How do I prevent these bumps from showing up every time I shave my vagina : ( I'm single so I don't do it often and its...

How do I prevent these bumps from showing up every time I shave my vagina : ( I'm single so I don't do it often and its fine right afterwarss but after a day or so it looks like this. It also itches real bad.

I use warm water & shaving cream when I shave. Any suggestions??

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Give me your telegram and ill explain

Use a sharper razor. Shave with the grain

Use a salicylic acid wipe or wash the next 2 days after shaving. And moisturize with a quality moisturizer. Nice vagina btw

vaginas aren't supposed to be shaved it's normal that you get this bumps. your skin is very sensitive and other than laser removal this will always happen. also post tits.

>google is your friend

now spread those lips

>wash the next 2 days after shaving

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Buy better razor and instead of shaving cream use olive oil.

Nice ass. May we see a pic, m'lady?


What blade are you using?

Find an oil-based shaving lubricant that doesn’t irritate your skin.
Use a very sharp razor.
Use an after-shave lotion with aloe.
Spread that pussy for us.

>olive oil.
And a nice balsamic vinegar.

A salicylic acid wash. Im lazy and assume people can figure out what i mean without formatting. Fuck

A wipe or a wash.


"Down and across."

Never against the grain.

1. Make sure the razor is sharp and not dull. Most only last about a week if you use it every day.
2. Use good quality shave cream not Barbasol. If you don't have any use hair conditioner. This might actually work better for you.
3. Make sure you and the razor are both wet with very warm water.
4. Shave slowly, not fast. The slower you shave the less likely your skin will be irritated.
5. Post pics of anus

Trips says: Tits or gtfo - w/ the grain is correct -

Get a better razor and don't press as hard.

Use womens deodorant the next few days after

>shave with the grain
>moisturize a lot with aole vera and clean your skin every day
>if your skin is sensitive you'll always have bumps
>consider laser treatment
8/10 innie would lick all day

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this boi has the answer

Thanks. I did google it but I'm a fan of personal reviews y'feel.

I shower every day, is that not enough? Do I need to be doing something specific while washing?

A like 6$ women's razor from Walmart, am poor college student so can't afford anything fancy.

Yeah I do sort of go against cos I want to make sure I get it all. Will remember this.

Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks!

Also no mean comments on my nail polish, my little cousin painted my nails lmao

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Stop being a slut you disgusting roastie

I might be wrong but I think that it's better for the skin if you vax it instead of shaveing.

That's a nice cunt..
..are you single because you're not a nice cunt?

I hear you.

Against gets it smoother, but you pay the price later, as you've found out.

> vax it instead of shaving
Yeah, gotta keep it safe from the flu.

NICE pussy!

Share whatever other's you want to take for us!

razor bumps will always happen.
what you want is hair removal.

basicly a laser does the job. it doesn't hurt in anyway, but its expensive and you have to go in for it at least 3 times. over a 6 month period.

it will leave you smooth as a newborn butt. permanently.

femanon delivers

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rubbing alcohol, burns like shit but it’ll close your pores

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Every new faggot ITT that has answered to this post with anything other than “Tits or GTFO” is the literal cancer that has killed /b

Learn the rules cunts, or Fucking Lurk Moar.

If someone declares themselves a femanon, on an anonymous site, then they are leveraging their gender in order to illicit responses from the thirsty wizards of /b.....
Anyone can claim to be a femanon...that is why we demand timestamped “Tits or GTFO”, as proof.

Lurk Moar newfag cancers.
And OP
Tits or GtFo

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You should get checked.


don't do this

Euch, I do have sensitive skin. Has been a problem since I was a wee lass. Still, gonna try some of the advice before I resign myself!

Naw I sorta know why I'm single, I'd like to not be but I have some baggage that makes me hesitant to date til I've dealt with it. I date with the intention to marry so I don't want to enter a relationship with baggage, ya know?

It's the typical. Am an incest survivor, as it goes.

Definitely not possible for a long while. Would be nice though!

