Does dick size matter?

Does dick size matter?

Is there a corilation betwern race and dick size?

If you have a big dick is it easier to make a girl orgasm?

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girls literally cum by being fingered and getting their pussies licked, unless your dick is smaller than a finger then your size doesnt actually matter. arent nerve endings at the start of the vagina? you dont need to reach deep to please women

Big dicks hurt but with small dicks you can't feel anything so average is best.

some girls care but most really dont. if you know what youre doing theyll generally prefer a skilled dick rather than a big one that just thrusts back and forth.


Somewhere in between I think is best. As the unfortunate owner of a "big dick", I envy more reasonably endowed brethren.
I lost my virginity sophomore year of high school to girlfriend. She said it was excruciating. Thought maybe it was just because it was her first time too. Waited a couple weeks, tried again, excruciating again. Had to settle for blowjobs the rest of the time we were together. Broke up about 6 months later.
Junior year, a girl that had blown me at a party my freshman year (she was a cheerleader a year older than me who knew my sister), asked me to go to prom with her. Her boyfriend had cheated on her, and she thought that going with me would devastate him, as by that point, my nervousness about being seen in the showers after practices and games had mellowed out, so it was pretty well known among the other jocks that I was packing. Watching a girl who was under 5 feet and skinny taking my dick was a pretty great experience. Felt a little used, but whatever. She and I fucked a couple times after, but it didn't really work all that well. Slept with one more chick senior year.
College went better, girls had a little more experience, and you had a higher likelihood of finding a girl into it. Honestly, had the best luck with a couple black chicks I met in college. Still, lots of one and dones and "nope, that ain't going in there."
Met my wife when I was 23. She was maid of honor at my older sister's wedding. I had hooked up with another bridesmaid after the rehearsal dinner. That girl felt my dick through my pants, but all we did was make out as she had a boyfriend (who had bagged out on the wedding, pissing her off). But, maid of honor, who was a bit of a size queen, heard about it from her, and after a lackluster lay after the rehearsal dinner (with the best man), decided to go for the bride's little brother.
So, depends on the girl is I guess what I'm saying.

Lasting long enough to make her cum is more important than size.

If you’re not that well equipped then flip positions.

It’s nice because it’s a little bit of an ego trip to have a girl struggle to take it. . Getting a bj sucks though because it’s all teeth all the time. It has never helped me get laid, but might have brought a couple girls back for seconds and thirds.

girls don't care about dick size, gay guys extremely do (source I'm bi and no girl has ever commented on my size and every single guy does and my size is always the focus of their dirty talk)

Hey dont judge I dropped out of school and never paid attention

No. I have had amazing times with literal micropenises and awful times with huge horse cocks. Similiarly, I've had awful times with small cocks and great times with big cocks.

It 100% comes down to technique.

As for race, I've seen all sizes on all races. I think the BBC thing is a meme, really.

>Does dick size matter?
only to size queens and faggots
>Is there a corilation betwern race and dick size?
Asians and Indians statistically below average, jungle Africans statistically higher, everything else is LARP
>If you have a big dick is it easier to make a girl orgasm?
no, that's down to your technique and stamina mostly, excepting the aforementioned size queens. really big dick can be a struggle for them to take it in which could actually set things back as far as her orgasm, plus you'll have a hard time getting a chick to throat you or do anal if you've got a massive hog

Is the book "she comes first" legit ? i need to find ways to cope for my small dick and not get cucked

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lesbians report the most orgasms per encounter and highest sexual satisfaction of all pairings, and neither of them have dicks and most don't use strap ons. You don't need a dick at all to make a woman cum buckets.

How big are we talking here? Like my dick is sortof big, but not huge. Like 7 to 7.5.

Gay or girl?

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if you know how to eat a girl out you have nothing to worry about. if youre comfortable with a girl then try some ass fingering

Girth is what girls Prefer. Weird that every guy focuses on length.

Bi. So I can't properly answer the question on if different sizes make girls cum differently. I can say that I was able to get a girl to cum and I'm pretty average. I've also heard too big and it painfully hits the cervix.

Small dick owner detected

Only thing that matters is the face. If your face looks like it was made with a jackhammer not even a 8inx7.5in dick wont save you since not a single woman wants to talk to you.

Whats a good girth?

