 yr old but hey Detroit's waiting for you faggot

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so it's a dragonfly so wat.

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She’s getting boned ...
No explanation needed

this retard's fucking pissed lol

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been trolled for hours..keep trying kid

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Zasxdcfv gbhnjmkl

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Is her house haunted?

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ok but that's actually hot. I wanna shove her against the tank and fuck her till she bleeds

Dragon Ball Super sucks, I hate these new characters.

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> Thinks they're tough because they made a stupid decision to draw permanent shit on their ugly bodies

Imagine being this retarded.

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good dick he has

You got pics? Or a name or something?

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i don't know his name though

this is quite literally an FBI honeypot trying to lure pedophiles

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quite common

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They are checking for semen samples to obtain DNA. Probably a rape homicide.

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I assume he just bought the snake.

you're retarded son.

it's science, bitches

Wednesday in Russia

but is that the snake asshole?

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Cloaca, asshole/vagina

Snakes have vaginas retard
And even if that is the asshole I feel like when it comes to the big picture you should be more alarmed over the fact he fucked a snake

oh, thanks! birds have them too

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But there have been times that you only slightly wanted to be a keyboard?

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What the fuck was that weird clip around the clit. Infection or not what is the purpose of cutting off blood circulation and then ripping it off? Im suspecting it was all just a weird bdsm thing and it had nothing to do with the actual piercing. Either way poor girl.

in german 'physalis' is also called 'judenkirsche' just about jew-cherry

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Can someone please explain what's going on here?

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That's the cave of crystals in Mexico.

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I have seen one death from a tongue piercing.

what doth life?

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I'm so alarmed right now

i'm intrigued. more/source?

that must feel good


saw this in National Geographic mag years and years ago. it's a cave system in Mexico, if i remember right, with giant quartz (?) crystals. there were some absolutely insane pictures in that article.

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When did this turn into a YLYL thread?

those are just ground cherries. tasty.

World of Warcraft

hoo boy you almost sounded like you were making an argument based on facts but it turns out no. nobody needs your opinions on people's tattoos or piercings. people can do what they want with their bodies. you just take care of yours.

>post pictures that raise questions
>First thread on Cred Forums in years that has made me want to vomit...and ask no questions.

She dead... look at fingers... swabbing for semen


Fuck those party milfs are horny as hell.


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My dude more of this history.

well now i just pizza and a cigarette

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they call him The Chameleon

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What the fuck is this crazy shit? Sauce?!


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excuse me while I die of laughter

the birth of donald trump


I bet people ax what happened to her all the time.


If you didn't play assault almost exclusively then you are a negro.


I like that little zip tie at the perineum area. good to hang her up while not in use

Ah something that i have not seen

>Im suspecting it was all just a weird bdsm thing

From what I've seen, the lady in the pic is quite happy with the results.
Clit removal, FGM, pharonic circumcision is a rare fetish in the western world, but it does exist.

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She's 9 and she's still dribbling everywhere.

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Yeah but you should see the other guy.


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asian jesus has a pretty fancy scooter

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Oh God.! When I was just a kid I fell into prickly pear ass first. It was horrible. I steer clear of cacti now.

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is this gay
not sure if it's anus or boipussy
does she do oral
or did he ever try to use her for rimming / pegging
someone sauce it makes my snake solid


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Hur hur! You funny!

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When the abortion clinic told her it was too late for an abortion. She decided to do it herself.


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Explain this.

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Keep crying faggot, just 4 more years.

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The irony is these two white people have never fucked or haven't fucked in ages.

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One for the pink and one for the stink

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When the ragdoll physics are badly programmed

When the ragdoll physics are badly programmed

Shes supergirl those bullets didnt hurt her

Jodorowsky's Borgia.

The only webm on this website that I still have trouble watching.

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That place is breaking down because the crystals need to be supported by the water that was filling the area until a mining company drained it. Without the water the crystals deteriorate and won't form any more.

this is hilarious

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Shibuya kaho she retired from porn like 6 months ago maybe

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i cant


The heels totally walked away like OH FUCK I BROKE HIS COCK FR.

Wh-What am I looking at? Where is this? Fucking SCP stuff.

This image hurts

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We gotta flood these shit skins with racist tunes boys

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Paris attack in Bataclan, if you wonder

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damn, always thought that was from Club Pulse... good to know.

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So much shit here.

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He appears to have created a home for a worm out of his urethra

fucking retard

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one of the most retarded things I've seen. I mean, someone thought they have an idea but it was just so bad it's hard to describe.

ducks are fucking bullies... bulls are fucking duckies

And then there's THIS asshole...

but it's kinda true
friend's gf is basically what a pet is in mmos
besides the sex and personal talk
is it really worth it to such a pricy maid