Which one of these would be the easiest topic to write about...

Which one of these would be the easiest topic to write about? And do you have any suggestions on what to write about for the topic? Pls help

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Im feeling generous OP, have a bump

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I don't remember a chick in that Clooney movie.

>thinking it wasn’t a sausagefest

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OP here, btw Troy is the one with Brad Pitt

Theres no easy answer, Troy was garbage and suggesting it had decent references with that faggot Colin on screen is a joke.

No. It was Tom Cruise in Troy. Brad Pitt was in the movie about Monkeys.

2. Talk about how OBWAT successfully updates the myth by placing it in a time, though recent, is still far enough removed from recent memory to be a myth of its own. Talk about The Grapes of Wrath. If you want to talk about how the flood echoes the biblical flood and also maybe talk about the very end of Deliverance.

The "sirens" in the river asshat.

I'd say that 2 and 5 are the easiest. The reason is in the other questions, you have to compare both films and the historical, societal and mythological backdrops. In 2 and 5, there's only one film, so that narrows it down a bit.

I thought it was Candleja

Is there any more fluff or some shit l can add to it as well to get the word count up?

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If you can’t fluff that up to 3 pages you shouldn’t be in college. Drop out and work at an Amazon Fulfillment Center you lazy faggot.

I’m just making sure before l start writing it, calm down faggot.

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Not OP, but what the fuck does a shitty book have to do with what he’s writing?

>Not OP, but what the fuck does a shitty book have to do with what he’s writing?
The only book I referenced was the Bible. In this context I’m referring to Deliverance the movie about men in boats on a quest that ends in a flood. It’s relevant if you want it to be.

You mentioned the grapes of wrath

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THE FUCKING MOVIE. Jesus, nobody actually reads that shit, though you should because it ends with a scene where a woman whose baby just dies breastfeeds a starving man, but it’s about that bleak landscape in the 30’s with joblessness and desperation. It’s the American myth of the Great Depression.

What’s a movie though?

>What’s a movie though?
Ya know, a talking picture.

Do your own fucking homework

How does it blend Christian & classical scenes?


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Fuck you, kid. I’ve given you enough to write ten pages on. I’m not doing your fucking homework for you.

You know what? I’ll make you a deal. If you can post a time stamped pic of sharpies in poopar I’ll straight up write one page of your paper for every one you get up there.

If you care I went to film school and last year I wrote some papers for a girl in graduate school and she finished the year with a 4.0 I never got less than an A.

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