Short dick*

you can be sure there is a gorillation between race and dick size

each girl her sweet spot or is there a cheat code that works for every pussies no matter if she's clitoral or vaginal


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Yes. Everything below 10 black inches should be KOS

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Incel. Not many people are born with demon faces. Get some achne cream, shower, lose weight, and stop being a weirdo creep to talk to.

Depends on how turned on I am. Length can go from about 8 3/4 to 9 1/4. Girth, 6 3/4 to a touch over 7. If I wear a cock ring, I max out, and the girth around the head can get up to about 7 1/4

Not at the gloryhole, baby.

Try fitting it in a toilet paper roll.

So 6.5 and thick. Hmmm. No wonder women can’t get enough of my 6in circumference by 7in long dick

I dont think thats something a girl wants to fuck unless shes got an ogre fetish. Girls would run the fuck away from that big black mf

Paint him green, dress him up like Shrek

I cant its too thick

Then you should be good. Problem is, butt stuff is probably out of the question.

mines about 5.5-6 inches around but only 6.5 inches long. ive been told it has a nice shape and a really nice girth on multiple occasions

Umm. You're propably projecting here my nigger.
198 cm, 96 kg of weight, shower daily and never had achne. Also not an incel. Can get some bar pussy, but the second she's not drunk anymore #goner.

This is my swamp now bitch

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Unironically fpbp

Yeah. Well there's still people who'd like companionship and shit in life. I'd rather just jerk off than fuck people I've never met.

Well then you must be weird to talk to. At least you get pussy

You're bigger than 5.5" around then, do you get teeth a lot when you get blown?

Average are okay, stamina is more important

No, you don't need to fuck for 40 minutes, nobody would like that

Keep up a steady medium-quick rhythm for 5-7 minutes - that would be enough.

Learn to kiss while pounding

That's it.

Well I'm not. And who cares about pussy? You can get pussy too if that's your problem, just open your wallet cheap bastard. As I said, cuddles and shit would be pretty cool. Just fucking some drunk chick for hours without cumming gets boring on the third time.

Bro, if you have 5 inches you're good.

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Actualy im a virgin. I dont have trouble attracting women, Im actualy just really self critical and a bit autistic, had an abusive childhood so I find it hard to trust people especialy girls

I do. I fuck till the bitch is raw

Running and jumping rope ?
Kissing comes with experience or theres tricks ?

>depends if shes a loose whore

Yes. Size matters. If a girl tells you that size doesn't matter, she thinks your dick is small.

No correlation. There are black guys with tiny pathetic dicks, and asian guys with monster cocks.

Orgasm is complicated.

I’m not gonna read this whole thread, but it seems to me that while the worldwide average is 5.1” women generally prefer about 7” though they think they want 8+. Most of them don’t really and you can figure that out with a dildo.

A curve in your dick helps hit the gspot, which is really, really real. Find it with your fingers, it’s deeper than you think. They to get your dick to hot that.

All this said, there are done women who will cum on your dick every time and others who will never. To get some of them off you have to go for the clit. Learn to eat pussy like a champ and learn how to figure out when it’s time to move to the man in the boat. She’ll let you know. Don’t go too soon. Do that and finger that gspot and she won’t care how big your dick is, kinda.

Well go ahead and feel great about yourself, you've got the Goldilocks of dicks user
>not too big
>not too small
>but just fucking right
Learn to be passionate and not just a "muh dik" guy, has good advice. Have one drink if you find it loosens your social inhibitors a bit. Being autist is like trying to run an emulator for human emotion when everyone else has it built into the hardware.

Also I'm going to go ahead and check all of these digits.

>Does dick size matter?
Some women have large pussies and need a large dick. Some have small pussies and don't like them.
Others just have a fetish for big dicks the way some guys have a fetish for huge floppy tits.

I feel like the average is off. Did they mesure people over 40? Because it seems like kids are taller than their parents usualy do maybe it applies to dick size too? Most of my friends have said their dick is about 6 inches.

It was a pretty comprehensive study from a few years back. Here’s a shitty article about it. There are plenty of citations of it. I was also shocked that 5.1 but it made me feel good about my 6.5

Well to go into more detail about my aparent autism... I havent ever been officialy diagnosed like I have been with adhd, but alot of people who are supposedly experts say I have similar symptoms to asburgus. I havr had trouble in the past with socialising with people, but I was pretty popular in middle school, so I dont really know

You take something for your adhd ?