I try

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What he said

get a double-sided safety razor, use a fresh blade each time, they're like 10c each.
pop for some good shaving cream (creamo is about as cheap as I'd use), and then use some moisturizing aftershave (one with lots of shea/coco butter).

great. now all thats missing is the ass. thanks for delivering op


Show razor handle in ass

phew, not underage

>I use warm water
Always use cold water, as cold as possible actually, then likewise rinse well. Afterwards apply isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to the shaved area. It will burn your pussy for a few seconds but you'll see those bumps and irritation will be kept to a bare minimum.

Timestamp or GTFO.
Trimming looks fine and you can do it with a battery trimmer in 1/10th the time. Also stubble hurts my penis.

Imagine tilting so much on Valentines day that you start posting your nudes online just to cope.
My fucking sides

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Lovely tits!

OP delivars good day

Just don't shave lol

>femanon actually delivers

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user bend over and take a picture for us.

have you anons become soft?

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I would date you and help you with your baggage. I believe in having a life partner to.

We have tits, dude. Sheesh!

but no timestamp, you know, proof

Femanon here

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Now we need timestamp.



no need to close shave user, just trim a little, every girl is different, go for comfort ;)

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>we have tits

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1 use a safety razor or a new cartidge blade that is fresh and not rusted

2 use an aftershave lotion it really helps

personally, id suggest trimming if youre single, it cuts your hair but not too short to get any discomfort and irritation

It do be like that

Yeah that's an option but idk, I like it better smooth in my opinion. For various reasons.

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now let's talk about how you never go against the grain

Have you got a kik? If yes msg me dougald0012

I agree with you OP smooth pussy is way better. :)

how was the dad dick?

I would like to know more about the incest in your life.

That’s an ass, not a tits.
Stupid fucking cunt.

It’s a nice ass tho...put something in it

You have to trim your hair down before you shave you mongrols


Bend over doggy style for us plz

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You have delivered on every reasonable request. We shall call you Shavechan. It is so ordered.

Damn. Ok sold me. You're very hot. The skin and color of your pussy. My favorite type. Cheers femanon.


If it makes you feel any better OP, I would bust major loads up that coot. Not sure what else you want from this thread.

Show asshole b

I can tell there is a reason most women ignore you

>an incest survivor
This seems to be far more prevalent in the US than in the civilised world

"Shavechan". Nice!

show asshole pls

Nice trim job

Gotta exfoliate in the days after also sharpie in the pooper

Its a trap !!!
You're not fooling anyone, faggot.

Me too. I love her ultra fair skin. A damsel of dreams.

Because they're scared of my massive cock (and balls)

Whenever I shave down there I used to have those same bumps as well. They'd appear like a day or two after the fact and it was really itchy and uncomfortable.
I started applying extra virgin coconut oil to the area after the fact and it doesn't seem to do it quite as much anymore. Give that a shot.

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She already posted beautiful tiddies. Calm down

>an incest survivor
Go on...

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Rolling for quints. A beautiful body - all parts of it.

Remember not to go too fast or you will give yourself a razor burn.

Also, it would be my request that you show us your asshole

I trim with a body razor smallest size I can find. leaves a little behind but no bumps or irritations plus i maintain that stank. i hear that chemical shaving doesn't leave bumps.

don't go against the grain they teach that in boys sex ed for shaving our beards

cheaper, better
the shit you get for girls is military grade
if youve got some balls, get a real razor --> baby's ass

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Aw thanks!!

I will def look into aftershave lotion

It was my dad, yea. Started when I was 3, he made cheese pizza of me. To be honest that's one of the reasons I think I subconciously prefer a shaved vag but we don't have the time to go that deep haha

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In addition to what other anons have said, don’t waste your money on women’s razors. My wife and plenty of other women I’ve known have discovered that men’s razors work just as well and often better and cost less.

Also, you’ve got nice parts, thanks for sharing.


Any chance of bending ovwr more and speading for us?

Too bad will never know her

Virgin detected?

