Fash, follow your leader: bash yourself

Fash, follow your leader: bash yourself

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The problem with your image is that it is historically and factually completely inaccurate. In fact, the Russians did nothing during WWII . . . until Hitler marched in on Russia. The Russians got their asses kicked (badly) and suffered the heaviest cost in lives of any nation in WWII. As the Nazi's advanced even further into Russia, with the Russians realizing they were heavily outmatched, they simply retreated further inland and slashed and burned every single village along the way, providing none of the anticipated provisions such as food, water, shelter, etc., that the Nazis had expected to be there (they expected the Russians to actually fight, like men, not run like cowards) and eventually the Nazi's could not advance further because of lack of provisions. Whenever anyone claims Russia had anything to do with beating the Nazis, it's 100% historically untrue. The Russians did in fact suffer the most casualties, but almost entirely because they were slaughtered easily by the Nazis. At least some other nations fought back, Russian didn't for the most part.

As further proof, when the Americans finally got involved and started their massive bombing campaign and took control of the seas and took back strategic locations to establish a counter-campaign such as in footholds like the one they took in Normandy, the Nazis ultimately were forced to surrender. However, there was weeks of negotiations about the terms of this surrender and the absolute condition that the Nazis would not give up was that they agreed to surrender to "America" (which the Europeans then lobbied to have changed to be the "Allies", despite the remainder of the Allies long having lost to the Nazis prior to America's involvement), and the Nazis required that they would be allowed to continue their winning campaign against the Russians. You see, the Russians would have surely lost and there would be no Russia today at all, no doubt, but for the American involvement in WWII.

this but then european textbooks and brainwashing, along with a massive russian propaganda campaign, literally has most europeans believing the false narrative that the russians somehow had something to do with winning wwii when the fact is that the nazis ONLY wanted to continue against russia as they had repeatedly beat them and would have taken moscow had the americans not stopped them

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The thing is, the point of war isn't to fight honobury and go down in a blaze of glory, or to have the best K/D, it's to fucking win and meet your strategic goals. "Retreat further inland denying them supplies until winter fucks them over before putting them on the run back home, crippled with overextended supply lines and having lost most of their hardened men in overconfidence" is something Russia had done SEVERAL times before, like with Napoleon. Hitler committed the exact same textbook mistake Napoleon did. Russia's goals were the end of Nazi Germany and setting up puppet states in eastern Europe. They succeeded. Germany failed theirs.

Taking Moscow would not have been the end of the war. As Stalin was beginning to consider Stalingrad lost, he was getting ready to leave Moscow on a train and head further east into Siberia, from where he would have continued the war effort. Taking Berlin was the end of Germany because by that point the Allies had taken everything else and the government had nowhere else to go, Berlin was their last bastion.

Hitler also made a massive strategic blunder for focusing on Stalingrad instead of directly taking the Caucasus oil fields, all because Stalingrad was Stalin's city and he wanted to burn it to the ground out of spite.

Like most things brit, they brainwash their children and make fake textbooks to tell them the brits did anything good in the world, when 90% of the world's problems are due to brits.

brits literally think Bern invented the internet, when the fucking guy had nothing to do with anything except being a co-writer of one of the protocols the Americans selected for implementing handshakes at whatnot over the internet (http), which by the way was outdated a year later and no one to this day knows why we use this antiquated and inefficient code when all other coding has evolved

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>russia did nothing during ww2
>muh general winter
>muh stalin killed zillions

imagine getting your historical education and info from youtube videos

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not him, but you using the word "strategy" is complete bullshit and a smokescreen
running away from your opponent AFTER you realize you are getting the shit kicked out of you and have suffered millions of lives lost at a rate of 27 to 1 to the nazis, is not a "strategy"
it is cowardice
a strategy would have been if they had implemented that from the get-go
they didn't
it was the only option
so it's ludicrous to call this "strategy" as though its some type of virtue or intellectual choice
it was cowardice, and the only option left else be slaughtered like lambs

second, the fact is that the russians had absolutely nothing at all to do with defeating the nazis
that notion is laughable
it is also at odds with the nazis refusing to surrender to the americans despite the americans already having kicked their asses badly, unless they nazis could continue their (already winning) campaign against russia

russia had literally NOTHING to do with winning wwii and in fact, if anything, they EMBOLDENED the nazis to continue conquering after the nazis saw how weak the russians were

you literally have no actual knowledge of history at all yet seem to have an opinion
how fun you must be

And what if the U.S. had sided with the Germans?
The fact is, WWII went on for many years prior to U.S. involvement and only the U.S. involvement had any effect in actually turning things around. Both the Europeans, and the Russians (who were not even together, fyi) would have lost and all of Europe and all of Russia would be speaking German right now.

That's just a fact, and you know it. And if you don't, it's pointless to even talk to you as you are not living in reality.

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what a britard says when they have no substantive response to actual facts

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>uneducated rant about ww2

pick one you dumb american lardbeast. not a brit either, don't know where the fuck you got that.

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that graphic is laughable as it shows all red
fyi, 90% of that "red" is unpopulated entirely
the russian population is actually relatively small
also, the russian didn't liberate anything
the areas where there were camps were areas the nazis took from the russians and held so long they could build extermination camps, dumbfuck
the russians ran awayy
that graphic is a complete joke
you now have zero credibility for having posted that complete bullshit

umm, i can actually see your ip, dumbass
you didn't realize we are all not the same here?

Have you ever heard of the battle of Kursk
Hundreds of soviet tanks
How do you think the soviets beat the other allies in the race to berlin EXACTLY
Did they fly over the german lines?
You absolute fucking retard i cant believe what i just read

>And what if the U.S. had sided with the Germans?

says it all

Allies should've sided with Germany to take down Russia and then made negotiations like the ones in Berlin, giving the Germans the smaller portion of russia along with Poland.

I feel like that would've been the best outcome for everyone, excluding the Japs.

this guy gets it
the germans actually had the right idea and were in fact superior
it seems europe could use an ethnic cleansing right now too, or is it too late now that they've infiltrated all aspects of your society while you were sleeping?

interesting, why do you think people would team up with the people trying to invade them?

the higher ups in germany were just high off medical heroin, dude.