Thoughts on him

Thoughts on him

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Huge faggot

still alive..

His music was trash but the fact that he fucked a girl with downs syndrome is based.

Even though I was and still am a huge fan of his art and learned to play the guitar mostly by listening just to his songs. He was really a childish person to begin with his jealousy to his smaller brothers.

Based and downspilled.

he was such a pisces lol i like him, but i wouldn't be friends with him, too dramatic and sad all the time

some dude who killed himself cause he did too many drugs and couldnt handle it

He was pretty good with a shotgun.

Love his music, but as a person he was a piece of shit.

Learned that on a nirvana podcast; heart shaped pod.

manchild wrote catchy tunes and railed against the very people that made him famous. might as well have been a black metal "artist".

Drug addiction, mental illness, stomach pain. In a contract that he wanted to get out of.

>Started a music genre
>Voice of a generation now past
>Barely remembered outside of 2-3 songs
>Killed himself or was murdered but no one cares that much anymore, like Selena
>Another piece of 90's history that will be shrugged at

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I happen to know for a fact that he was killed by Allen Wrench. Courtney paid him to do it. She tried pay Eldon to do it first, but he wouldn't; Allen killed him too.

Also worth a lot more dead than alive.

Sold a lot of shirts after he died.

>wanted to be a professional musician
>didn't want to be successful

What kind of zoomer niggardry is that?

hes dead, fuck him glad hes gone

He's dead. Life goes on.

courtney killed that nigga

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>killed by Allen Wrench

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Worst foo fighter

Banging 2 strings and screaming does not qualify as art
Also he didnt invent a music genre they were highly influenced by another band which started years before them

It's a fact, Jack. Source: used to know AW; he incriminated himself to my face.

I miss him

its so nice to meet someone who can confirm the truth. Nothing makes sense about sitting on a stool with a full length shotgun and wearing fucking shoes. You can't pull what you can't reach.

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Yeah, the melvins

so many good fucking people in this thread rn

I worked with Jack Endino, who did Bleached. Cool guy, just don’t Kurt fanboy around him cause he’s sick of that shit

When your band is through,
And your marriage is, too.
When your career is done,
So you suck on a gun.

Sloppy AF guitar player
Good vocalist
Average songwriter
Overrated AF

He constantly shit on Dave Grohl's songs because he didn't want to be seen as someone whose song writing skills were equal to a drummer. Fuck the cunt.

F for my boy Kurt Nobrain

Even grohl is just okay, all these so called rockstars are fuckin plebs
Only progressive ones are genius

Nirvana sucked and Cobain was an edgy piece of shit.

Hear hear

he was billie eilish before billie eilish

At least Billie is talented and didn't have to create a new genre to explain why her music had value.

pretty good shot.




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I remember someone tried to convince me he was a better guitarist and song writer than James Hetfield.

I guess you could consider chugging cum as a talent.

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sucked michael stipes dick. sucked on a REMington. it was the end of the world as he knew it and i feel fine.

apparently I look like this guy and its actually got me laid once, the girl was a huge nirvana fan.

I never thought looking like heroin addict would benefit me.



Children and they're worthless entitled opinions. ITT. No one gives a shit about this dude, But just think how less no one gives a fuck about your faggot opinions. Bunch of queers.

braindead loser..

Overrated talentless loser. These guys were a dime a dozen in the 90s. This one just did heroin with the right people

>just think how less no one gives a fuck about your faggit opinions.

Op literally asked for out opinion retard

CIA asset, used to bring in drugs as well as launder money through.

That is why he died, cause he was starting a new leaf. If he kept going he might have told people the truth.

So his druggie wife had him killed so she could take his place(money laundering & drug smuggling).

kinda feel he helped push the tipping point into public awareness about mental illness.

people overlook the fact he was a liberal feminist because he made "good music"even though you couldnt understand a fucking word he said because he was drugged out in all his songs


>public awareness about mentall illness

whatever libtard,enjoy your way to disarm society without passing gun control

the constitution is more important then your feelings

An hero

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How are you so sure Satan?

I really like man who sold the world but the one done in Ozark.

ok neckbeard

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The album is called Bleach, thus your story is bullshit

>Sloppy AF guitar player
>Good vocalist
>Average songwriter
>Overrated AF
so better than most of today's 'musicians'..

Ok chad hogan

>implying a neckbeard is any worse then some soyboy who only wants to use mental health as a way to disarm the population

>who did bleached

funny,couldnt even call the album the correct way.whatever kid,you didnt work with anybody.your just some basement dwelling neckbeard loser who is sucking on the dead cock of kurt cobain even though nobody listens or cares about rock music anymore

it makes me want to kill myself to see zoomers compare a retard pop slut like billie eilish to somebody like kurt cobain

Met him five and a half years ago outside a coffee shop in Tempe. Still very beautiful with bleached hair and no body fat. Very unique demeanor. Said his name was Lee.

>even though nobody listens or cares about rock music anymore
you really are a dumb fucking nigga

Lol why u mad?

my kids much prefer Nirvana

Shitted on nowadays cause it's cool to shit on things, and a "overrated junkie loser" who's been dead over 20 years but still is talked 'till this day a for what he did do. Unlike you losers who jack off to loli and be edgy on Cred Forums

kurt was a mark ass bitch

>my kids

you dont have any kids,you post on Cred Forums.your a basement dwelling neckbeard who's never had sex like the rest of us

Nah I just don’t care. I’ve been listened to the band Bleached lately. Any retarard can pay Jack to record them. Like I literally know an autistic retard who pays him to record every year because nIRVaNA

They’re called Vanilla Milkshakes if anyone wants some lulz

the only thing bleached here is your mother's asshole

He was bisexual. Pretty cool guy too.

>whatever libtard,enjoy your way to disarm society without passing gun control
no one mentioned "gun control" until you did, you fucking moron...

>still alive..
Lo, the Dark Prince has spoken.

whatever libtard,go back to smoking crack in your poverty ridden cesspool you call a community.nobody wants the left wing running america,thought we made that clear after oniggerbama

You will be first against the wall

I'd go as far to say Cobain was worse than Billie is. But id chose to make my ears bleed to Nirvana over Billie. Also Dave Grohl is fucking terrible and the Foo.

this chick sucks BIGTIME

literally the worst of his era, only remembered because he blew his head off

soundgarden, alice in chains, pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, tool, stone temple pilots are all better than nirvana. by a huge margin.

usually people who do drugs do drugs in the first place cause they're big pussies who can't handle life.

I was never a fan of Brad Pitt

Bieber's looking pretty rough

i downspilled your mom last nite lol

Great artist and person. One of my favorites.

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His joints too long

Excellent musician and songwriter.
We lost a creative talent way too soon.
Nirvana never put out a bad record or wrote a bad song.

whiny faggot who the media kept saying was the voice of my generation even though I didn't know anyone in my generation who liked his music.