The all new:

The all new:
>cats and lolis are mandatory
>crossbreeding is desired
>cats movie was ok
>taylor swift sempai please notice me
>cat hatsune bot is cool
>please don't hit me

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Obligatory seal of approval.

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mhm mhm

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>cats movie was ok

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woo woo

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Literally adding best quotes from the older threads.

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woo woo

You sir, are a scholar. Please breed with me.

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I used to feel shame for liking this but there's a space of 30 mins where I feel bad and the rest I crave it again, so since now, I will just enjoy it, I'm tired of feeling guilty.

fucking file-limit...

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indulge yourself in loli

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you good user, they are just pictures and fantasies

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google overlords are screwing capscha for meh...
but still woo woo~

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>Fails captcha 3 times
A-am I a robot?

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i just failed captcha 14 times in a row

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Any politician who supports lolis openly I'll vote for

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We may be robots...

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well we've got clive palmer here down under

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Failed captcha 2 times. Got it right 3rd time. Google proved me I am loser of a man.

woo woo

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Look at this loli. She is adorable.

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beep beep boop beep

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wan wan~

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Hey I know what that means!

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mmph mmph

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What a good cat-loli bringing dinner home... and also a fish

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woo woo~


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I'm not into pee fetish... but loli pee is the exception

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somali and the forest spirit!

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woo woo

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Nyaaa~ gib me attention~!

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woo woo~

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~woo woo

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Do cats woo~?

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I wasn't a fan of demon daughter, its amazing how much better somali is

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Wataten was wholesome

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lolicons scenes in anime is just perfect

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Do you woo~ to avoid repost limiter?

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Loved Oreimo, fite me



An artist really write that on his drawing (middle image.) ?? That's kind of... based... and gloomy...

very nice