Hasnt cited age though. Im 18 and it seems that people my age are alot taller than last generations. So maybe the same with dick size?

Nah fuck that. Only people with adhd understands that its WAY better not to take anything at all and just cope with it. Ritilan and aderall are nearly meth, and it makes us feel like zombies. Fuck adhd meds

another user here, also can't fit dick in toilet roll becuase it's too thick. Got blown once, I did feel her teeth, also bleed a bit because of her teeth I think. Just tell her go a bit slower and glentler

How do you focus or study ?

It was men aged 17-50 across the globe, so generational differences shouldn’t really come into play.

I prefer smaller dicks because I have a very small mouth so I can't suck big dicks.

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I dont. As I said earlier I dropped out of school to work. I work traffic control. If you havr adhd its better to take a different route in life than like other people and go to college, because we are built differently and adhd meds are satanic

asian guy here. I dont have a small dick but i def think there is a correlation.

The amount of times ive heard "you are big for an asian" makes me think girls have seen smallasian dicks OR the stereotype is so engrained that they think every asian is small even thought im the only asian guy they have fucked

>Does dick size matter?


The zombie part is because you're too calm and don't talk but still work and focus ?

Race doesnt matter. We see all sizes and shapes in the medical field. It's simply genetics. We see micros and monsters all the time. Obviously size does matter, to some women. The vagina itself is only 4in deepish, but stretches. The more sexually active/depraved they are. The harder it is to satisfy them.

also my gf is asian with a tiny pussy/asshole (actually tiny - way smaller than average) and im plenty for her....pic is me

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HAHAHAHA what a fucking virgin

I have a theory that dick size doesnt come down to race, but to diet as a child. Because I see alot of asian girls who are busty as hell even though they are stereotyped to be petite. I think it probably comes down to what people feed their kids, and since different cultures have different diets... yeah.

>girls don't care about dick size, gay guys extremely do (source I'm bi
Yeah that's why size queens aren't a thing.

what's the diet for huge dick ? watermelon and fried chicken ?

>Im 18 and it seems that people my age are alot taller than last generations.
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

i kinda believe the same thing in a way. im a farmer and theres a difference between and industry, corn fed cow with a massive utter and a grass fed cow with much less hormonal imbalances and smaller utters

Most of your friends are probably lying.

i completely agree. I was born in the US and grew up here but i feel like a giant when i go to asia

Personal experience? Most peoples kids are taller than their fathers/mothers. Take me for example, Im 6'2. As far as I know my dad was 6'0. My mums 5'9 and my sisters 5'11

>Im 6'2
How big is your dick?

Already said its around 19cm

you act like 90% of all sex isn't boring and disappointing and routine

>Most peoples kids are taller than their fathers/mothers.
Dude there’s a spectrum. If your dad is 6 feet and your mom is 5’9 they’re both relatively tall. It’s not unusual for you and your sister to be relatively tall as well (your sister more so than you.) If you were 5’ or 7’ it would be interesting, but you’re totally as expected.

>Does dick size matter?
Somewhat, if tiny of course not good for a girl, if too big painful
It really depends girl to girl as well. Its like asking 'do big boobs matter'
>Is there a corilation betwern race and dick size?
Yes of course, google 'target map penis size'
>If you have a big dick is it easier to make a girl orgasm?
No, most girls orgasm not by penetration, but by stimulation of clitoris.
Its rare for girls to finish from sex, doing it with foreplay is way better idea

height in feet but dick size in cm hm

That maps probably either bullshit or it comes down to the same theory I said earlier. Different cultures different diet different dick size

Well im a kiwi on a seemingly american dominated site so 19 is like 7.5?

Yes diet especially during the puberty stages..
Hip structure and placement
Stimuli to genital region(niggas tuggin there dick)
Pants worn(EX: well fitting jeans =white
Baggy jeans = black
More room for loose hanging genitalia)
I'm not a dick expert or anything

Whites wear straight jeans. Or cargo pants, cargo pants alot of room for cock

>That maps probably either bullshit
It has the sources right there with it, from scientific research
>Different cultures different diet different dick size
I never claimed culture gives different dick size, but race does. Clearly countries with black people have larger average penis size, and countries with asian race have smaller dicks.

>cargo pants

Sounds like you are the boring one. Maybe don't expect it to be like porn and learn to actually connect with another person.