First, your shaving cream, change to Skintimate aloe vera. Use DISPOSABLE Mach 3 men's razors that you NEVER use twice. Then, no pants or panties the first day. Skirts commando or anything loose fitting like roomy sweats and such.

Wife was a stripper the first 10 years we were married, we dated several other strippers together and kept one. So I know the ins and outs of this coming and going.

Once you get the rash, lidocaine aloe vera sunburn treatment.. Then Destin diaper rash cream if it doesn't clear in a day.

Soooo want to lick that pussy. Very beautiful pussy

Hey OP.
Want to be my payslut on kik for $$?

Username is trash_talkerx

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Put finger in ass

>I think I subconciously prefer a shaved vag but we don't have the time to go that deep haha

sharpie in the pooper; deep in the pooper.

you cant make this shit up lmao

Im gonna cum


So close, yet far...

Use exfoliant before and after you shave. My wife gets those sometimes. Now let's see them tits

Great user, now spread it open bent over on your knees

Never use women's razors!! They cost more and are beyond shitty!! Mach 3 disposables men's razors.

You have a lovely pussy, and sexy everything else too! Thanks for sharing with us!

You are fucking awesome. Just a beautiful girl

dude where are the feet pics

What is holding you back from being with a guy? You definitely have to body to get any type of guy you want to.

Really bend over for us i wanna see everything

I am guilty of being in a rush! So far my notes include being gentler overall haha

You're right on them being cheaper for sure! I'll peruse the aisle next time and see what I can find. Thanks to you and

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and dont ignore the safety razor, its the only kind of razor that doesnt cause itchiness, its a very good investment and on the long run it will be cheaper since a pack of 5 blades cost like 1$

>Started when I was 3, he made cheese pizza of me. To be honest that's one of the reasons I think I subconciously prefer a shaved vag
Are we not gonna talk about how horrifically fucked up that is.

If its not too gross, use yoghurt. It instantly soothes inflammation and probiotics destroy any possible infection. Leave it on for an hour then shower your skin will thank you. Also nice pussy/boobs/skin. Sorry bout your dad, hope you have a good life

So pretty!

>To be honest that's one of the reasons I think I subconciously prefer a shaved vag but we don't have the time to go that deep haha
Okay, you aight femanon

Oooohhhhh boy!

Do you have any toys or anything?

put a finger in your ass. same position

was it the exclusively horrifying kind of sexual abuse or was the more ambiguously uncomfortable but occasionally fun kind of sexual abuse.

Build for BBC

Two fingers/sharpie/remote control on asshole please.
Edging hard here

for real, i dont care about these bumps
i care that vag

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Soooo want to eat that asshole. Damn i'd definetly be your boyfriend

Why not wax?

show your wand and dildos

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are you 13?

i'd slide a tongue in there no problem

Use a men's electric razor or Nair.

This, my wife has been waxing for the past two years and she says it gets a lot easier after the first few times

if it makes girls this eager to show strangers their junk more dads should diddle their daughters.

Pretty cute anonchan. You deserve comfy and caring cock not abuse.

Ok more booty pics now user you’re great

Do you have kik? No freak here.. but would love to chat with you

Mach 3 it is! And dang I am writing down that procedure haha

Like I said, I've got some unfortunate baggage. It makes it hard to date and I dunno, I don't want to have sex outside of a serious relationship (rich coming from me posting pussy out pics on here but it's true!)

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pose with legs up like this with spread pussy

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>Green nail polish
My strange and oddly specific fetish strikes again.

Nice body ,OP

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Based Shaven-chan

Who is taking these pics?

I am so desperately lonely , I would pay good money just to hear someone throw stones at your shite through a walkie talkie

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I second this!

Ooof you got some sexy feet as wellshow some more

>You're right on them being cheaper for sure! I'll peruse the aisle next time and see what I can find.
Cheaper and better, but DON'T buy them at the store. Those brands are VASTLY overpriced and poorer quality than what you can get online at, say, Dollar Shave Club. You'll save a TON of money by going there and ordering their standard razor with some butter cream shaving lotion. Try it, you will like it.

