Girl I've been dating didn't respond to v day message

>Girl I've been dating didn't respond to v day message
>Ex didn't respond to my v day message

How should I kill myself Cred Forums?

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How long have you been dating?

the easy way - do nothing, slowly growing older weaker sicker and more painful every year until you die alone and unmourned the way god intended.

A couple of months. Pretty sure she's out with another guy.

Life hurts too much at this point. Are those suicide bag things just a meme or do they actually work?

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first off, don't text your ex on valentines day. cut contact from this day on or you'll just embarrass yourself further. it's already cringy that you text her on valentines day when she's probably getting fucked by someone new if we're being honest.

second, why don't you call your girl to see what's happening and why are you not hanging out on valentines? it's odd you're not.

third, please don't even consider killing yourself. my mum died a few months back and it makes you realise how precious life is. enjoy it, don't waste it

>Pretty sure she's out with another guy.
you know that pussy is gettin pounded tonight


Suicide coz 1 chick dissed you?
Man the fuck up.
Maybe you should be dating blokes, you're whining like a faggot.

pic related

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>don't text your ex on valentines day.
Yeah I know, but got drunk and sad and caved in.

>why don't you call your girl to see what's happening
She's in another town for the next couple of days and didn't answer.

>my mum died a few months back and it makes you realise how precious life is.
Sorry about your mum user. But in my case I am a loser who needs to die, today has only confirmed it.

Yeah hence the suicide

It just hurts too much

More like a series of failures in my life. I don't like cock so thats not an option and I keep getting treated this way by women so there is really no point in existing anymore.

I don't own a gun and they are hard quite hard to find in my country.

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Stop simping little boy. Stop depending on women for emotional support and maybe you'll figure out why your mistake started the second you hit send today

women aren't the be all and end all, man


I just feel like theres nothing else in life that gives me pleasure, but they destroy me.

don't you have any hobbies? there must be things you're interested in

what do you look like btw? what's contributing to your lack of luck with women? there are things you can change

I train in kickboxing which is more of a self improvement thing than a hobby. Generally enjoy the outdoors and travel and shit like that but without anyone to share it with whats the point, just feels empty and pointless. Otherwise just vidya which has lost all excitement for me at this point and drinking which makes me feel worse. Honestly I think I am some kind of retarded sex addict who gets attached instead of just fucking and moving on. I don't think its fixable and life has just become not enjoyable at all.

6ft, athletic with decent facial structure. Its not really about looks as I get plenty of interest, more of a confidence thing. Its just that for some reason when a woman jilts me or breaks my trust or chooses another guy over me I get insanely depressed and angry and jealous and it just fuels the self hatred. What can I change about this? I've tried but I think there's nothing left but to end it

>what's contributing to your lack of luck with women
I just don't know. Maybe I choose my women poorly. Maybe its that any decently hot girl in this day and age is inundated with attention from other dudes. Maybe its just me giving off pathetic cuck vibes? I feel that they use me for a tap and gap and lead me on emotionally to get what they want and then have no problem discarding me after.

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are you using hookup websites like tinder to find girls instead of actually going out and doing it the hard way? cause you know the girls on these pump and dump apps won't bring you real love and are more than likely keeping other dudes on the backburner. if you are using them, you need to go into the situation knowing that it's a disposable relationship. finding real love isn't easy

if you find out that your girl was hanging out with a dude today, her loss - you can find someone else who's real if you let it come naturally... especially with your looks to spark the initial attraction by the sound of it. cut that relationship out of your life asap, block her, block your ex and avoid contact with them. continue working on your kickboxing, improving yourself and living life through travelling etc. contact your friends and do stuff together. as i said man, reconsider the suicide thing. order some sick food, kick back and relax.

i absolutely love fuck and chucks and random hookups but it's not my whole life. it's just one aspect - if i wasn't getting it i wouldn't sweat it. focus on your own happiness and spend time with family if you still have them

No - I installed that shit because I thought maybe a few pump and dumps would desensitize me and I'd be less of a pussy about getting curved by girls afterwards but I couldn't bring myself to do it, I just don't like the feeling of using an app for sex. But it seems that every girl I've dated has at least used them in the past.