Yes some do and I agree but was just making that somewhat obvious correlation

Army camo full pants with a wife beater singlet on? Thats me

>Army camo full pants with a wife beater singlet on? Thats me
Black cargo pants black shirt black hoodie, but I’m a stagehand.

Well europeans have larger dicks than americans and other colonial white dominated countries... also south america has alot of white people, more than people think. Also this:

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i dont get when ppl say this tbh my experiences of sex have all been great but very close to porn.
..maybe i just dont watch crazy unrealistic porn.

Please check the source of what you just posted, it is just ridiculous. No statistics or sources whatsoever.
>Well europeans have larger dicks than americans
And? Of course there is variation from country to country. A similar example is how dutch people are taller than any other country, also surrounding ones. There can be outliers. However, we are talking about generalization and averages for race here. The same way that Asians are less tall than Whites, they also have smaller penises, and penis size is highly correlated with height.
>south america has alot of white people
You sound like an Argentinean, they are not white.

If penis size is correlated wirh height then whites should have the biggest dicks then. Average height in africa is like 165cm male

Heres a similar study with a source

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>Average height in africa is like 165cm male
Wrong, there are not a lot of reliable statistics on this. And I am not saying penis size is ONLY correlated to height, but ALSO correlated to height.
And doesnt that prove the point if what you claim is true? That even though they have a shorter average height, they still have large penises, thus it must be correlated to race?

Where is the source? Go to that website, its not a reliable source at all. It has no sources for their own statistics, and no link to any data.

Im not saying that there isnt a correlation im just trying to see if there is

lol your source?

your wife kinda sounds like a whore.

I dont understand where so many guys seem to get off bragging about all the guys their fiance/wife has fucked before them. I guess i'm just not a cuck i guess.

Ah fuck sakes ive been on the website where they studied it before let me find it

So, I gave you some form of proof in the penis size map. You can clearly see that regions with more blacks have a larger penis size, and asians have smaller penis size.
If you want to truly isolate race, you would need to do a fairly large sized scientific study.

Here it is

It's never really made sense to me why people only ever seem to talk about length. I've always imagined length never would matter a great deal unless you were extremely small. In all my experiences its the girth that seems to be the big ticket item. Hell, I dont really even consider myself to be particularly long (anywhere between like 6.7-7.0 depending on how horny I am at the time) and was surprised when I found that regular condoms were way too tight. I dont remember my exact number girthwise because its been a few years, but its over 6.5inches, and that's whats seemed to stick out to my partners.

Honestly, its more of a pain to deal with than some great blessing. Sure, its incredibly hot watching a girls eyes roll into the back of her head, but there are a lot of downsides that just fucking suck.
-You are stuck buying more expensive condoms
-Lube is essentially mandatory
-Significant amount of foreplay is required
-You ALWAYS get teeth in a blowjob
-The girls always make me start out stupidly slow because if i try to penetrate faster than like 2-5min it causes them a lot of pain
-hesitation or negative anticipation at the very beginning of penetration every damn time
-Had two girls open to anal so far but they started to get nervous and tightened up so much it literally wouldnt fit inside.

Maybe I just havn't been with size queens or sluts who are used to taking thicker insertions, but in my experience being "well endowed" typically means shitty sex. Honestly I usually just prefer masturbation because its less of a hassle and often times feels better.

Its the same website again. The only source you can find is that same '' website, which doesnt qoute any sources itself, nor provides raw data.

And heres a article supposedly debunking your source. Again not trying to prove you wrong just trying to figure it out

how do you spot sizequeens ?

No idea because I clearly havn't. I would imagine that the trashy ho's at clubs wanting to go home with someone would likely fall in that category or at least pretend to. I've only ever fucked in relationships.


Its all right here on the link if it doesnt work your internet must work differently to mine

They say there are 'some' mistakes in the data, but if you filter out the faulty data still the same conclusion can be drawn. Try it yourself.
Also read that link you just said, pretty much they are saying 'Phillipe Rushton was racist, therefore his research sucks' which is inherently not true. The data they present is still factual, even if their conclusions might be flawed. One might dispute if the data is biased, but there is no way to check that without a rigorous scientific research yourself.
Lastly, the last link says 'The data is wrong!!' without providing any counter argument or data to support it, except some vague tumblr website. Now what to trust, a multitude of different scientific research things, or some SJW on 'the daily dot' who quotes tumblr as a reliable source of statistics.