This is why i don't like to shave my dick and ball area. Maybe if we rubbed or stubble together a solution would pop up?

try to lick your own pussy you dirty slag

Fuck you're delicious!!

Would worship this feet

be honest, did you really want advice or did you just want to indulge in some exhibitionist kink

We are boycotting Gillette, get a Schick

Kill yourself. Hope your dad rape your ass hole in your next life. This isn't femanom just a white knight

Third this!

there ARE really decent boys out there who crave their love to be reciprocated not for what they do, but for who they are

Your a good young woman I like that you dont just give it up. Dont ever change not all guys just want a girl for sex. Some of us actually want to feel love in return.

I appreciate how the majority of Cred Forums is being helpful for once

In my country we would find out where you live and stone you to death you disgusting whore

wax it instead. Bumps are caused by shaving too close to skin.


I LOL'd but really did.

>I don't want to have sex outside of a serious relationship
Be smart and find yourself an older wealthy man. You won't have to worry about money and he'll remind you of dad if you'll want him to. Use your good looks to improve your life. Don't squander it.

pls shave butthole
butthole hairs

I fourth this!

Shut up. Go back to your trap porn faggot.

I'm glad hahaha

Me! I have a timer on my phone and a stack of books to put it on. Thats why its taking me a sec to reply

Mostly A, sorry to dissapoint. Its hard to have sex with a toddler and it be fun foe the toddler. When I got a little older ~5 or 6 it was a little different but kids ain't stupid, I knew it was wrong.

No sorry : ( I am lowkey afraid of penetration

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>blatant attention whore thread
>coomers coming out of the woodwork

The blonde hair, the bewbs, the juicy ass, the delicious pussy.
You got it all girl.

Can we get a mouth open ‘cum catcher’ pose from you? Tits /lower half face in view.
Pwetty pwease?

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Yes Achmed we know you are watching

Never heard of automatic cameras, you fucking stupid?

how old are you

Hey op why don't you make a only fans if you don't have money you clearly would make money and I bet a lot of fags in this thread would pay

Let's get a Sharpie in the asshole pic. You got a fucking nice body.

Can you take a pic in doggy from the side? thanks!

post a pic of you squeezing your ass cheeks and another of a finger up your ass

why the fuck you asking Cred Forums when bleach and ammonia is already all over the internet as the best answer

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Nah, makes sense. Posting in here user is not much different than taking a pic of yourself you keep in a shoebox in your closet.. Yeah, lots of people see it but if they met or even know you, they'd never know it was you. Especially since no tattoos.

You'd be surprised how many guys are looking to marry and make a go at life with you.. I've been married 20 years, we dated for 11 days then got married...

Once you find someone to trust, you'll know because you'll have no doubts. If you even have the smallest doubt, don't. You know if you do or not. Good luck.

Awh this thread makes me happy for you! Hope you are feeling beautiful this valentines, you made a lot of anons day. Also you're hot as fuck thanks for sharing your story

So damn nice!!!!

In your county you can barely make fire.

>Mostly A

god damn it why do so many pedophiles fuck this up.

what's cheese pizza?

Can you insert something?

Those look tight. You must be a great fuck. Too bad you're getting all this attention from an anonymous forum where nothing is real. Would love to make it real with you tho

Ever thought about making custom vids for $$$?

HMU on kik it you’re interested
Username: trash_talkerx

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Uh...gonna need more feet if you would. Tops, bottoms...toes...and so on...and so on...

welcome newfag

surprised no one has posted cock pics to impress the laddy

Hey there, OP. There has been some pretty sound advice in this thread. Stick to men's razors, they work WAY better.

Also, please post body shot or boobs. Love in advance, horny user.

nice hair

If you want smooth, then wax

can they reach your mouth?

can be sure if Michael in it for the little or the lady

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Footfags are the WORST. Worse than incestuous dads.

