The best hyena in town!

the best hyena in town!

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Hello Jasiriposter, my friend, i haven't seen you today, but that's because i was busy. So... how are you today, my friend ;)

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i'm doing alright friend

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Is jasiri considered waifu

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Good, good good good : ) well i have to sleep, but i will see you tomorrow. Goodnight, and dream sweet dreams, bro : )

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And probably the only hyena on town

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hey fren, yes, jasiri is 100% waifu material
good night
naw, there's plenty hyenas in town, but once you go Jasiri you don't go back

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When is The Council announcing jasiri the best waifu

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Jasiri is above all the councils,

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Makes sense, will you have some time this weekend fren?

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checked by the amazing spiderman

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Checked and approved

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chekked and kekked
i don't know how tomorrow will go, probably will
eyyy, welcome spideybro, also good job on the new image
wait a second, i didn't write this

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There you are!
For a second i thought you forgot about your queen jasiri

Dont be late next time fan

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Bait I reckoned shy bid 'n' want fish

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He is busy cooming

Ah cool, id probably need someone to talk to tomorrow cuz imma do alot of stuff on laptop and will be bored after a while

How was your valentines day?

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checked, good day.

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yeah i'll be here
my valentine's day was just like any other day, really, i don't really find importance in days like new years and birthdays

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Hows it goin over there

I got no letters so its pretty decent, my friend got one saying "happy new year", so hey, it could be worse

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>I got no letters so its pretty decent, my friend got one saying "happy new year", so hey, it could be worse
haha that's pretty hilarious

welp, time for me to go to sleep, i'll talk to you tomorrow, friends

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James, honey, are you confusing me for someone else?

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Gn, cya tomorrow

Tell me about your day, now
Its no longer a request but a demand

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