Ask an actual Jew anything

Ask an actual Jew anything

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Baruch atah adonai?

why are you jew?

Why did you guys do 9/11?

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what are you doing here when shabbat is in 15 min?


why do you suck so badly at running america

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Do you own a deli? If so what are your prices?


Does the Talmud actually refer to goyim as cattle?

show nose or gtfo


why did your people kill the son of god?

He was a subversive lying faggot

>lying faggot

so are the jews,why dont we kill them to

With no heaven or hell why be good?

If jesus was a Jewish why aren't I a jew

Why do Jews hate both Protestants and white people in general?

Ahaha, Hitler tried and failed faggot. We still here, and now we control two of the most powerful countries in the world and goyim are on a fast track to financial slavery. We win

>most powerful countries in the world

lol,america is a joke,a powerful country wouldnt allow some weak liberal faggot like donald bone spurs to run its military

How do I get gf?

why do jews hate white people when jews are white also

Study and read daily, learn discipline in your life builds character. Learn to be joyful in your own company. That will attract any female

Is it true tha you can turn into mice?
Why do you keep stealing Palestinian land?
Why are you still guilt tripping everyone over the " holocaust" ?
Why are you so stingy and cheap?
Why do you think youre better than us goym?
Why did you get Jesus crusified?
Whats with the noses?
Whats up with the dudes in robes and funny hair and beards?
Why did you steal hummus?

Jews are not white, you mong

Well they're certainly as rich as white people. White privilege plus victimhood shield. Perfect combo

Answer me jew

when you and your jew brothers got together to design money, why is it that you chose presents to put on the dollar bills.

Too many questions goyim

Focus jew

Choose one

Ahahahaha wtf

היטלר לא עשה שום דבר רע

Nose, timestamp AND secret pile of Jew gold.

You've been studying Torah for 5000 years while destabilising countries and can't multi task? . Moishe would not be pleased

He won't answer... Jew know TOO much!

would you mind if an arab slept with your sister (e.g you have a sister )

explain why jews aint pro abortion.
did u realized your race is the cause of all world problems?

>did u realized your race is the cause of all world problems?

Not even remotely true

How many slaves will you own after 2021?

Jews have a long tradition rooted in bettering the lives of the community.