Those researches quoted do not distinguish between race. Have a look yourself. They might have been done in certain countries, but do not provide data on who might have participated in the studies. Also, most of the sample sizes that do provide length are too small.

Ok fair enough. But i still dont have a clue why the other link isnt working because I can see all the data there. It says there is a size difference but its not a huge difference

Well then sure maybe there is, but does it matter? Would women go for black guys just because they have the biggest dicks?

He'd catch them

Size queens are probably just the sluts you would find in nightclubs and some on the beach

Absolute homo cock-loving faggot here.

Size absolutely matters for us. Small dicks do nothing. Fat cocks that stretch you out feel so good.

That would be terriying to be a woman and to be chased by that fucking monster

Not necessarily one of the hottest girls I’ve ever known and certainly the hottest girl I’ve ever banged was a total prude most of the time but liked guys 8” or bigger. I’m 6.5” and she wasn’t tight or loose, just normal.

Drunk girls in bars too ?
is it easy to pick up girls on the beach ?

Or a cold bitch like that who is extremely hypergomous.

She only dates niggers?

why was she a size slut if she was prude ?

Honesly I havent a clue. Im an anti social loser

never asked her ?

Do you want a honest answer, guys? Everything below 8 inches is nothing to me.

She was very cold. I’m just saying she had a normal pussy and craved big dick.

She had fucked a couple of black guys, but seemed to prefer white guys.

She wasn’t interested in getting sex from pretty much anybody but when she was interested she’d go for the biggest dick she could find.

Never had a her to ask

like she'd ask the dude his size or just picked a tall guy thinking the lower stage is proportional

when girls say they only date black guys its because they were dumb sluts when they fucked their first nigger to piss off daddy and didnt realize that no one would want them after that. they'll try to tell you its a choice, but we all know that not a single respectable person would want them after they found out.

Turbo whore detected.

we're talking about women here, not aids ridden faggots

Obviously it depends on the black guy. If she dated a black guy who was just kindof a lad its different. But if she fucked a nigger thats when that applies

>Does dick size matter?
in terms of attractiveness it is similar to tit size as proportionate is fine, but 7-8 inches is ideal just as with tits, proportionate is fine but DD tits are ideal also in both cases a flat chest or a small dick is a bummer but most can work around it

Is there a corilation betwern race and dick size?
No, the only thing that bears a corilation to dick size is height

>If you have a big dick is it easier to make a girl orgasm?
it has more potential to do so, but it also has more potential to make sex painful, so basically good sex with a big dick is better and bad sex with a big dick is worse, depends on if the guy knows better then to jack hammer a cervix as hard as he can cause he's too horny and doesn't give a fuck or doesn't even know cause he lacks experience

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Hi, cuck.

Women dont know how big 8 inches is. When they actualy see an 8 inch dick they would run

Hahaha i just found the pic on google, search by image bro

Poor manlet.

actually the graph is charting the readings from around 1500 women in a blind study receiving sexual stimulation while in an MRI

you are right they didn't ''know how big 8 inches was'' they simply took it in the pussy and got off

Welp. Time to give up then

>Does dick size matter?
I don't know, user. I have a pretty average-sized dick but one girl said it's among her top 3 cocks and one thought it was the best she'd ever had. So I suppose it comes down to if it's proportional and how you use it.

>Is there a corilation betwern race and dick size?
I don't know, man, I'm not a dick expert.

>If you have a big dick is it easier to make a girl orgasm?
It's not all about the good ol' in-and-out with all girls. I've found that a lot of them like to be teased, kissed in sensitive areas (neck, nibble ears, etc.), name whispered into ear. Others like it rough. You just have to be able to adapt on the go and be prepared for all kinds of eventualities.

One messed up girl I was with for a while claimed she couldn't orgasm without pleasuring herself - true enough, I could go for ages but she had to finish herself. Once I pulled all the stops, unexpectedly would switch from sensual to rough, etc. and actually managed to get her to climax (she didn't know what the fuck happened).

Depends on the girl, just like theres different sized dicks, there’s different sized vaginas. There’s other factors too, like their age and how much of a slut they’ve been

>like she'd ask the dude his size or just picked a tall guy thinking the lower stage is proportional
She’s hot enough that guys are lining up to show her their dicks. If she was into a guy enough to consider it she’d have no problem finding out.