Hey op, I am really overwhelmed by your beauty - and courage!

She just said somewhat afraid of penetration. Go easy.

Drawfag here, do you mind if I use your photos for drawing reference?

what's u chaturbate name?

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Dollar shave club razors will change your life...and they are WAY cheaper

Award winning picture. Nicest real pussy on Cred Forums in a long time. You are a goddess.

Quads have spoken

Both, I've sort of got all the advice I can use at this point but obviously did need it haha

I'm 21!

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I don't want this dumb, disgusting whore to possess anything associated with me.

Its cool to have opinions. Nice work.

- Don't shave against the follicle growth angle.

- Don't use scorching hot water or scented soap/bodywash right after shaving as it will irritate your skin.

-Don't wear tight underwear right after shaving, give it some time.

You have an amazingly beautiful smooth skin, but it's fragile and you gotta be extra careful, so take well care of it

Mind sharing what your recent sex life has been like? If you want to kik me its jbj123123, also experienced childhood incest so I can relate to at least a little of your past

gotta conquer those fears to get that husband she's looking to mentally destroy down the road.


Hey, you're my age !

this is why i love pale wammen
beautiful skin and the pinkest pussies

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Please be my payslut on kik.
Daddy needs this on Valentine’s Day

Username: trash_talkerx

I wish I could be your slave forever, and treat you to anything you like forever to make up for the sins of your dad. Christ, penetrating a toddler. Wait is that why you're on this site. Have you internalised it and now enjoy watching fucked up loli shit. No judgement if yes.

squeeze your ass cheeks

She probably won't like them. She's already said she is uncomfortable with penetration.

Saved all your pics femanon. You made b the best thread in a long long time

now the only thing left is the face

Your beautiful. Are you comfortable with walking around the house naked?

Love the hard nipples.

you are really hot, wife material for sure. one last request.. doggy posy like this with abit spread

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could you drape you hair over your face and take a pic?

>-Don't wear tight underwear right after shaving, give it some time.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah just hang out nude while at home. just be nude


Beautiful. Thanks for making Cred Forums great again.

Where are you from. Dont have to be specific.

Time to round out this most holy of valentines threads with a face pic girl. You are gorgeous you got this
I IV V is nice

This guy must sleep under a rock. She is perfection.

Just stop to shaving for a while, the skin needs to heal

Best pic so far, body looks real nice in this one



>dicked by daddy
>wife material
pick one

Nah, go ahead!

Okay I take hot as hell showers so writing this one down too, thanks

Nonexistant o7 last person to have sex with me was my father, unfortunately

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How do I get a woman I can be a sperg around?

Suggested that 20 minutes ago. You;re late to the party.

Based femanon, you get an A+ for delivery.

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I'll be your new daddy, baggage is not a problem.

Great, keep posing for us while we get off. More booty pics and pussy shots.

Are black dicks really better?

i second this


This would be great. Sharpie in pooper would ber icing on the cake.

You just made valentine's day better for alot of single guys, cheers OP

actually hot showers dry out your skin making it more itchy and more razor burns, thats why you need to apply an aftershave lotion

Damn girl i want you now!!

Use this op

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Why not wax?

What about a discreet face pic? Something like this?

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Get a Manscape Lawn Mower 2.0 for only 15% off when you use code GRIFFY. Do it. you fucking vagina having cuck

Faggot detected. Go back to your trap thread.

how old were you the last time daddy fucked you

Guys, i don't think she wants sex partner. Deep psychological scar like child molestation can kill any lust for life

fuck me youre amazing, thanks!

You say you dont have sex, do you masturbate at all? If so, deets?


Maybe lying back, with your legs open, and spread pussy?

Love the hair

Gape your asshole as wide as you can OP.
That’s my fetish

Well, actually it’s girls colouring in thier nipples with red lipstick , but an ass gape will do

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nah but for real, if you can find shaving oil or some shit and use that along with any good advice on here


Do you come to /b for the loli porn. Cos you're addicted to it cos what ur dad did? I know that's personal but I'm asking cos I do that.