>you need to go into the situation knowing that it's a disposable relationship
I feel like this is the mindset the girls have with me. When I'm seeing a girl and she is fucking another guy as well or openly flirting/exchanging numbers with them when I'm around it just destroys me. I know thats pathetic and we don't live under sharia law or anything but dating these days just seems like a cold and brutal meat market. What happened to people just focusing on each other as they see where things go? I don't think this new world of social media etc is for me. Its only going to get worse.

Appreciate the advice user its what I've been trying to do. She's been away for a uni thing and I thought it would be the end of it, but she's coming back and started being all nice to me again after for sure fucking some other dudes. I'm weak and let myself get attached again. We also work at the same place which fucking sucks, probably shouldn't have shat where I eat.

>contact your friends and do stuff together
It seems like all my friends are overseas, dead, moved on with their lives and settled down, or just don't do anything other than taking drugs or drinking.

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>reconsider the suicide thing. order some sick food, kick back and relax.
The only thing stopping me at this very moment is thinking about what my family will go through. I feel like I'm a disappointment them anyway so at the end of the day it won't be a huge loss although I don't look forward to emotionally hurting them so I want to make my death as least traumatic for them as possible, might say I'm leaving town and not coming back or something before I do it. Welcome to ideas.

>focus on your own happiness and spend time with family if you still have them
I've been doing this but it all seems to pointless and my heart still hurts because I can't stop thinking about these girls no matter how much I work out or try to distract myself. Only drowning it with alcohol works for a momentary escape but then afterwards back to depression. I can't distract myself 24/7 and my mind just vividly replays imaginary scenes of them getting fucked by other guys and laughing at me behind my back. My mind is hell and I can't turn it off without a hard reset.

Even if you think nobody wants you around, keep living to spite the world that rejects you. You're not a bad person just because your girlfriend is probably cheating on you, or that your ex isn't interested anymore. You're a grown ass man and can live on your own accord.

Look at the sky and tell the world it can go fuck itself. Work on yourself. Help yourself. Work to better yourself and help others even if it is thankless. You'll be remembered, user. Fuck this world and fuck the culture we live in, but I'll be damned if I said fuck you. Keep looking up and move forward. Dump your cheating bitch and find the right girl.

my brother i need to go to sleep as i'm working early tomorrow. not sure what time it is where you're at but you should try getting some sleep yourself soon. i've been going through shit myself recently and sleep is paradise for a temporary escape. temporary. don't make a permanent choice over a temporary problem. things will get better.

make another thread on here tomorrow with one of the pictures you've used in this one at around 4pm GMT and let's keep talking, if you feel like it.

also take heed to this he speaks truth. it's what i've been saying in a nutshell and it's the only way to get out of this rut

i'm being for real - i want to see you back here tomorrow. you don't need to off yourself over this. so what if some girls are shit. take care and talk soon man

Probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me for as long as I can remember. Thank you user you are a good person. I just don't think I can take being manipulated again, having trust broken again, feeling the ongoing pain anymore. I have loose ends to tie up before I go anyway so I will try my best to follow your advice over the next few days as I get my will etc in order. Maybe things will improve.

Thank you bro I will give it a shot. Sorry to hear that you've been going through shit too, I don't mean to be self centered with this thread. I really appreciate the advice/motivation and what ever happens know that your comments made more of a difference than anything did in the past year of my life. Take care user.

Broke up with mine today. I don't need liars in my life.

IVe been kicked out of my ex’s life in every way and I still feel crazy about reaching out. Just gotta hope things change man

You're a stronger willed man than me. Good work user hope it improves things for you.

I understand the feeling well. Some people seem to have good defenses and can shrug this shit off but it hits me pretty hard and the pain takes a long time to fade.