I'm bored

I'm bored
Tell me about that awesome thing you did once

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Fuck you, you're just gonna tell me I'm boring so fuck off in advance

Well you just prove it

My friend's younger sister flashed me, and I went to their restroom and jerked off.

Was she hot?


She's super hot. This was just last week.

Where is she from?
Any plans to hook up yet?

Friend's sister.

Can't really do anything but fantasize.


Got a girl to lick my ass in a backseat while her friend played with herself in the front.

>Tell me about that awesome thing you did once
I'm 56 and I banged your mom.
Unless that's you Shane?
In which case I banged you G-Ma.
Still love you though, dude.

raid reddit

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I'm 74 and I banged *your* mom

This one time, i accidently stole a boat.

another time, i escaped from shitty camp with cohorts over the summer. the camp couldnt figure out who was missing. in the bedlam, the buses came, and the buses left empty, because they couldn't figure out who was missing, and the kids started giving false names. hundreds of parents had to pick up their kids from this camp because of this event. but the camp totally deserved it, for making me watch a mary kate and ashley olsen movie

Go home Dad, yer drunk,

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once i was doing 2v2s in WoW and just as my friend and I were loading into an arena his internet connection dropped, so it was me a s/l warlock vs 2 paladins.
So I immediately DoTed the shit out of both of them, and they stupidly both popped their bubbles to get rid of the DoTs, and I just kept running all over the map not giving them the opportunity to attack me. Once their bubbles were spent they were vunerable little lambs, I DoTed them up again, kept one feared while I kept draining life from the other. Once I killed one the 2nd was even easier. He even just gave up at one point once he realized there was no way he could win.

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Oops, meant to link

I banged this guy too

I like the second part. Still can't make my mind up to how it's nice to get your ass eaten or eat ass.

This one time I did something that was awesome.

Shit was so cash.

Camps suck. At least mommy and daddy had time to do orgies with strangers from craigslist
Can't relate dude, mmorpgs never worked for me.

Amazing energy.

It’s more than what this turd of a thread deserves

Contribute or fuck off mate. It's as easy as that