How is your relationship with your dad?

You don't, I don't think they matter to anyone though

Here's how you know you found Mr. right FemAnon:

When he stands up for you even if he stands to lose hard doing so.

she want sex with her father

Awesome fucking hair. Great body. 10/10 femanon on Valentines day. Perfection.

No they just think they are.

I'm not wrong. And nobody's disagreeing.

why not post face? I bet you're really pretty

Would you be comfortable sharing what he did to you, in detail?

Can yall stop asking her for face, just appreciate what she sending guys

Use a SINGLE BLADE razor, the multi blade bullshit cuts too deep and irritates the follicle because you essentially cut under the skin level.

Please say "the last person to fuck me like that was my dad" when you finally do meet someone, if they laugh keep em. If they don't it's even funnier for you.

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Yeah fair enough, do you struggle to get into a sexual space with other people? Or has your past just turned you off of sexual relationships for now? I'm glad you've at least found an outlet on the net to feel sexy, you've literally created thousands of fans of yourself today. Kinda cool right?

White knighting's not going to get you her face you faggot nigger.

Is this close, lol

I have a roommate, she's a girl so its not that big of a deal but I'd rather keep my panties on in the kitchen haha

Southern USA (yeah, yeah. Sweet home Alabama)

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Anything can happen if she finds the right man

She needs to stay user. Nobody needs to know who she is.

stfu idiot

11/10 God damn girl you are delicious

I concur with the Mach3 razors. Helps me with rash after shaving!

Oh and please show me how you're pinching your nipples, so I can cum for you!


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gorgeous, would love to see you kneeling, your mouth wide open , tongue out... please babe?

Can you take a standing pic, full frontal no squeezing tits? Wanna see them

This. No face needed.

Can you make a new thread and post the link? this one will die soon and this content is amazing!

nice try buy i need legs closed together and pussy spread abit if you can make it

I shot my load clear across my room and it hit my dog,i think i knocked him out.

I've know girls that have gone through incest it's not a laughing matter.

Until what age did he fuck you? What is he doing nowadays, did you kill him already?

Or...nobody cares...I was not sweating it, and had forgot already anyhow.

You are a easily 10/10 user , hope everything works our for you

How do you feel about having your pussy French kissed slowly for an hour in that position.

More asshole pics please :)


>Nonexistant o7 last person to have sex with me was my father, unfortunately

...holy shit..... Is he in jail ?

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Amazing thread, Shavechan I'm glad you're fucked up enough to be on here

>victim of incest
>from southern United States
Why does none of this surprise me?

Looks like a nice tight asshole, ever rub it when you masturbate?


What a great way to start my weekend.
You're a rare sight on Cred Forums these days.
Please come back occasionally.

more feet!

OP thank you for today not being a faggot. We appreciate it.

Lower half of face with tongue out to catch cum, with tits in view.

Make me cum OP

OP I'll buy you some nicer razors
Kik is topsiikretts

Nice, keep going OP
Take a pic from the front, with you sitting down, spreading your legs wide, showing your spread pussy and tits in the same pic.
Include some of the lower half of your face, like your lips too please, maybe?
Do this and I will cum for you OP
You have a gorgeous body by the way.



>Be me, Fucking you in the ass
>Proceeds to tell you "Whos your daddy"
>mfw i realize i just fucked a toddler.

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Keep going OP, more full nudes from the front please. Your pussy looks amazing, I wish I could go down on you right now

Hey Georgia nice body, miss that ass

How am I a fag when I get to have sex with two out of five of them.

This is as close as y'all are gonna get to a face pic, sorry! I'm sort of paranoid about someone on the internet recognizing me one day from my father's stuff, soo...

I do have a morbid sense of humor about it sometimes so this got a laugh out of me

I'm just afraid of what a guy would think of it, I guess, and how I would feel having sex again. I do masturbate but it's weird to think of doing it w someone else

Haven't talked to him in years

Also wanted to mention I have a vanilla milkshake and I tried to take some sort of sexy pic with it dripping out of my mouth (cos it looks vaguely like cum, I guess) but just succeeded in getting sticky. Sorry bout that lmao

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I second this. Thanks Shavechan. Happy Valentines Day.

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>I don't want to have sex outside of a serious relationship
Assuming you're truthful, this desire comes from your abuse. You somewhat associate the sharing of your body with betrayal, the use of your body with being used and taken advantage of again--you want affection, but don't want to be used. Thus, you want to establish trust first, someone who wants you for you, wants a serious relationship, is less likely to betray, use, or hurt you.
Ironically, you've blinded yourself to another option. Objectifying your body or gaining attention solely due to your body is not a barrier or discomfort for you, otherwise you wouldn't be posting nudes. You're able to post nudes because you have no expectations of trust from us. Likewise, if you can find someone you're physically attracted to who doesn't want a relationship with you but wants to fuck you and doesn't mind that you've been abused, there isn't really any expectations of trust for him to betray either.
Basically, you should find a sex friend. It'll make it easier for you to move forward in your life, easier to aim for, start, and maintain serious relationships in the future.

Do you still masturbate thinking about your dad?

I know you are having fun but you shouldn't encourage these degenerates

Sure. Responding because you "don't care". You're human garbage. Just be upfront about it.

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See...Nothing...cuz nobody cares if you like or dislike someone elses shit. Sooooooo. yea.

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We only need the power half of face,
Mouth open, tongue out in a “cum in my mouth’ pose, and squeeze tits together.
Do this and many an user will unload

omg the milkshake thing would have been amazing!!! b loves you , please come back often or kik me xfac79

I'd be whatever kind of boyfriend you wanted me to be

Just small gentle razor strokes when shaving OP, make sure you open your pores first then shave not against the grain. Shave while in hot water and then moisturize with some natural plant products. Probably too rough with the shave. I have sensitive skin too and make sure only to shave every two to three days or so. Moar nudes are appreciated

This girl is literally trying to get shaving advice and yall niggas going
>gibe poosy pls
>ads and tidties pls
>gime ur sweet swet genital fluued

man this website is cool

No worries. Your boobs are pretty. And you have really nice hair, and lips too. Thank you for entertaining the coomers

Tl;dr oy vey I suck cocks nonstop for pennies on the dollar

Guy here, I get this too, and I use moisturizers and after-shaves and it doesn't prevent it but it makes it not last as long.


what name did he post your cp as?

Fuck off Sigmund Freud lmao

She got shaving advice, now she's doing a public service.

any kinks or stuff like that that youre into? what type of stuff turns you on?

Also, if you have a chance, a pic of you in a spooning position would be amazing!

asking for shaving advice by posting pussy pics lol, you are not very intelligent now are you bubba

I find incest to be kind of hot so it wouldn't bother me at all. That's in the past you need to look to the future.

the shaving thing was a ruse, she just wants Valentines Day attention. Get with the program.

Happy Valentine's Day OP!
You're a pretty cool chick!

Keep going OP, 2 requests.
1) Another just like that with the exact same amount of face showing, but put your hair behind your back so we can fully see your perfect tits. I love your nipples.
2) a picture like this one as well, same amount of face showing, plus tits, but you are also zoomed out more and showing & spreading your pussy as well.

what would be the point? I don't think anyone here is claiming that it isn't fucked up

>That's in the past you need to look to the future.

Potentially easier said than done.

I have a friend who got it from her uncle and she's in therapy over it.

Love the titties sneaking through your hair.

Would love to see missionary with legs slightly spread, maybe you holding lips apart slightly

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My mom found out about it and confronted him (she was a teen mom and was like 18 at the time) and he tried to kill her. He went to jail for a little while for assaulting her but she was too afraid to say anything about me so he never got any consequences for it. It's a very long and complicated story but that's the gist of it. He's lived an hour and 45 mins away from me for about 4 years now.

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